unleash clean on your home {simplifying life}

I have previously written a few posts about my basic organizing system which involves creating "kits" of things, that way you have everything necessary to complete a task {like wrap a gift, make school lunches etc}. In my post-Holiday organizing mode I realized I needed to do the same thing with … [Read more...]

2015–The year of being super productive! {Tips & Tricks}

    Doesn't everyone face time challenges and wish for more hours in the day? I admit my biggest challenge is always to keep from over-committing myself. I am a total "I'll do it!" type of girl, and then I live to regret it when I find I am not doing any of the way-too-many … [Read more...]

“One Smart Cookie” Baking Cabinet Makeover

  I knew that with fall around the corner baking season would soon be here. So I set about on a project that has been on my wish list--organizing a baking pantry in one of my kitchen cabinets. Moving all my baking supplies out of my pantry {I blogged about that HERE} frees up my valuable … [Read more...]

All about StitchFix and How I Shop for Clothes Now…

I mentioned back in this post HERE that I was really working to simplify the more mundane tasks of my life to make more room for things I really want to do. In it, I mentioned I had signed up to try Stitchfix and that I would be back to recap my experience for you all. So, today I am going to share … [Read more...]

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