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| Christy (left) & Amy (right) |

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Let’s start by introducing ourselves.  Amy and I met as freshmen at James Madison University in Virginia.  The computer matched us up as roommates and it was a perfect fit, as we’re still the closest of friends all of these years later.  And no, I won’t tell you exactly how many; a little mystery is always a good thing.

We’ve been blogging together for eight years–I can hardly believe it’s been that long–and in that time we’ve lived in twelve houses between us.  My husband is active-duty military and Amy’s husband is in sales, so we both tend to move more often than average.

|  At Amy’s beautiful wedding  |

 Amy’s family lives in Northern Virginia, close to where we both grew up, and my kids and I are in North Carolina.  My husband is currently stationed and living at Ft. Riley, Kansas, but since our oldest is a senior in high school, we’re staying put until he graduates (more on that here and here).  We’d rather not live apart, of course, but that would have been our son’s third high school and he really didn’t want to start over again in his senior year.

| With our husbands |

| We have five kids between us–they’ve grown up together |


Our little blog started in 2010 as three friends who joined creative forces to start a website.  You can see part of our original gang, Terry, the brunette, pictured with us below. Terry has returned to event planning and isn’t blogging currently, but you’ll still find her posts in our archives.

Super Cute-- laughing

11 Magnolia Lane is what’s called a “lifestyle blog,” because it doesn’t fall into any one niche, like food or fashion.  We write about both of those things, but also about decorating, DIY projects, organization, entertaining, or pretty much any other thing we feel like.   We’ve got over 1500 posts in our blog archives, so if you use the search box at the top right of our homepage and type in a few keywords, you can find almost anything on our site.

If you’d like to read a little more on how we got started, check out {this} post.

If you’d like to take a closer look at most of the houses we’ve lived in over the years, then visit our home tours {here}, our holiday home tour series {here}, and our spring home tour series {here}.

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