Memorial Day Weekend Sale Finds

This is a great weekend to stock up on summer essentials, because literally everything is on sale. Earlier in the week, Amy shared her favorites from the Nordstrom half-yearly sale (you can see them here), and today I’ve got a few of my picks for you.

Items in the Nordstrom half-yearly sale are up to 40% off.  My favorites are this Tory Burch belt:

| Belt |

As someone who goes to a lot of formal events, I love this grey floral high-low gown, and I love the price even more!

| Gown |

My friend, Ashly (yes, she of the amazing Christmas home tour), swears by the functionality of these HOBO wallets, and they’re 40% off right now.  Brown leather is always classic, but their powder blue is lovely, too. Click Here to Read More

How Sweet It Is Graduation Stickers

  It's that time of year--graduation is upon us!  Whether it's high school, college, or grad school, this is one of the "big four" life events, as we call them at our house. When I showed off the photos from Connor's graduation party in {this} post, you might have noticed the … [Read More...]

Favorite Summer Sale finds from the Nordstrom Half yearly sale. tons of great deals on fashion and accessories and shoes.

Our Favorite Items from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

  Good morning! I had my final Whole 30 post planned for today but I thought it would be much more fun to write about the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale which kicked off today. Unlike the Anniversary Sale you don't have to be a card member to shop this sale from day one, but the good stuff … [Read More...]

Red and White Graduation BBQ Party

Red and White Graduation BBQ Party

So, on Friday evening, this happened: Connor graduated from high school summa cum laude as his little high school's salutatorian, and we enjoyed a wonderful weekend celebrating his accomplishments. It absolutely poured rain on Friday, but we didn't let that dampen our spirits! | My … [Read More...]

A collection of sale items perfect for wearing in late spring early summer

May Favorite Finds

  Before we talk about May fun finds, are you all excited to watch the royal wedding tomorrow? I am starting to get sucked into all the hype, but I definitely can't wait to see her dress! I remember watching Princess Diana get married when I was young, so everytime there is a royal wedding I … [Read More...]

Organizing Our Double Pantry {Real Food Organization}

  I started this project right after we moved into our temporary rental home, but the lack of natural light inside our kitchen/breakfast area has made taking photos of our pantry (and most of the kitchen) a challenge. I finally dragged out my lighting kit and now that we're just weeks away … [Read More...]

Blue & White Throughout the House

  I've been doing a deep clean to get our little house ready for all of the family and friends who will join us for our son's high school graduation this weekend, and one thing I've noticed is that I've got blue and white everywhere (not that that's a bad thing!). If you're … [Read More...]

Surprise 75th birthday party celebration

My Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party Celebration

  I don't think there could be a better day to share my mom's surprise birthday party celebration, after all, it is Mother's Day! I hope all of you who are moms are getting spoiled rotten today :)     Last weekend we pulled off a major celebration, and a surprise one … [Read More...]

Delicious and easy (i.e. kid-friendly!) steak kebab recipe for the grill | 11 Magnolia Lane

Easy Grill Recipe: Steak Kebabs

This post is sponsored by HomeRight.  All opinions are my own.   Mother's Day is just a few days away, and it's warm and sunny out--where I am, at least.  That means it's time to blow the pollen off the grill cover and start cooking outside! Today I'm sharing a super, super easy recipe that is … [Read More...]

Amy’s Birthday

Today is Amy's birthday, so of course I gave her the day off from blogging.  That being said, since it's May and we're at the bitter end of the school year (and they're building a new house!), I'm sure she's keeping herself busy on her "day off." Her present is going to be late...I texted her … [Read More...]

Our New Home: My Dream Closet with California Closets

Thank you California Closets for sponsoring this post.     As we get closer to completing our new home I am working on finalizing some of the details to make the space completely the way we want to live in it. One of the tasks I have been most looking forward to is working on … [Read More...]

No-carb peach pear cocktail recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane

Peach Pear Cocktail Recipe

Because it's Friday and we've all survived another week, I thought I'd post my most recent favorite cocktail.  Mind you, this is so simple that there's pretty much to need to call this a "recipe," but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! If you were actually allowed to drink alcohol on … [Read More...]

Vintage Vogue covers gallery wall | 11 Magnolia Lane

Teen Bedroom Inspiration

Today I'm showing off my daughter, Annabelle's room, in our little Mint Chocolate Chip (MCC) House.  It's my favorite bedroom right now because it's pretty much "finished." Have you ever noticed that bedrooms seem to get decorated last on the list?  I'm sure it's because they're not public spaces, … [Read More...]

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