My Daughter’s Vintage Bedroom Makeover

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A vintage Girls room with painted twin beds, a pink and gold color scheme and easy DIY artwork.


I am back today to show off my daughter’s room, now that it is all finished up! I already showed you her beautiful new bedding in this post here last week, and now I’ve put all the decor touches on the space.




You may have seen her room previously here {shown below}. While I still love the pink and gold decor in her room, once we added another twin bed in the space to be extra sleepover-friendly, I figured if I was going to have to paint the new bed, why not give them both a new fresh color?


Pink, white, and gold girl's room | 11 Magnolia Lane


This time I painted the beds using Amy Howard’s One Step Paint in the color ‘Tick Tock’.  The color is dreamy–I knew as soon as I opened the paint that I’d found the color for my laundry room cabinets (and maybe anywhere else I can find to put it, it’s that good!), it is the prettiest fresh blue/green color. The paint was so easy to work with, it covered amazingly well, and the beds now look fantastic despite being decades old. I also used a coat of the Amy Howard wax so they are not only protected but have a nice polished finish too. Side note: Christy and I met Amy Howard at The Haven Conference last year, she is just lovely!




I still adore the ‘sweet dreams’ pillows in the space {you can see them in the first few pictures} and keep them on her bed most days, but they do hide the fun pattern on her pillow shams.  My Mom made those pillow shams for her during the last update so I wanted to be sure to keep them, they match the bed paint color perfectly and add some fun pattern in the space.




I don’t know if we’ll keep the dollhouse in between the beds forever. I moved it there to give her more space to play with it and I love how it looks between the beds. I need to tell you about the dollhouse, as my great-grandfather built it for my Mom when she was very young. It has been touched up throughout the years, which makes it even more special to me. Before it was gifted to me when I was five, my parents wallpapered the rooms in it using leftover wallpaper from the house we we living in, so in it I have a keepsake of the wallpaper in my childhood room–how sweet is that? Before we gave it to my daughter for her fifth Christmas, my sweet eighty-year old great-uncle painstakingly glued thousands of the shingles to the roof so to say it is special would be an understatement. My daughter was only a few minutes old when my Mom and I looked at each other and said, “she’ll get the dollhouse!” to give you some idea how relieved I was– after having two boys–to have someone to pass this down to. Sadly, she’s rapidly outgrowing it, but I’m keeping in her room as long as she’ll have it!




Much of the room essentially stayed the same, which made this refresh easy. You’ll note that I still haven’t painted the walls, but the room has so much color in it that the builder white doesn’t bother me. Of course the fun gold polka dots {you can get those here} make a big difference in jazzing up the space, this would really work as rental decor, as I really haven’t made any lasting changes in the space.




This corner still has her Art Board and next to it is her closet {which is obscenely huge and could be made into a really fun space should I ever decide to tackle it}, and next to that is a space where I’ll eventually put a desk for her. I am still looking for just the right one, but I imagine I’ll paint it the same light blue color as the beds.





On the other side of the room is the dresser we added for her last year, it holds a ton of clothes which I imagine will be a good thing as she approaches the teenage years! It was an auction find, I simply painted it white and sprayed the existing handles gold.




The tissue poms that hang over the beds are an easy DIY or you can order a kit HERE. I still have her chandelier from her pretty room in our lake house but we don’t have a junction box here. At some point I’ll get one installed, but for now we just have switched tabletop lights, so I think the poms make up a bit for the missing chandelier. The art on this side of the room is just simple vintage Barbie prints I put in pink craft store frames.




We broke in the new beds with a major sleepover last night {so yes, I am a little tired today 🙂 } but the girls said the room is fully approved for just such occasions, so I imagine there will be plenty more to come.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!




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  1. Absolutely precious! Love the beautiful pillow shams and aqua beds! One of the prettiest girl spaces I’ve seen! ~Rhonda

  2. PS… Shared on my Blog FB Page! 🙂

  3. What a great room for any little girl. I love it all and especially the dollhouse.

  4. It looks beautiful! The color of the beds is a perfect match for her pillow shams as well as being a wonderful contrast color. I’m sure she loves it! Yes, the sleepovers do make a mom tired the next day. 🙂 I remember one my daughter had for her 10th birthday…we had an upstairs at the time with the master suite there. Anyway, one of the little girls decided to play “bride” and she would go to the top of the stairs and begin her descent singing “Here comes the bride”. That went on for so long…I finally got up at 3 a.m. and told her that was it. 🙂 Fun times!

    The doll house is beautiful and such a treasure of memories.

    • Oh Pat that is such a funny story! I love it, they have such sweet imaginations don’t they? I am not sure we’ll have another sleepover quite so soon, I am still recovering but the girls had fun. That is what summer is for, isn’t it? Thanks for your sweet note and sharing your story 🙂 XO, Amy

  5. Rebecca Purdie says

    Oh how I miss the fun days if decorating my daughter’s room when she was little. She is 22 and does not live at home anymore. Here room is like it was when she was in high school. We plan to turn it into my husband’s man cave . My daughter says that is not happening. Lol
    Everything in your daughter’s room is beautiful! Enjoy all. Of the time you have with her it will fly by.

    • Hi Rebecca, it does fly by doesn’t it? I can’t believe how fast she is growing up. Well, at least you are using the room if it becomes a man cave. The men do deserve their space at some point, don’t they? 🙂 Thank you for the kind words! XO, Amy

  6. Love it! Good job!

  7. Such a pretty room. I’m sure you’re daughter is thrilled with it and the envy of her friends. I wish I still had a little girl at home so I could use some of your ideas.
    And the doll house – what a true treasure. I remember hours of fun playing with mine. And yours has such special memories.
    How fortunate you both are.

    • Thank you Sue! I know, such special memories. I am so glad to see her enjoying playing with it. I wish I could stop time, it’s hard to see them grow up so fast! All the best, Amy

  8. I absolutely love it! i think the polkadots and the tissue poms are my favorite parts. Very cute and a great space that will grow with your daughter.

    • Thank you Brenna, I hope it grows with her–but then again, another excuse to redecorate in a few years might be OK too! XOXO

  9. My six year old wants this very room. Where did you get the bedding please?

    • Hi Pam, the bed spreads are from an online site called Lavender Fields, they should be linked in the post. I am glad you daughter liked the room 🙂 Thanks, Amy

  10. I love everything about this room! I’ve been looking for a bed like the new one on the right. Where did you get it? I like the corner details, but I haven’t been able to find anything like it.

    • Hi Sarah…I suggest checking Craig’s List, this bed is definitely vintage (as in old) and you should be able to find them second hand. My parents had these as guest beds long before we took them over for our son’s room. I am sorry not to be able to give you better detail but they are out there and for not much money 🙂 XO, Amy

  11. Love the room!! What fabric did you use for the shams?!

  12. Autumn Davis says

    How much paint did it take to paint the 2 twin beds? Trying to calculate how much I would need?

  13. Shanese Rivera says

    Great room! Curious what size gold dots did you use?

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