Friday Favorite Finds – Favorite Bathing Suits

We are currently spending a long weekend at the beach; it’s our last vacation before the kids go back to school at the end of the month. It’s also actually our first vacation of the summer since if you remember, my kids were both away for the summer and my husband was deployed overseas until a few weeks ago. Now that we’re all in one state and we’re done moving, we grabbed the opportunity to get away for a weekend together.

All of this is background to say that I realized a few weeks ago that I only had one swimsuit in my drawer and it was a very unflattering black tankini that I’ve had for about eight years. Swimsuit shopping is almost as much fun for me as moving, but I tried on about a half dozen of the internet’s most popular suits, and am sharing the three that I decided to keep and would recommend. I’m even going to show you they actually look on me to help you gauge sizing, so brace yourselves!

As I mentioned on Facebook, Amy shared this suit back in March before she went to the beach for spring break, so it was the first one I tried. It was also my favorite because it’s the perfect combination of fit and price at only $29.99. Click Here to Read More

Affordable Wall Art for my Home Office

Thank you to Wal-mart & for sponsoring today's post.  I spend hours working every day in my home office, and after the initial quick fix up when we moved in this house last summer, I hadn't gotten back to put the finishing touches on it until just recently. It is always nice to be … [Read More...]

A Day in the Life (August) – Christy

One of the things that Amy and I decided to do when we met up in Richmond last month was start writing our "A Day in the Life" posts on a monthly basis, because you guys always seem to like them. Not that our lives are that interesting--the opposite, in fact!!--but it is aways fun to read about … [Read More...]

Friday Favorite Finds–Back To School & Late Summer Fashion

  It feels like FOREVER since we've done a Favorite Finds post, where we share the fun things we've seen online that are worth sharing. This is a strange time of year, if you are like me you are done with the summer clothes but it is still way too hot to think about fall. However, this time … [Read More...]

Magnolia Cottage: The Living Room

As most of you know, July was all about moving, unpacking, and painting at Magnolia Cottage. So far, I've painted seven rooms, the stairs, and the front porch floor (my hand literally hurts from all of that painting!), but everything is coming along so nicely and I really love the charm of this … [Read More...]

Getting Organized–Our Cleaning Closet

  Earlier this summer I got on an organizing kick, usually that urge hits me in January but there were parts of our home that were starting to drive me crazy and I decided the time had come to tackle them. Creating this organized cleaning closet was the first thing I did. Summer is a good … [Read More...]

Introducing Our New Family Member & Puppy Essentials

If you follow us on Instagram then you know that we recently adopted a puppy from a nearby animal shelter, his name is Auggie (my daughter named him after the main character in the movie Wonder). This was definitely an unexpected twist to our summer but one that has provided our family endless … [Read More...]

How to Refresh a Mailbox With Paint and Vinyl

When we moved into our new (old) Magnolia Cottage a few weeks ago, I had a to-do list a mile long. Now it's only a half-mile long, but there are still dozens of small projects that make a big difference. One example is the mailbox refresh that our mailbox needed. It took just a few minutes but … [Read More...]

Our Trip to Richmond, Travel Essentials & News About Something New!

  Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are having a relaxing day. Today we have a post recapping our recent trip to Richmond together and we also have a fun announcement about something new we're going to be doing.     At one point over the summer Christy and I typically … [Read More...]

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id="tjsRpTJK" upload-date="2019-07-25T20:50:06.000Z" name="Front Porch: Before" description="Before painting the front porch with the HomeRight PaintStick"]

The Front Porch at Magnolia Cottage

This post is sponsored by HomeRight. All opinions are my own. As you all know, I've been in our new (old) house for a few weeks now, and I've been painting pretty much everything. So far, I've painted six rooms, the mailbox, the front porch swing, the stairs, and the front porch. The front porch … [Read More...]

Easy Summer Entertaining Ideas

Easy Summer Entertaining Ideas

This post is sponsored by Spot Shot® Instant Carpet Stain Remover. All opinions are my own. We are in the middle of the dog days of summer and it's as hot as can be right now! When it comes to summer entertaining, the key is to keep things simple and casual, and if you have access to a pool, … [Read More...]

What We Both Love (and Bought!) at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  Every once in a blue moon we do a joint post and it is usually for something really important like, well a HUGE sale. Christy and I decided to collaborate today to share our favorite picks now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to everyone (as of 12:30 EDT). We figured this way … [Read More...]

My Top Five Prime Day Picks

It seems like this week is all about shopping, with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicking off (see Amy's top picks in this post) and now it's Amazon Prime Day! My next post will be full of updates on my progress at our new (old) house, Magnolia Cottage, but today I wanted to share what I think are … [Read More...]

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