Saying Goodbye to a Few Favorites

Well, friends, we just finished moving the last of our boxes and furniture to the MCC house today, and we are dead dog tired, but WE DID IT!  The four of us, plus my friends through thick and thin Carolyn and Kathie, moved about ten flipping tons of stuff.  My back and feet may never forgive me!

Obviously, to downsize from 4000 to 1600sf requires some serious purging, and we’ve done a bunch of it.  My husband will be taking a small truck out to Kansas with him this summer, and we do have a few family heirlooms in a 5 x 10′ storage unit (my mom’s piano and a few other pieces of her furniture), but we’ve made it all fit.  I’m still amazed.

Since I’ve said goodbye to so many pieces that have made appearances on the blog, I thought I’d share with you some of the items that didn’t make the cut and have found happy new homes elsewhere.

The Gray Armoire

Gray chalk-painted armoire (repurposed entertainment center) | 11 Magnolia Lane
The gray armoire has done time as an entertainment center, craft closet, and linen storage, but it’s gone to a new home.  My husband and son are thrilled that we’ll never have to move it again since it weighs a million pounds.

The Aqua and White Loveseat

loveseat with table
This was a tough one, since this thrift store loveseat was my first reupholstery project.  But there just isn’t space in my daughter’s bedroom (or anywhere else!) for it, and it will be well-loved with its new owner.

The Computer Armoire

This is another heavy piece that my husband won’t miss!  I loved how I could close the doors and hide my mess, but this one is actually on Craigslist now!

My Son’s Bed

We had to get creative with our beds since we don’t have a guest room.  My son has two twin beds in his room with IKEA frames that Carolyn found me for $30 each at our favorite thrift shop, and my daughter has a queen bed in her room.  That way both can have friends sleep over, or Annabelle can give up her room to guests.

Slipcovered Bench

This little bench was one of my first attempts at sewing slipcovers; it found a new home with my friend Kara.

My Daughter’s Desk

Vintage painted desk | 11 Magnolia Lane
This sweet little dressing table/desk (and the desk chair) have gone to a new home.

Fabric Dresser

This fabric-covered dresser was one of the first ones out the door–it was just time!

There’s more, of course, that never made the blog:  the foosball table, another dresser, and tons of little knick knacks, books, and clothes.  I still haven’t cut my wardrobe down to the perfect “capsule wardrobe” but a girl can dream, right?

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of furniture left, I promise.  It’s fun to mix things up every once in awhile, anyway.  Thanks for stopping by~


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