Our NC House: Laundry Room

Today, I'm sharing some photos of my laundry room; it's been organized for the new year just like most of our spaces.  We only have a few more months in this house--and I still haven't finished decorating!  Such is the life of a military family, though. The kids and I are downsizing locally in a … [Read more...]

Laundry Room Inspiration

Thanks for the lovely comments on Amy's post yesterday about our upcoming tweaks and changes to the blog.  I know that it was a leap of faith for her to leave her full-time job, but we've been having so much fun that hopefully she thinks it was worth it! As you all know, we've only got a few days … [Read more...]

Spring Updates in the Laundry Room

Spring has sprung everywhere, and that includes in my laundry room, probably the most-used room in my house! Whenever we move to a new house, I always try to make my laundry room pretty, because they're often neglected, yet we use them so frequently.  You can read all about how I decorated this … [Read more...]

Open House ~ Home Tour at Christy’s

I've been wanting to write a new home tour post for awhile now.  I haven't showed you all the rooms in our house in Savannah, but at this point I think I've posted enough of them that a home tour makes sense.  As I continue to post, I'll just add to what I've written here so you can see our house in … [Read more...]

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