My Daughter’s New Tween Room

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I am back today to (finally) share my daughter’s ‘tween’ room decor. I am pretty sure this space is the brightest, happiest room in our house!




When we started this project last fall, I never imagined it would be January when I finally posted about it. Life happens that way sometimes though, and honestly, don’t blink because she’s already asking to make changes to this space. At her age her taste changes with the wind so I am pretty sure this room will continue to evolve.  If you remember I shared it over the holidays here, but today I wanted to show some pictures of the space without the Christmas decorations.



Girl’s rooms are always my favorite space to decorate. I have lost track of how many iterations of room decor she’s had, I think it is safe to say her room will always be a work in progress. This time she had most of the say in how this room came together, from the paint color to the overall color scheme, she selected it all herself. I love the way it turned out, it seems perfect for her stage of life, even if it is almost never this clean.



My daughter is ten years old (going on twenty it seems!) and is always, always, always in constant motion. If she’s talking to you, she’s probably doing a cartwheel or handstand at the same time. She does ballet (along with other types of dance), has a You Tube channel, takes gymnastics and loves creating–art, drawing, writing– you name it. She hates to read, she would rather solve a math problem or watch a video about science–she is one unique girl, we like to say she is the exclamation point on our family.  I love her to pieces, but her boundless energy is completely exhausting!



As I mentioned in the first post about her room, she selected the “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” sign last summer and it set the stage for her decor. It seemed the perfect motto for a pre-teen girl, and the blue/green lettering became our jumping off point for the paint color. She paired it with gold (which shortly evolved into rose gold because that is ‘cooler’ right now apparently) and added some blush pink to soften the space.




We also added this bookshelf, it was so inexpensive but seriously looks like it costs much more than it did. I am so happy with it I am planning to order another one for our sitting room. It was a snap to put together, I can’t believe how perfectly it works in here.



Most of her room decor is very budget friendly, as I mentioned her taste is evolving, so I didn’t want to add any investment-type pieces. She seems to be heading down a boho road and is asking for more plants and flowers, the OpalHouse section at Target is suddenly her decor dream come true these days, but I can kind of get why she feels that way.



On occasion we use her room for guests, so the queen sized bed was an upgrade from the twins she had before (see that room here). Her bedding is from Target, it’s the Shabby Chic line and unfortunately is no longer available but you can often find it on eBay. If I was buying again I’d opt for this set, which is almost identical to the bedding in my room.  It doesn’t need to be ironed and the Target set does, unfortunately, which is a lot of trouble. The headboard was another inexpensive find but I am also pleased with the quality, it is a pretty white velvet fabric and is perfect for her space.



The one thing we don’t have yet is a rug in here. I had planned to buy one, but since have realized that this is not the right time. The carpet in her room has already been the victim of slime making, nail polish, markers, paint and all sorts of other spills. Until this creative stage passes, I’m going to opt to not invest in an accent rug and just spend money on more carpet cleaner!



We were out shopping this weekend and she decided she wanted to decorate her room for Valentine’s Day, thus we came home with the XOXO pillow from HomeGoods. I think it fits nicely in the room, so it may stay around indefinitely. Stay tuned, who knows what she will come up with in here next!


UPDATE–This room has changed–see the latest version of this bedroom HERE!

Here are all the room sources~

Curtains –HomeGoods (similar HERE)

Bedding–Target (buy it HERE)

Be Your Beautiful Sign

Gold Etagere Bookshelf

White Velvet Headboard with Silver Trim

Hanging White Wall Flowers

Pink Pouf/Ottoman (HomeGoods) Similar HERE

Chandelier HERE




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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Oh i love it all. What a great room.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I just order new bedding for my Freshmen’s Daughters new room in our new House. She got a bigger bed but she has her Brother’s hand-me-down comforter set. 🙂


  3. This room is gorgeous! What is the paint color? your daughter did a fabulous job picking it.

    • The paint color is Behr Shimmering Pool, it is pretty. If I was to use it again (anywhere other than a girls room) I’d have the color cut by 50% it has a lot of saturation. It is perfect for a pre-teen girl though! XO, Amy

  4. What is the paint name in her room? It is so pretty!

    • All the details about the paint are in the post, it’s called Shimmering Pool by Behr. To let you know, it is brighter than showing in these pictures.
      XO, Amy

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