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Ideas for making your laundry room organized, functional, and attractive | 11 Magnolia Lane
Today, I’m sharing some photos of my laundry room; it’s been organized for the new year just like most of our spaces.  We only have a few more months in this house–and I still haven’t finished decorating!  Such is the life of a military family, though.

The kids and I are downsizing locally in a few months, and my husband is off on a two year assignment that will be a plane ride away.  Although we’ve never chosen to live apart before (deployments don’t count because they’re not voluntary), our son will be a high school senior and he’s already on his second high school–and his eighth school in total.  Of course, we struggled with the decision, but we came to the conclusion that a third high school in a third state is not in his best interests.  And for our non-military readers who wonder how this sort of thing happens–no, the military doesn’t actually care about whether or not it’s your child’s senior year!  We have dozens of friends who have been in the same situation in an attempt to provide continuity to their children during high school (or they choose to retire from the military).  It stinks and we hate it, but it goes with the job.

So, like I said, the kids and I will move to something smaller so we can support two separate households, but I’m hoping to find something tiny and cute.

For now, I’m enjoying the biggest laundry room we’ve ever had, with tons of cabinet and drawer storage, and a cleaning closet, too.


Ideas for making your laundry room organized, functional, and attractive | 11 Magnolia Lane
The cabinets are great for lightbulbs, extension cords, all of those instruction manuals and warranties, and cleaning products.

When I’m feeling particularly fancy, I like to put my powdered detergent in a glass canister:

Ideas for making your laundry room organized, functional, and attractive | 11 Magnolia Lane

The printable labels are a free download and available {here}.

Ideas for making your laundry room organized, functional, and attractive | 11 Magnolia Lane

I have a few vintage pieces on the walls–a washboard and some enamelware. The drying rack is one of my favorite things ever; we are always using it for leotards and tights!

Ideas for making your laundry room organized, functional, and attractive | 11 Magnolia Lane

But it usually looks like this:

Laundry organization and free printable labels | 11 Magnolia Lane

My laundry baskets are from HomeGoods (almost six years ago!) and they’re not technically laundry baskets, but they are perfect for this purpose, and much prettier than plastic ones!

Ideas for making your laundry room organized, functional, and attractive | 11 Magnolia Lane

Amy and I hang our ironing boards on hooks or knobs–it’s just as functional but much prettier.  Visit our tutorial on how to DIY your own {here}.

Ideas for making your laundry room organized, functional, and attractive | 11 Magnolia Lane

The “Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow” scripture printable is {here}.

Ideas for making your laundry room organized, functional, and attractive | 11 Magnolia Lane

My fabric softener sheets are in the vintage enamelware box.

Ideas for making your laundry room organized, functional, and attractive | 11 Magnolia Lane

Last but not least, here are my bottles of Glamorous Wash–the most heavenly smelling laundry detergent EVER!  Diva and High Maintenance are my favorite scents; I wash my sheets and towels with them.  It’s pricey but worth every penny.  If you mix a small capful in with unscented regular detergent, it will last forever.

The best laundry detergent ever! | 11 Magnolia Lane

So that’s the laundry room!  Since we’re moving, I didn’t put up a chandelier or other cute light fixture, but maybe in the next house.  We know that God always provides for us, and we’re excited to see what’s in store next.

Thanks for stopping by~


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Two gallon canisters (for detergent) — on sale (here)

Clear sticker paper for labels (here) or (here)

Wall mounted drying rack (here), (here), or (here)

Clear glass spray bottles (here)

Enamel box–similar– (here) or (here)

Ironing board cover, laundry baskets, lotion container, hook rack — HomeGoods

Safety pins stored in repurposed candle jar (candle is here)

Glamorous Wash Laundry Detergent


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  1. As a military brat and spouse, i totally understand why your decision is the best choice and stinks at the same time. Thank you for your family’s service and sacrifices.

  2. http://Marty%20Oravetz says

    I think you are so wise to let your son finish school at his current place. I know this is an inconvenience for your family, but shows that you all put family first. Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice each and every day. I know you will make your next place fabulous.

    • Thanks, Marty. Overall, we wouldn’t trade our life in the military–it’s let us live in lots of wonderful places and make amazing friends. This is just a little hiccup and we’ll get through it. I appreciate the good wishes!

  3. I know that decision could not have been easy at all. But, I applaud you for taking his feelings and well being into account. I was not a military brat, yet we moved every two to three years. The last my junior year. it’s hard!
    Thank you for your service, and your families sacrifice.

    • Yes, junior year would have been tough! We actually were on a track that had us moving all four years of high school…fortunately, we were able to impact things so that least he’s had 10th and 11th grades in the same place. And of course, our choice to live apart keeps him here for 12th. It will all work out! Thanks so much for the kind words, Lauren. XO, Christy

  4. http://June says

    Ohhh thank you and your husband for your service to our country! I’m so sorry you and your husband have to live apart. I had no idea the scrifices made by service people and their families until we moved to centerville ohio 20 min from Wright Paterson Airforce base. We have lost alot of good friends because of moves required by the af.

    I would do the same thing, and stay put for my senior. I will pray for you to be content, have wisdom and lots of energy. God bless you

    • I understand that! I had someone tell me once that it was so hard on their kids when their military friends moved away that they stopped befriending them. Can you believe that? Fortunately people like that are the exception and we’re usually embraced by our new community. Thanks for the good wishes!

  5. Hi Christy!….The military families certainly make many sacrifices without a wimper….I commend you and your hubby for making the sacrifice of being apart so that the senior year experience will be a great one for your son. Hate to see you leave NC in the future, However, I see that you and your family have a great journey ahead. Good luck in finding your cute little place. you have certainly made this house your home!….Love those labels in the laundry room!

  6. http://Donna%20Reesor%20Boyd says

    Thanks for the info on the wall-mounted drying racks. I really like the smaller one with the shelf & the hooks. It is smaller but still takes care of air-drying a few pcs at a time.

  7. http://Brandi says

    Hi Christy! I just discovered your blog. I love all the information you ladies share. I have spent the last 3 days reading all I could! I’ve linked here, there and back! Your style, tips, homes and beautiful friendship is a joy to see. I have wanted to do several of the projects you ladies have done, so I’m going to get started! I Have a huge Amazon wishlist, Home Depot supply list Andy a reluctant husband! ONE project at a time!

    I’m sorry to hear your family will be separated. And I’m devastated you will leave THAT incredible laundry room behind!! I love the space, decor (the vintage bottles)! Good luck! Best wishes from Texas

  8. http://amanda says

    Could you share the wall paint color?

    • Sure, Amanda, I’m happy to. It’s Glidden’s Almost Aqua, and I actually used it because I had a gallon left over from my daughter’s room in our last house. Hope that helps!

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