A Flocked Christmas Tree

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I know it is just Thanksgiving but I wanted to go ahead and share our new Christmas tree, since I am sure many of you will be putting up trees and decking your halls over the holiday weekend.  Last year around this time, I fell majorly in love with flocked Christmas trees. Classic green trees are beautiful and traditional, but there is something about the white look of the “snow” on the branches that really sets off the ornaments. I set about on a search for an affordable but realistic looking flocked tree. {This flocked tree is the one I bought for those who are wondering, but more on that in a minute}.




First I will say that we did not have the best experience last year with our live tree. After it fell down several times (despite several stands, securing it with fishing line and lots of broken ornaments and a few bad words) I became especially enamored with the idea of a fake tree for the first time, really, ever. I haven’t fully convinced my husband yet, he’s pretty set that real is the only way to go so we may still set up another live tree in our family room, one that the kids can decorate in their own ‘special’ way. 🙂




I put this tree up weeks ago {with my Mom’s help} while I was preparing for my “Favorite Things” party {see more about that fun night HERE and HERE}, and decked it all out in all gold, silver and white. It resided in our dining room until this week, when I moved it into the foyer.




After making the decision we needed to invest in a new tree, I spent quite a bit of time looking online for the best deal on a flocked tree. I wanted one that was tall enough since we have high ceilings but most importantly one that didn’t look fake. I went with this Flocked Tree here.  It’s 7.5 feet tall, lighted (that was also important, who wants to string new lights each year?} was super easy to assemble and I love how it looks. The price was a very good deal compared to all the other ones I saw, and it was even shipped free {if you give them your email they do free shipping, fair trade in my opinion}. It actually arrived about a week before Christmas last year but I felt like it was too late to set it up by then so it just sat in storage all spring and summer. I couldn’t wait to set it up this year.




I always see other bloggers whip together gorgeous, color-coordinated trees and mine have always fallen short to my eyes. This year, I feel like I was more successful getting a finished look to the tree.




Here are some secrets to what I consider my success I’ll share : ) First, I started early so I wasn’t frantically decorating on top of everything else that happens between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I noticed that quite a few people also started earlier this year and love it or hate it, I found I enjoyed the decorating process so much more by not being rushed.

I started with several large sets of ornaments. I have concluded that when you think you have enough ornaments, you still need more! I stuck with masses of basic bulk ornaments in one color scheme. Then I added gold ribbons twisted through the branches. To do that, I gather one end of the ribbon like a bow, secure it with wire, and tuck it in a branch toward the top of the tree, then I weave the ends in and out of branches as it flows down the tree. Finally, I added a gold beaded garland–it just looks like jewelry to me– and seems like the perfect embellishment, I sort of swagged it on branches in front of everything else.




After I moved it to our foyer, I added the “Have a Very Merry Christmas” garlands. I feel like now this is the “more is more” tree but overall I love how gold and sparkly it is. This is a two-story foyer so the tree with all its sparkle and bling can hold its own in the large space.



The garlands are available HERE. {I just saw they are on sale with free shipping!}


I also started wrapping the few gifts I have already purchased {you can print the cute gift tags HERE}.


I really am taking a break now from decorating/holidays, I need to get to work on my contributions for our family Thanksgiving dinner! I hope you all have a very lovely holiday, we are so very grateful for all of you.

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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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