It’s 5 O’Clock at 11 Magnolia Lane: Grapefruit Tonic Cocktail Recipe

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Just in time for the weekend, I’m sharing my current favorite cocktail: grapefruit tonic!

While I love a glass of wine, it never pairs well with my predisposition for migraine headaches, and I’ve found that the sweetness of the wine doesn’t always sit well with me, either.


Grapefruit Tonic Cocktail Recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane

Last year at this time I was doing a Whole30 and that really got me thinking about how much extra sugar is in…well, everything that we eat and drink. I managed to completely cut out the flavored creamer and sugar that I was adding to my morning coffee and started 2019 fifteen pounds lighter than I was at the same time last year! (THIS is the Whole30 approved coffee creamer that I’ve used for the past year). While I’m sure that wasn’t completely responsible for my weight loss, cutting added sugar is always a good thing.

Grapefruit Tonic Cocktail Recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane

This cocktail is yummy but can have a lot of sugar in it if you’re not careful, because grapefruit juice and tonic water are both pretty sugary.  You can cut calories several ways with this recipe: for the grapefruit juice, you can juice your own and not add sugar, or you can use the low calorie blends that contain artificial sweeteners.  Another option is grapefruit seltzer (like Spindrift or LaCroix). I also use diet tonic water instead of regular tonic water.

Grapefruit Tonic Cocktail Recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane

Here’s the easy-as-pie-recipe:

Grapefruit Tonic Cocktail Recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane


Grapefruit Tonic Cocktail Recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane

| Similar Cocktail Napkins | Stemless White Wine Glasses |

Grapefruit Tonic Cocktail Recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane

Meyer lemons are in the stores right now and that’s what I used for a garnish, of you could use regular lemons.

| Vintage bamboo cocktail forks |

Enjoy the yumminess, and thanks for stopping by.


Grapefruit Tonic Cocktail Recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane



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  1. Marion Dourte says


  2. Heidi Colton says

    Congratulations! On your weight loss! This grapefruit tonic sound yummy! I will have to try it.

  3. Monica Cooney says

    My new favorite drink. Hoping it comes with weight loss!

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