Easy Ways to Decorate a Rental Home for Spring

Our family is just finishing up our second year of renting a quaint 1400sf cottage that’s about a hundred years old, and while we have loved the location, it’s taught me quite a bit about decorating smaller spaces and how to make a rental house feel like home.

Easy tips for decorating a rental home | how to decorate a small rental | 11 Magnolia Lane

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Amy and I always love joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for her home tours. We take turns sharing our (current) homes and soaking up inspiration from all of the other participating bloggers. Are you visiting from Haneen’s Haven? If so, we’re glad you’re here. Haneen is one of our favorite blogging friends and she has such a fun, colorful sense of style, doesn’t she? Click Here to Read More

Easy Weekend DIY–Installing Board & Batten in a Mudroom or Hallway

This post is sponsored by HomeRight, we are proud to partner with them each month to share one of their fabulous DIY products with you. As always our opinions are our own.    The thought of DIY'ing something can be intimidating, something best saved for someone "experienced" but this … [Read More...]

Master Bedroom for Under $1000

Budget Design Series: More Master Bedroom Decor

  Last week, I shared a gorgeous (in my humble opinion) master bedroom design board for under $1000 {see it HERE}. To be honest, it blows my mind that we're able to find such beautiful pieces at such great prices because we have the ability to comparison shop online in a way that we could … [Read More...]

Friday Favorite Finds

  Happy Friday, friends! We've made it through another winter week and I think we deserve a reward, don't you? Since it's cold and flu season, I highly recommend our grapefruit and tonic cocktails tonight to keep your Vitamin C levels up; they're practically medicinal. I haven't … [Read More...]

February Favorite Finds

  I'll start by saying that it was hard to not post all about spring clothes--I'm at that stage of winter where I am definitely dreaming about spring. It's been gray and rainy (and icy rainy, the worst) all week here in Virginia, mix that with sick kids and a husband traveling and I am … [Read More...]

Master Bedroom for Under $1000

Budget Design Series: Master Bedroom Decor

  This is always the time of year where I like to make a few changes around the house. Once the holiday decorations are put away and I've had a chance to get through my annual January purging and organizing, I turn my attention to "fluffing" the house. I don't think I'm the only one, … [Read More...]

Design Plans for Our Living Room and Some Valentine’s Decor

  Happy Weekend everyone! I took some new pictures in our living room and thought I'd continue sharing my design plans in our new house (like I did with the lighting post). My plan was to share Valentine's decor today but we've had a really crazy week so basically, all I have done to … [Read More...]

Gray sweater gray velvet heels

The Winter Clothing Items I Wear Every Day

  This is a copycat post; a few weeks ago Amy shared the ten winter clothing items that she wears on repeat (see that post HERE), and today I'm sharing my favorites. I counted and I have more than ten--but not that many more! I sorted my clothes into mix and match outfits; I could … [Read More...]

5 Things That Make Life Easier and Better

  This is a bit of a random assortment of things I wanted to share. These are tips that are not really interesting enough to write a whole post about so I thought I'd wrap them all up together into one post. These are just the sort of things I'd share if we were sitting down having coffee, … [Read More...]

The big game: awesome ideas for your Superbowl party | 11 Magnolia Lane

Our Favorite Super Bowl Party and Recipe Ideas

I literally woke up this morning and realized that the Super Bowl is tomorrow! I don't think I've watched a NFL game in three or four years but a lot of times we will at least tune into the Super Bowl for the commercials since they are so funny and creative. We used to always host a party and it was … [Read More...]

New Paint + Lighting In Our New House

  Is it still OK if I call this my new house? We've been here 6 months, does it still count as 'new'? I still have quite a few projects ahead on my radar, so I still feel like it is new to us. I am trying to be better about sharing in-process posts, it seems the trend is to roll out … [Read More...]

Our Best Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Amy's post from Saturday really got me thinking about Valentine's Day because it is literally right around the corner and trust me, I'm still recovering from Christmas! The good news is that we have a ton of great Valentine's Day ideas from over the years, so whether you're looking for ideas for … [Read More...]

Thinking Pink for Valentine’s Day

    Can we admit this time of year can be a bit dull? This post-holiday/before spring arrives time is not really my favorite. The dark gray days and cold make me grateful there is a spring, so there is that! I am already looking forward to it.     Today I have … [Read More...]

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