The Foyer in Our New Home (New Artwork from Minted)

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We’re slowly but surely getting settled in our new home. Summer is a great time to move because of the relaxed schedule, but I have also been trying to make sure we make time to have fun and aren’t just spending the entire season unpacking boxes. That means we’re still not 100% settled (far from it!) but we’ll get there– eventually!

I showed off our Master Bedroom last week, and this week I wanted to show you our foyer/entrance area. I prioritized this part of the home because well, first impressions and all, but also because this is as far in our home as many of our guests get so I wanted it to look nice, especially while the rest of the house was still in chaos. Click Here to Read More

2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- Christy's picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Christy’s Favorite Picks

On Thursday, Amy shared her picks from the annual Nordstrom anniversary sale, and if you missed them, you can see them {here}. Today I have the fun of sharing what's in my cart!  Honestly, I can't buy it all, so there will be some paring down before I check out. The sale is currently open to … [Read More...]

Simple Summer Appetizers

  These are truly the dog days of summer--I think it's been over 100° for the last two weeks straight!  You won't catch me near a hot oven right now if I can avoid it, so today I'm sharing some of my easiest and yummiest appetizer recipes (I'll admit that I can make a meal out of these if I'm … [Read More...]

Favorite affordable sale finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

What Not to Miss at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  It's a big day if you are a sale shopper--today kicks off the annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale. All of blogland is in a spin over this sale because well, there are as expected, some very good deals! At the same time, we want to be mindful of over-consuming, so over the next two … [Read More...]

New Roman Shades in Our New Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom space is fairly high on my priority list for this home. While I have decorated my bedroom in our previous homes (see the last iteration here), somehow it seems to always be lower on the list than our public rooms. With the amount of time we spend in our bedroom, and the … [Read More...]

The best hamburger recipe--easy and delicious, plus tips for grilling | 11 Magnolia Lane

The Best Hamburger Recipe

We try to use the grill as often as possible during the summer--I always feel like clean up is easier, and of course who wants to turn the oven or stove on when it's so hot outside?! One of our favorite weeknight recipes is to make sliders on the grill, and after years of trying different … [Read More...]

Christy navy white

Simply on Sunday

Happy Sunday, friends!  Today I'm sharing a printable that we created a few years ago of Psalm 51:7.  I have mine in my laundry room, because it says, "Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow," but of course it would work anywhere in your home. You can download this printable in several … [Read More...]

Favorite affordable summer sale dresses

Friday Favorite Finds

Hey there! I am slowly but surely coming out from under the mound of boxes and trying to get back on our regular posting schedule, and since it's Friday (yay!) that means it's time to share some favorite things we've found this week with you.   I admit that with moving into our new … [Read More...]

Our New House is Done!

I am so happy to say that our new home is all done and we've moved in! It is such a great feeling, and even though there were times when I questioned my sanity in moving twice, now that it's over I can honestly say I am so glad we did it this way. I love our new house, since I have been living here … [Read More...]

Weekend in Kansas City

The hubs and I spent the weekend in Kansas City with our daughter; it's been a few years since we've been in KC for any length of time and I thought I'd share some of what we did.  One of our awesome followers, Kerry Ann, commented on {this} post where I mentioned that I'd shipped Annabelle off to … [Read More...]

Friday Favorite Finds - Red, White & Blue Edition | 11 Magnolia Lane

Friday Favorite Finds

Happy Friday, everyone! Even if we weren't coming up on the Fourth of July, I'd still be excited about sharing my red, white, and blue favorites because this is probably my favorite classic color combination.  There's a ton of all three of these colors in my closet already; several of today's picks … [Read More...]

Ideas for making your laundry room organized, functional, and attractive | 11 Magnolia Lane

The Laundry Rooms of 11 Magnolia Lane

Amy and I both firmly believe that you should ALWAYS decorate your laundry room (because don't we all spend a lot of time in there?!).  That being said, my laundry right now is in the basement (more like a dungeon!) of our little old MCC House, so there's no decor to show off--just spider webs!  But … [Read More...]

How to freshen up your summer decor with Society6 | 11 Magnolia Lane

How to Freshen Up Your Home Decor for Summer

This post is sponsored by Society6.  All opinions are my own. | Pour Yourself A Drink Pillow {16 x 16} | Painted Gray Chair Tutorial | Greek Key Stool | I've made a few easy updates at the MCC House to get it fluffed up for summer, courtesy of the folks at Society6.  I had a pretty tough time … [Read More...]

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