Laundry Room Redo Part 2–a few more tweaks

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I posted back in September about my big laundry room redo (or should I say, my small laundry room redo).  It was a big job, but it’s a small room, and when I finished my post, I still had a few things to do.  Here was the finished project:

Laundry room redo

Laundry room–c. September 2011

Here was my biggest trouble area–the cramped and messy area under the stairs.  I was hoping to find a metal cabinet at the Nashville flea market to fit here, but I knew the odd dimensions would make it tricky.

Yuck! Need a cabinet here–with doors to hide it all!

But, as luck would have it, I found one!  It was yellow but in pretty good shape for a vintage piece–no rust and it was clean.  I brought it home for $30 and spent another $15 on spray paint.  Here it is in its new place of honor:

Vintage metal cabinet for laundry room

I LOVE closing the doors on the mess!

I also managed to snag some tiny white lamp shades for my chandelier at the Goodwill.  They’re even smaller than regular-sized chandelier shades, and I think they finish it off nicely.  They were $0.99 apiece–one of the main reasons that I love Goodwill.  Incidentally, I found a pair of Mini Boden pants for my daughter there that same day, in absolutely perfect condition, for $3.49.  Score!

Tiny chandy shades

Last (and least), I found a darling pendant at the flea market that kind of sums it all up:  yes, I am a flea market queen.  It’s draped around my lotion bottle right now.

Long live the queen!

I have about a thousand other things to do around the house, but I’m feeling Thanksgiving (and then Christmas) breathing down my neck, so I’m not sure just how productive I’ll be between now and then in terms of home improvement.  I did get a nail gun for my birthday, so I can’t wait to try that out!  Thanks for stopping by…



  1. Looks great! I just love those old metal cabinets! I have one that I painted black down in my office. I would love to find another one! You may think your laundry room is small…but I bet I’ve got you beat! haha! It’s on my list of rooms to “work on” : ) Have a great weekend!! ~Destiny

  2. Hey Destiny–Thanks for stopping by. I took a look at your blog and am following you now–wish I was closer to CO so I could see your shop in person! Christy

  3. What a transformation! All the decor accents work so well together! The wall is fantastic! Would love for you to share this at my Best of 2011 party going on now. Feel free to link other projects too if you’d like. Happy new year! My

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