New Roman Shades in Our New Master Bedroom

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Our master bedroom space is fairly high on my priority list for this home. While I have decorated my bedroom in our previous homes (see the last iteration here), somehow it seems to always be lower on the list than our public rooms. With the amount of time we spend in our bedroom, and the high-priority sleep is, this time I decided our bedroom deserved better.


I selected these gorgeous roman shades for our windows for our new home so while the room isn’t 100% complete (nothing is in this house yet, we’ve really only been here for two weeks) but I wanted to share them with you all. When you move into a newly constructed home you get a house full of windows, with no shades, blinds or window coverings of any sort. Since they are still building the house next door to us, and the workers arrive very early in the morning, the last thing I wanted was my windows uncovered when we moved in. I made sure to order window treatments for our bedroom ahead of time so I’d have them installed and ready to go.



I partnered with Select Blinds for these shades and could not be happier with them. I was honored to be featured on the Select Blinds blog as an ‘inspiring decorator’ last year, you can read that interview here, since then I have been looking forward to trying some of their products in our new home.



Blinds can be hard, not only can they be expensive, but there are so many styles to choose from. I knew in my bedroom I wanted something that provided some serious light control (again–sleep = priority) but still looked pretty. The roman shades with the blackout lining I ordered are perfect, not only were they reasonably priced but they look elegant, almost completely block out light, and provide great privacy. In the morning, I simply raise them up so we can enjoy the lake view out the back of our home, then lower them each evening.


The worst part of getting new blinds, in my opinion, is the installation, but in this case these were so simple. They took just a few minutes to hang, no fancy brackets or even measuring needed. They mounted right up into the top of our window frame with just a few screws, it was so simple I handled it myself without a second thought.

Our shades are the Signature Roman Blackout Shades in White Canvas with the soft fold upgrade. I will eventually add curtains to these windows, especially since the builder didn’t frame out the windows (a bit of a surprise but certainly not a big deal) but in the meantime, these shades look great.  Be sure to check for sales on the site, Select Blinds is very competitively priced and the shades arrived very quickly.



I also made some other new updates in this room, I really wanted all white bedding in here. Our walls are a soft gray color (the builder color) and lightweight, white bedding just seems perfect for summer. If you follow me on Instagram I have already shared our new white bedding, which was less than $100 for the comforter and pillow shams and I just love it. It’s very similar to the Pottery Barn Tencel Bedding, which I came very close to ordering but I decided it couldn’t hurt to try this set first, since it was a better price. I love it so much, I might even order a second color for fall.



I also added some euro sized pillows from HomeGoods and splurged on the Pottery Barn 700 count sheets (I had a birthday gift card and decided to see if they were as good as the hype, and yes, they are! I am going to write up a sheet comparison post soon). The rest of our house is still kind of in chaos, I know we’ll be here awhile so I am taking my time to get things right, but at least I have this room as a bit of a sanctuary from the mess.



I also ordered (at my expense) some light-filtering top-down shades for our master bathroom from Select Blinds, because again privacy is definitely key in that space. These were also simple to install and easily lift up and down, these are a great solution for a bathroom because you can still have natural light by lowering the shade from the top.


Of course, there will be a few more updates in this room in the future. Sadly the sparkly chandelier I ordered for this space was too large, so I am on the hunt for another smaller one. I’ll probably add in a new rug and still have much more to do in the adjacent sitting area, but in the meantime, we’re happy to have it this far along. If you have any questions about the shades or sources, please let me know. I am back to unpack more boxes, that’s the way it goes around here! Have a great day!

Room Sources:


White Comforter & Shams

Roman Shades

Folded Quilted Coverlet

Gray Nightstand

Bench (Similar HERE)

White Nightstand (Estate Sale, Similar HERE)

Lamps (HomeGoods, Similar HERE)





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  1. Marty Oravetz says

    Love this choice. Such a pretty bedroom. So glad you are getting settled in.

  2. Rebecca Purdie says

    Your bedroom looks so elegant and peaceful.

  3. Color combination is great and i love the pillow patterns, great use of space.

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