2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Women & Girls

Have you started holiday shopping yet? My intention is always to get my shopping done early so I have plenty of time to wrap and do fun things close to Christmas but despite my best efforts, I am usually frantically finishing the wrapping on Christmas Eve! With that being said, we’re launching our first holiday gift guide, this one for the women in your life (so this may or may not include the things we’re hoping for too!). We’ve included ideas in all price ranges for women and girls so we can all get a jump start on our gifts. Here’s to being done early this year!

Affordable gift ideas for women, sisters, mothers, friends, teachers and teen girls

Christy and I both have daughters, hers is a full-blown teenager and mine is just a tween pretending to be a teenager so at the bottom I shared some gift ideas for those of you shopping for younger girls.  I tried to find things that are great gifts for teachers, neighbors, sisters, mothers and friends and such too; gifts for all ages and in all price ranges.

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How To Make Your Home Smell Delicious for the Holidays

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A Season of Giving

A Season of Giving 2019

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Our Favorite Affordable Christmas Trees & Decor

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A guide to Thanksgiving--what to eat, drink, bring and wear

What to Wear, Drink, Eat & Bring for Thanksgiving

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A Day in the Life Series: Evening Routine | 11 Magnolia Lane

My Evening Routine (Day in the Life Series)

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Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas | 11 Magnolia Lane

Our Favorite Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

I used to be the "designated hostess" for Thanksgiving, but for the last few years we've spent it with our good friends, Scott and Becky, who used to be our next door neighbors when we lived in Savannah. When he retired from the Army, they relocated to Cary, which is only about an hour north of us. … [Read More...]

How to paint a stairwell without a ladder or scaffolding | 11 Magnolia Lane

How to Easily Paint Ceilings and Stairwells Without Ladders or Scaffolding

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A free holiday printable planner to help organize your holiday season

The 2019 Holiday Planner is HERE!

Each year we bring you what we believe is the best way to get organized for the coming chaotic, fun, and hopefully memorable holiday season--the 11 Magnolia Lane Holiday Planner! The 2019 Free Holiday Printable Planner So yet again, I have had Christmas decorations, gift lists, party plans … [Read More...]

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All Things Halloween (& Our Fall Porch)

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A Day in the Life: My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine (Day in the Life Series)

Good morning and happy Monday! Today it's my turn to share my morning routine with you as part of our ongoing A Day in the Life series. Amy shared hers just a couple of weeks ago, and if you missed it you can read all about it here. As I was thinking about writing this post it hit me that my … [Read More...]

Friday Favorite Finds

TGIF, everyone, and welcome to another installment of our Friday Favorite Finds! I originally meant for today to be a post all about what I'm reading right now, but I've only managed to read two books in the past month (can you say busy?!). That being said, I think you'll enjoy the one I'm in … [Read More...]

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