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I have previously written a few posts about my basic organizing system which involves creating “kits” of things, that way you have everything necessary to complete a task {like wrap a gift, make school lunches etc}. In my post-Holiday organizing mode I realized I needed to do the same thing with cleaning supplies. Having all the cleaning tools I need, and safe and superior ones I believe in, right on hand has made a huge difference in how easy it is to clean my house, and that makes it all the more likely that I actually do it!



The first thing I did was recognize that with three bathrooms in our house, keeping just one set of cleaning supplies down in my laundry room wasn’t making life any easier.  I started out by deciding what cleaning tools I needed for the upstairs bathroom. I ordered several of my favorite cleaners, a caddy to hold them all, and {why not?} added a vinyl sign to it from our ETSY shop. So I could clean when I needed, I stocked up on VIVA paper towels in bulk {I buy these here} to make it easy whenever the space needed some spiffing up.



I have tried many different products but I’ll stop for a minute and tell you seriously, these Viva Vantage paper towels have a soft, scrubby texture and the Viva Towels are so soft. My husband, who never notices these things and rarely actually cleans, informed me they were the best thing he’s ever used and that we were NEVER using another kind again {yes, this is a sponsored post but I swear to you that is what he said word for word!}. They are thick and soft and make cleaning up the bathroom counter a breeze. Plus, you can just toss them when done, so much easier than dealing with dirty rags to wash.



Now everything is right on hand so I can wipe up our sinks when needed. It’s so much nicer to get ready to go somewhere in a clean space, and now that everything is stored in our linen closet I can just grab, wipe and go!




This worked so well in the bathroom I revised my kitchen cleaning supplies too.  I overhauled the space under the sink, adding pretty shelf paper and a two-level rack for extra storage for all the cleaning stuff. Now I have room to store plenty of paper towels so when I grab a cleaner, I also just a grab some Viva Towels. They are perfect for wiping down our stainless appliances, our counters and our sink not to mention any spills, and with 3 kids we sure seem to have quite a few spills!



Keeping our kitchen clean is always a challenge. It’s not just doing the dishes and putting food away, but keeping everything wiped down. Inevitably when we have guests, they wind up in the kitchen even if they are just popping in. These Viva Towelsare perfect to give all our surfaces a quick clean after a meal so the space is always clean.



It took no time to pull together a full “kit” of cleaning supplies of appropriate cleaners for each space. For the bath I have surface, glass and bathroom cleaner along with the Viva paper towels so I can keep our vanity counters clean. I have a wider variety of cleaners in the kitchen, I use specific non-toxic cleaners for the counters, stainless steel and the sink but all work perfectly with the strong Viva towels.


In the end having everything in one place makes it easier to clean and less time consuming– so I can do other things than clean! Like decorate, which is so much more fun 🙂

What are your favorite cleaning tips?


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  1. I keep kits in our bathrooms as well, makes clean up a breeze!

  2. I love to have cleaning items in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen…so much easier than dragging the stuff from one area to another! I LOVE, love Viva towels! I’m like your husband…the only ones I will use. I’m the same about toilet tissue and facial tissues too. 🙂
    I’m going to check out the 2 tier rack!


  3. Creating a basket of supplies for each room is such a great idea! I love that it allows you to avoid carrying an arm load of supplies with you to each room!

  4. Diane McCormack says

    Okay, I get that Viva is the sponsor. Now what else are you using in the caddy and under the kitchen sink?

    • HI Diane! I recently switched to Mrs. Meyer’s in my kitchen and I love them. For the baths I have used the Honest cleaning products for a long time. I like the ones I can order online in bulk, that way I don’t run out 🙂 Thanks!

  5. When I clicked on your caddy source, the two tier rack from Amazon came up. Could you tell me where you found the caddy? I ordered the black vinyl clean label from you and would love to put it on the exact caddy you have. Thanks so much! Nancy

  6. Patricia Russell says

    Thanks amy for leaving sharing your innovative cleaning idea with us.

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