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This is a bit of a random assortment of things I wanted to share. These are tips that are not really interesting enough to write a whole post about so I thought I’d wrap them all up together into one post. These are just the sort of things I’d share if we were sitting down having coffee, nothing life changing but things I think you should know about.




I know, starting off the post off by talking about doing dishes? How very exciting! I’ll keep this one short but I thought this was just good info to know. We recently had a part break off our new dishwasher, while I was complaining to the repairman that my dishes weren’t that clean and he gave me some advice I’d never heard before. The first thing he said was to be sure to turn your hot water on and run it until it is HOT before you start your dishwasher. Otherwise, the dishes get their initial wash with cold water, he said it can make a big difference in the overall temperature of the rinse water. (Edit: per comment below this is best done if you have hard water as we do).



He also said not to keep the silverware basket on the outside of the bottom rack or where it is shown in this picture, on the door.  The silverware can block the detergent container and keeping it from opening at the right time, instead to keep it inside the dishwasher in the bottom rack. His final recommendation was to be sure to keep the internal compartment filled with a Rinse Aid like Finish, something I wasn’t always great about. We have hard water and again, this all has helped keep our glasses sparkling. After doing those things, the difference in our dishes is definitely noticeable.  I know, it’s the little things, but nobody wants to feel like they are eating off filmy dishes, right? Just thought I’d pass that along!




Here is another great tip I just was given… I was having my hair done a few weeks ago and was talking to my hairdresser about how my hair just doesn’t hold a curl anymore. See the picture above from a few years back (taken after a long hot day in Atlanta!), my hair had curl, now if I am lucky I have any waves a few hours into my day (example below).



I was blaming it on age or health but he told me that the conditioner I was using had built up to the point that nothing was penetrating my hair, not even the hot curling iron. He did a special clarifying treatment in the salon (my hair was really soft afterward!) and he said I should be using a clarifying shampoo about once a week (or every third wash), like this one. I use this shampoo and conditioner, which he approves of, so it isn’t a product issue. I thought that was a great tip, especially since curls and waves are the ‘in’ hairstyle right now! It is always nice when there is an easy fix to a problem (even a first world one!) isn’t it? Maybe that is helpful to some of you too.




OK, we’re getting personal now! Like many people these days, I had a lightbulb moment last fall and realized that I was great about using Beauty Counter (which is non-toxic skincare and makeup), cleaning with natural products and eating organic food but yet, I was still using a chemical-laden deodorant each day.  I made the switch to the Kopari Coconut Deodorant last fall, and it has been good but it has also been interesting. The product is great, but there is definitely a detox process that happens when you make this switch. The product literature says it takes about a month, but I’d say it’s much longer, it takes a while for your body to offload years of chemicals. I plan to give the Native Deodorant brand a try next, I hear great things but the one thing is for sure–I am glad I made the change in the winter not in the summer. If you are thinking of making the switch, definitely something to do before the hot weather rolls in your area! I do think this is important, the rising rates of cancer- especially breast cancer -are alarming. I figure every little bit you can do helps.




I mentioned in my organizing post last January that I’d purchased these under cabinet organizers for both my bathroom and my kitchen sink. They add so much usable space. Previously I had a jumble of cords, curling irons, and hair dryers all piled up on the bottom of the cabinet. Now I can just reach down and grab the one I want. These drawers have been a small thing that makes life easier.


I also use a similar one under my kitchen sink, because I have my cleaning supplies on auto ship from Grove I never run out! This one is a bit less fancy and works well for taller bottles, it is similar to this organizer HERE.






Oh my goodness,  has this saved my winter! Especially last week when we had sub-zero temperatures. I saw these heated mattresses pads recommended on a friend’s blog and have to say, it has pretty much been the greatest thing ever. I hate being cold! I typically turn it on as I am getting ready for bed, and then the sheets are toasty when you crawl into them. I do turn it off before I fall asleep but you could definitely leave it on a low setting and be really warm. It has two controls so my husband doesn’t have to keep his side as high, though secretly I think he’s a fan too. I love this SO much, if you are a cold-hating, always-freezing person like me then you must, must get one!




What a brilliant invention this is? I have stopped using several purses because they seem to be bottomless pits, especially when the phone is ringing, right? I just ordered the medium size one for my everyday purse. It will be so nice to not have to dig around to find something, which seems to always be the case and always happen when I am driving! Someone should win an award for coming up with this one.

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What great tips have you learned recently? Share in the comments!



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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Nice tips, but do NOT run the hot water first (before running the dishwasher) if you have softened water. My repair person explained that advice varies with what sort of water you have, and running the hot water first with soft water creates more etching of your glassware. etc.

    • I added that note, thanks for sharing. We have extremely hard water so he was probably addressing our situation. Thanks for sharing, I made sure to indicate that in other situations starting with hot may not be the best idea! Amy

  2. Heidi Colton says

    nice tips but,when i clicked on the link for which shampoo and conditioner you use it took me to the clarifying shampoo. Which shampoo and conditioner do you use?

  3. I really enjoyed this post. Ive tried a couple of natural deodorants but found I needed to reapply frequently throughout the day. Is this what you have found? I would love to find one that works well.

    • Yes absolutely. I think that is part of it! I guess I think the benefits outweigh the inconvenience. If you find a good one please let me know! XO, Amy

  4. I recently discovered Bee’s Wrap reusable food wrap. It’s a natural alternative to plastic wrap. Made from beeswax and organic cloth you use your hands to mold the cloth to most items you would normally wrap with plastic wrap. (Not to be used on meat. And keep away from heat.)

  5. My very best tip is getting an over-the-door shoe organizer and putting it on the inside of my pantry door. We keep all granola bars, popcorn, season mixes, boxes of pasta, etc in it. Ican’t Tell you how convenient it is to open the door and grab a bar or snack or see what we are running low on….it has been a perfect solution for our family.

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