Reader Feature: Deborah’s Black & White Laundry Room Redo

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Today I thought I’d do something a little bit different and show you some photos that one of our readers sent me through Facebook.  Deborah G. and her family just moved into their home in July, so she has been doing a great job of getting settled and decorated.  She sent me pictures of several of her rooms, and they’re all wonderful, but today I really want to focus on her black and white laundry room (maybe I’ll show y’all the other ones in a separate post, or on Facebook).

Black and white laundry room

Deborah mentioned when she sent me the pictures that she has used several of my rooms for inspiration, and had fun hunting down similar pieces to the ones I used.  I told her that my mother always said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and after all, isn’t that why we show our rooms to the world on this blog–so you can pick and choose which ideas work in your home?!  Here’s the link to my laundry room if you want to compare.

Black and white laundry room

I love that she used black and white–my favorite color combo–and I think it really gives the room a great vintage look.  Check out the fabric covering the white wire shelving–that’s a table runner she found at Hobby Lobby.  I also love how she added the black infinity-style shelves below, to give herself extra shelf space for cleaning rags and laundry supplies.  The “lost socks” that are clothespinned on the shelf are a great idea–I never know what to do with mine while they’re searching for their mates!

Even the puppy has her own basket of toys in a corner on the floor, and a cozy bed.  Since my cat eats and sleeps in our laundry room, this makes perfect sense to me, but her pets have a lot more room than mine does!

Deborah is fortunate to have extra shelving in the corner, and she has done a great job of organizing the area with more black and white.  See the ribbon she wove through the white wire shelving?  What a great way to make contractor-grade shelving look custom!

Laundry room storage at 11 Magnolia LaneI think I can see a decoupaged light switch cover on the edge of the photo–that’s a quick and easy way to customize a room, too.  Here’s the post that tells you how to do it.

I think this cool black tree on the wall must be vinyl, but I forgot to ask.  Deborah, if it’s something different, please leave us a comment below to let us know!

Black vinyl tree in laundry room


I think the room has come together beautifully, and I’m guessing that it makes laundry *almost* a pleasure to do!  Deborah, thank you for letting me share your room with everyone!

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  1. Wow!!! Talk about flaterry!!! I am honored to be the first “Reader Feature” on your blog!! I absolutely love your blog and I am constantly inspired by all the things you do!! And yes Christy, you are correct. The black tree is a vinyl. An easy way to add “cheer” to a small room!! Thanks again 🙂

  2. Amazing transformation of a plain laundry room. Wonder if Deborah is available to redo laundry rooms. I could use her.

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