The Best Sheets for Your Bed or Guest Room

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So today’s post was scheduled to be all about the One Room Challenge, I need to catch up with an update about my daughter’s room makeover. My plan was to grab some photos of our progress this morning, write up a post and share them today. Unfortunately, my daughter came down last night with a nasty flu-like virus (which my thirteen-year-old son already had) and has been in bed all day, so there wasn’t any way for me to move her just to get some photos in her bedroom. I admit feeling a bit like the odds are against me with her room makeover.  Between our NC trip, sick kids and a few other curve balls I am second-guessing my decision to be part of the ORC. The room will get done, but it looks like it may not be finished within the time limitations of the ORC.


The Best Sheets for Your Bed

So instead today I am sharing a post I have had prepared but had not published. It’s all about the very best sheets I have found, which I thought with the holidays and holiday guests coming soon, this would be a great time to talk about such things.  After years of attempting to find sheets I loved at discount stores, I finally gave up and decided to indulge in some really great (according to the reviews) sheets. When we moved into our new house, I upgraded my bed with a new mattress and paired it with new bedding, and a new mattress pad, new comforter set, even bed pillows–everything (all the sources are at the end of the post). It has been divine, I even splurged on 700-thread count sheets that I’d read were amazing. Today I thought I’d share what I purchased and my impressions because actually, I liked some of the other sheets that cost less almost as much as the pricey ones.



Knowing I wanted to treat us to new, decadent sheets I went directly to the mothership of all things bedding–Pottery Barn. I had a gift card to use, and I waited until they had a sale and then ordered the 700 count sheet set in white. I had them monogrammed, of course 🙂

(Everything is on sale today, with 25% off and free shipping at Pottery Barn today, FYI with the code HOLIDAY if you have been waiting for a sale or are ready to start holiday shopping).



These sheets are lovely, they are an excellent quality cotton and quite soft. They do wrinkle (I had to iron them just to get them to the point they are in this picture) but they feel very nice and are comfortable to sleep in. If I had guests coming, I’d be proud to put them in these sheets. I think they will last for quite a long time, which is also worth considering. If you want to treat yourself, these are definitely the sheets to get.



The interesting thing was, I found that I kind of preferred the sheets I had previously, especially the pillowcases. They were just a little softer, which I found more comfortable. The sheets I’d been using were the basic Pottery Barn ones, and while I have had them for several years, this pair here is the closest I found to them. I feel like the older ones are a little softer, but the repeated washing over the years may have just broken them in more.  Speaking of washing sheets, you know we love our Tyler Detergent (We like the Diva scent) for sheets and towels, not to mention this always tops our gift guide each year, it is a little luxury that is a very nice touch).

If you don’t have a Pottery Barn budget, I have two other sets of sheets that I tried this year and also want to share with you.  Last winter I wanted to make the switch to all organic bedding, so I ordered this pair from Amazon. If natural and organic materials are important to you, this pair is a great option.  They are very reasonably priced and a nice quality cotton sheet. My only criticism of these is that they feel a bit too crisp or dry, especially during the winter when the air is already very dry. Other than that, I think these were a great buy.



Finally, of all the pairs I purchased, this last pair is worth buying because with over 45,000 (!) reviews they are well worth the whopping $20 that the set costs. I keep these Mellanni bed sheets as a second pair, though for the last few months they have been on my daughter’s bed because she absolutely loves them. They are so very soft, and while made of microfiber (so they are not a natural material), they feel amazing. They are just about wrinkle-free, and our set is holding up great. At the price it’s worth having an extra set of these around just in case, or to use on a sofa bed for those holiday guests.


Room Sources~

Gray Headboard

Fur Throw

Similar Lamps

White Black Out Roman Shades

Boho Throw Pillow

A few other items I added to upgrade our bedding this year.

This mattress pad

I invested in two of these quality pillows and we love them

These blue patterned pillow covers 

This comforter set


I simply cannot say enough good things about this bedding set.  Unfortunately, it is sold out currently but I’ll keep my eyes open for a restock.


I took these photos in early fall, and since then I have added three euro pillows from HomeGoods which finish the bed off nicely. I hope to get some new photos taken soon. Just this morning I ordered this pillow sham (I needed a second one), I’m getting excited to put a holiday spin on our bedroom in the next few weeks.



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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I have pottery barn sheets and love them! Beautiful bedroom Amy!

  2. Beautiful! Could you please specifically identify the name of the comforter set?

    • It is called the Ries comforter set, but apparently it is now sold out so that is why it isn’t linking. I am sorry–and sad! I’ll keep my eyes open for when they restock.

      Thanks for letting me know,


  3. I purchased the Mellanni bedsheets noted above for my 5 year old and love them. Great quality and nice and soft. Great buy and thanks for the heads up.

  4. I purchased Peach skin sheets from atlanta. They are soft and very little wrinkle. I like how they are coolish in the summer and warm in the winter. They have a sale every month on different colors too.

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