Fall Touches in our Master Bedroom

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Today I am sharing the final touches we just put on our master bedroom, including these beautiful new velvet curtains.


I will be back in a week or so with a follow-up post with sources, and how really all this was done on such a low budget. Of all my rooms, I think my master bedroom is probably full of pieces that all fall into the ‘low-end’ cost category, I have to say I am just as happy with this room as if I’d spent thousands.



The final piece of this room is the gray velvet drapes. I’d been dragging my feet on adding anything to the windows, trying to decide what I wanted. I’d had my eye on some very expensive damask panels from Ballard, then I came to my senses and flipped to just thinking I’d grab some IKEA Ritva panels, which always work thanks to being a neutral sheer–and they are inexpensive as well.



Then I stumbled on these gorgeous velvet drapes, and at $45-65 each, I decided they were worth a try. They arrived and I was happy to find these are just as nice quality as the Pottery Barn drapes that retail for $129 EACH.



Here is a quick look back at our ‘summer bedroom‘, I have these wonderful linen roman shades on the windows (read about them here), they block tons of light so I wasn’t rushing to get the curtains up.  I have to say I think the drapes made a HUGE difference in how finished the room looks. Now I wish I had motivated sooner!



I changed the color scheme from the pale blue to deep gray, it was time to put the summer decor away. I found the medallion duvet cover at the Pottery Barn Outlet this summer (this one is similar and also on sale) for a whopping $40 and I knew it would be perfect for fall and winter. I started mixing around pillows from my collection to see what I liked with it and these deep gray velvet (from HomeGoods) immediately won out.



Once I had the bedding squared away I went to order the drapes in my typical white–I like to keep my windows neutral since I tend to change my decor around often (it comes with the job description!), but then I saw that they offered so many pretty colors and the wheels started turning. I ordered the deep gray (available here) almost on a whim, thinking I’d return them if they made the room too gloomy. FYI–I pair them with these inexpensive rods which I have used throughout our entire home, I love them.



I got them hung this week and think I am now a dark drapery convert, not only does it make the room feel like a cave at night (which is great for sleeping) but they give the whole room a warmth it didn’t have previously.



I am not sure if I’ll keep them up when it’s really hot next summer, I may swap them out for an inexpensive sheer at the point in the year but for the colder months, these are going to be perfect. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of these drapes, I was blown away with what I got for the price.



Here’s a quick rundown of all the room sources, I’ll be back the first week in October with a post dedicated to exactly what I spent to get this entire look and showing you how you can do something similar in your own home.

Velvet Draperies

Duvet Cover

Upholstered Headboard

Linen Coverlet

Mirror Over Bed

Curtain Rods

Gray Rug

Similar Lamps

Wood Nightstand

Gray Chair

Roman Shades

(pillows, bench and mirrored nightstand from HomeGoods)


I’d love to hear what you think of the new darker look in the comments! Have a wonderful weekend, Christy’s working on our Sunday newsletter which I am sure will have all sorts of fun info so be sure to sign up below.



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  1. The drapes are gorgeous and the perfect color. Love how this room has come together, so pretty.

  2. The drapes look terrific and do warm the room up wonderfully. I have curtains and drapes from that company (not purchased on Amazon, though), and they are really well-made and look great.

  3. Rachel W. Robbins says

    I love this! Gray is my favorite, even in the summer. I mixed a lovely 2 tone gray & white Matlessee quilt & shams with a pink Matlessee quilt folded at the bottom of my bed & pink shams as well. And large white European shams. It was so pretty for the summer! Not at all dark & dreary.

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