Home Goods/ TJ Maxx Gift Card Giveaway AND My Magazine Debut!

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Well, I’ve got two fun things to announce and it’s hard to choose what to talk about first.  I think I will have to show you…drumroll, please…my laundry room in a magazine!

I stopped into Lowe’s yesterday just to see if the January issue of Cottages & Bungalows was on newsstands–and honestly wasn’t expecting to see it yet–but there it was!  I bought two copies 🙂 and turned to page 13.  There was my laundry room!  Yeah!

You can read ALL about my laundry room redo {here}.

I entered Whisperwood Cottage’s Organizing Solutions Talent Scouting Party in September, and was so surprised (and pleased!) in October to be chosen as one of the six winners.  The process was easy, because they used my photos instead of coming out to do a shoot (you can read about my kitchen photoshoot, which will be on newsstands soon, {here}), and everyone was so very kind and easy to work with.

I think the part that makes me happiest is that one of the editor’s favorite things was my grandmother’s aqua Ball canning jars, that I use to hold borax, Oxyclean, and baking soda.  Grandma’s going to turn 94 in a few days, and I’m going to send a copy of the article to her in her card so that she can see her jars in print!

Okay, now, moving on to the next fun thing…

We hit 1,000 Facebook fans just a couple of days ago.  Thanks so much to all of you!  I do most of the Facebook posting, while Terry handles Twitter and Amy handles emails and blog administrator duties (she has the hardest job, by far!).  I have so much fun chatting with y’all on Facebook!  If you only follow us one way, you’re missing out on some of the fun–like how Facebook folks knew the back story behind my dog pee porch decor!

{Sorry this giveaway is now closed}

So, because we love you all, we’re giving away a $50 gift card to Home Goods/ TJ Maxx (yes, it works at both stores).  We know you can use a little extra cash around Christmas, and you’re welcome to spend it on presents, or yourself–we’ll never tell!

Here’s how to enter for the $50 Home Goods/ TJ Maxx gift card:

1. Follow 11 Magnolia Lane via email, Facebook, or twitter.  If you already follow, that’s great!  Leave us one comment below telling us you’re following. (1 entry)

2.  Share this giveaway with your peeps via your blog, Facebook, or Twitter and leave a comment below telling us so.  (1 entry)

So, you have up to two chances to enter and can have up to two comments below–each comment is an entry.  Make sense?  Let me know if not!

**The giveaway will end Monday, December 10th at 12noon (central time), and we’ll announce the winner by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Good luck!**



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