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Happy Friday, friends! We’ve made it through another winter week and I think we deserve a reward, don’t you? Since it’s cold and flu season, I highly recommend our grapefruit and tonic cocktails tonight to keep your Vitamin C levels up; they’re practically medicinal.

I haven’t done a Friday Finds post in awhile; they’re a potpourri of things we love around the web and I’ve got quite an interesting mix of things to share with you today. I am working on fluffing the house for the winter to spring transition, so be on the lookout for more decorating posts soon. If you’re missing pretty interiors in the meantime, you can revisit last year’s spring tour here.

Spring decor in the blue and white living room at the MCC House | 11 Magnolia Lane

| Spring Home Tour |


Moving on to today’s favorites, I’ve got some great stuff to share with you!


I fell in love with this mirror when I recommended it to a friend who needed some design advice, and included it in my master bedroom under $1000 post, but it would be perfect anywhere in your home. It comes in gold and silver–so hard to choose! If we owned this house I would put two of them above the sinks in the second bath because they would finish it off perfectly.

Gold beaded mirror

| Gold beaded mirror (also comes in silver) |


This sweater is 50% off right now (plus if you’re a rewards member you get free shipping). It comes in three colors and sizes up to 2X and it’s so flattering on.

Wrap cardigan sweater

| Wrap Cardigan Sweater (in three colors) |

Pair it with a crisp white or chambray shirt underneath, or a cami or white T.  It’s a perfect match for my favorite tan boots, too, but looks equally darling with leopard flats. (If you didn’t read my 10 favorite winter fashion items post, most of these things are mentioned and styled there because I am truly a creature of habit)


If you followed the saga of Laptopgate, when I left my carry on bag on the NJ Transit system train with my not-backed-up laptop on it, then you won’t be surprised that I have fixed that situation! I’m backing up my entire desktop to the Apple Cloud, I’ve purchased an external hard drive that I back up to once per week, AND I purchased an automatic online backup. I don’t think it’s overkill to have three systems in place, either, after facing the reality of what it would have been like to lose everything.

My online backup is through Backblaze and they’re one of my finds today because it was so easy to set up that I think everyone should consider using them. I even went online to see how to restore files and it was really user-friendly. If the worst happens again, it will be an irritation instead of a tragedy.

Backblaze online backup

| Backblaze online backup – free trial |


From computers to tabletop–that’s a hard shift!–but this black gingham pitcher caught my eye because it think it add a touch of spring to any room. I actually first thought of using it in my living room to hold a bouquet of colorful flowers, but it would look cute next to the bed, too, or even used as an actual pitcher on the breakfast or dinner table.

Black gingham pitcher

| Gingham Pitcher |


I’m almost positive that this is TMI, but after I read Amy’s post where she talks about transitioning to natural deodorant, I got online and ordered the Native deodorant that she mentioned. I guess I’d never really thought about what I putting under my arms, but a lot of what she said made sense to me, and better to be safe than sorry. Anyway, I’m about five days into my “detox” period and things are actually going pretty smoothly. Native is getting me through the day without needing to reapply and I don’t smell particularly funky…I am sure my teenage daughter would tell me if I did, right? I added a travel size to my order for only $3 more because we do fly a lot and it’s probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (toiletry wise, that is).

Native deodorant

| Native deodorant |


These shoes, y’all. I bought them about two weeks ago and they are SO comfortable. They run true to size and I can literally wear them all day; they’re the perfect height. Speaking of gingham, they look great with my navy gingham shirt, or they add a pop of color to pretty much any outfit (crisp white shirt and jeans, black tunic and white jeans, you get the idea!).

Pink pumps

| Pink Pumps |



Last but definitely not least, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to make sure I spent daily time with God and my Bible; I promise that everyone around me benefits when I do! The free First 5 phone app has helped me make sure that the first five minutes of every day are spent doing a quick devotional and Bible reading. Right now we’re reading Proverbs, but they have plenty of other plans to choose from if you’d rather study something else. Sometimes it’s the last five minutes for me instead of the first five, but either way, having this app on my phone makes it easy to do a devotional from anytime, anywhere (even while waiting to pick up a kid).

First 5 app

| First 5 app for iOS or Android |


Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for stopping by!


Final New Christy headshot 2015
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  1. Have been using Native for over a year now. Thrilled I can now purchase it at Target. It is the best!! A little goes a long way. Be Sure to rub it in.

  2. I love the First Five app. I started the year with this and the 365 days w/CS Lewis devotional you mentioned last year.. Both are great. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • You’re so welcome, Donna! Thanks for letting me know. I just ordered CS Lewis’s “Preparing for Easter” devotion to start in March (I need more hours in the day to read all of my devotion books!).

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