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laundry room redo
Thanks for the lovely comments on Amy’s post yesterday about our upcoming tweaks and changes to the blog.  I know that it was a leap of faith for her to leave her full-time job, but we’ve been having so much fun that hopefully she thinks it was worth it!

As you all know, we’ve only got a few days left until Operation: Organization starts, and I’m still hard at work on transforming the garage entryway (you can see my floor plan and list of projects here). It should be done by the end of the series, so I’ll be showing it off then.

In the meantime, neither Amy nor I have showed you the laundry rooms in our current houses, but those will be coming up in the future since we both firmly believe that you should ALWAYS decorate your laundry room (because don’t we all spend a lot of time in there?!).  Mine should be ready to show off in the next few months, but I thought today it would be fun to show you what we’ve done in our previous laundry rooms.

The first time we featured a laundry room, it was the one in our Nashville house {full home tour here}.  The laundry room was right off of the kitchen and pretty small compared to the overall size of the house.  Here’s the “before”:

house hunting 225 (Large)
My project list in this room included removing the white wire shelving (my nemesis!) and building solid cafe-style shelving, painting a quatrefoil pattern on the walls, removing the fluorescent light fixture and hanging a chandelier, and making it pretty while maximizing storage.  And yes, it was a big job!

Here are a few “after” shots:

blue white laundry room chandelier

A couple of spare boxes of borax (hey, they're decorative!) and a basket of clothespins
Laundry room 009 (Large)
There are tons of photos in the original post {here} and the update {here}.  This laundry room was featured in Cottages & Bungalows magazine, too–our first print feature!


Amy’s laundry room in her coastal Virginia house {full tour here} was similarly charming.

full view laundry

She started with a larger space than I did, but maximized it with great organization, including the DIY folding shelf that she and her husband built (tutorial in the original post here).

I also love the pretty ironing board rack that she built–so easy, but it makes such a difference in the look of the room!

ironing board


laundry tin

I love how this space turned out!


In our Savannah house {full tour here}, my laundry room was the pass-through from the house to the garage, and was–shall we say, petite.  I also was limited in that I couldn’t paint or remove/replace cabinets since this was military housing.

Here’s the “before”:


I gave it a coat of paint and moved in my vintage enamelware and some other decorative items.




I always hang this sweet little Bible verse printable in my laundry rooms:

Wash Me and I Will Be Whiter Than Snow | 11 Magnolia Lane

You can download it {here}, and see the rest of the laundry room {here}.


And, just for fun, here’s the before of the laundry room in our new house in North Carolina (there’s no home tour yet, but the other posts on this house are here).

Laundry room-NC house-before

It’s the largest laundry room I’ve ever had, and there’s a closet behind the door.  I will never complain about extra storage space!!

Laundry-closet-NC house

Before we moved in, I painted my daughter’s room, the kitchen (which has since been repainted LOL), and this room.  Here it is wearing a coat of Glidden’s Almost Aqua:

Laundry-NC house-painted

You can see that there’s a rough-in for a laundry room sink, so I might be adding one of those down the road.  There is a counter top on the drawers now, and I’m mostly moved in–I just haven’t decorated it and made it awesome yet.

I hope those photos helped inspire you a bit.  You can see all of our laundry room posts {here}.  And be sure to follow us via email {here} if you want to get all of our new posts sent directly to your inbox.


Thanks for stopping by–


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  1. Oh Christy I can’t wait to see your laundry room finished. I have moved into an historic downtown home (built in 1800s) and the laundry room and powder room share the same room. My washer/dryer are stacked on top of each other. I am trying to find a way to decorate it but it is such a small space. Any ideas?

  2. Oh they are all wonderful. Mine is a pass through from the garage too, and boy have I ever maxamized every square inch. This is a small house, so every inch is use.

  3. In love with that Nashville laundry room! I have a similar color scheme going and am taking notes! Love the chandelier too. I can’t pull that off with my set up, but perhaps I’ll find some way to add some bling!


  4. Gorgeous! I’m in an apt so really don’t have a “room”….just a small area dedicated to the washer & dryer. At least the shelves above are wood and painted ~ I too hate those white plastic shelves! I really need to reorganize this space so thanks for the ideas ~ maybe I can find a way to bling it up a bit! 🙂


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