Friday Free For All–Our New(est) House

moving boxes piled stacked
So, I’ve pretty much finished getting us settled back in after our European Vacation (and yes, it was rather like National Lampoon’s!).  Because  we go a hundred miles an hour all the time, the next thing on my calendar is moving, because what else could I possibly have to do in April?!

The above picture is actually of our Nashville to Savannah move, so three moves ago, but just the sight of boxes piled high triggers a panic attack for me.  Remember our last move?  It was the worst one ever…read about it {here} if you missed it two years ago when it happened.

We’ve loved living in our great big beautiful home for the past two years, but if you’re a regular reader then you already know that we’re downsizing locally so that the kids and I can stay in North Carolina next year for our son to finish his senior year of high school.  Meanwhile, Chris will be moving out to Ft. Riley, KS, for a two year assignment.  Since we’ll be paying for two houses (and utilities), plus hopefully lots of plane tickets to and fro, we want to be very, very conservative with our housing dollars.

Here’s our current home, all 4000 lovely square feet of it:

I found a house downtown, within walking distance of the school and all the downtown shops and restaurants, and it is small.  It’s an older Craftsman-style house and the front is a rather cheerful mint green and brown.  Annabelle and I call it the “Mint Chocolate Chip House.”  It’s under 1600 sf, so when I say “downsizing,” I AM NOT KIDDING!

Here it is:

Mint Chocolate Chip House
The kitchen and bathrooms have been updated and there’s all kinds of lovely crown molding and hardwood floors inside–pics to come soon.  The backyard has a screened porch and a deck, and there’s a fire pit area in the side yard.  I think it has lots of potential, and we intend to stuff it full of friends and neighbors, like we always do.

If you’re doing the math, though, and comparing 4000 sf to 1600 sf (I know I am!), then you know that I am currently doing a lot of sorting and purging!  Every item in our house is getting assigned to 1) The Mint Chocolate Chip House, 2) Chris’s Little House on the Prairie, 3) temporary storage, or 4) the thrift shop/Craigslist.  My favorite thrift shop is getting a donation almost daily, and I’m not even letting myself walk inside lest I buy something and undo my efforts!

Oh, and we’re also moving ourselves this time.  Because the MCC house is just five minutes away from our current house, I’ll be moving most of our stuff one carload at a time.  We’ll rent a truck sometime in April for the bigger stuff and to move a few pieces into storage.  Chris will also be U-Hauling it out to Kansas when the time comes, that way we save our one military move for next summer, when Annabelle and I will probably be moving out to Kansas for the second year of Chris’s assignment.  And if you’re confused with all of that, then I am, too!

In the meantime, I do have to share that I came home from Spain with a huge love for their cafe con leche–basically, half espresso, half hot steamed milk.

I have recreated it at home, and it’s changed my world!  I bought an espresso machine that basically works like a Keurig, because I’m lazy, and a milk frother, because I’m lazy, and I am in heaven.

This is the one I bought:

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  | Espresso cups  |  Nespresso Espresso Maker  |  Milk Frother  |

I think we all know that a proper dose of caffeine can make your whole day better!

Meanwhile, back to sorting, and thanks for stopping by!

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