Organizing Life {Gift Wrapping Station}

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Armoire repurposed as organized gift wrapping station

I finally did it…I organized my gift wrap into one place. I pulled everything together in my office armoire.


I have used this armoire in my office for many years. I do graphic design and used to have a business designing wedding invitations {you can see my old office here} so I have paper, paper and more paper to store. Now that I focus more on blogging and less on weddings, I was able to free up this space to create an organized spot for all things “wrapping” related.

Armoire repurposed as organized gift wrapping station

Through this process it made me think that it’s not just organizing what you have to stay sane, it’s making sure you have what you need. I am due for a stop at Hobby Lobby–hands down the best place to buy wrapping paper–but I pulled together all the other supplies like tape, scissors and ribbon into this space as well.

Armoire repurposed as organized gift wrapping station

So much less anxiety at birthdays now!

I labeled the drawers and stored all my tissue paper, ribbons and cards.

Armoire repurposed as organized gift wrapping station

Armoire repurposed as organized gift wrapping station

I used this plastic set of drawers I have had forever in the other side. I covered the fronts with scrapbook paper and just mod-podged the paper on. I admit that the small floral print is making me crazy {it may get changed} but it’s what I had on hand. Yes, more chalkboard labels, they are changing my life! {Christy makes them for me, or I order them HERE}.

Armoire repurposed as organized gift wrapping station

The extra drawer space that got filled with other crafty supplies like paint and glue.

I used a simple tension rod to hang some of the ribbon. In my old office I had hung gift bags off the built-in hooks but that never worked very well. If I needed one bag, I had to take them all down to get it, then tediously put them all back up. Now I store them in one of the boxes in the cubbies in my desk right next to this armoire.

Tension rod to hold ribbon

It took me a bit of thinking to figure out how to store the rolls of wrapping paper. I remembered I had this tall, narrow box from IKEA  and it fit perfectly. It contains the tall rolls and uses up the little bit of extra space along the side of the cabinet perfectly.

Gift Wrap Storage

Years ago I painted the inside of the door with chalkboard paint, I used it to keep the wedding projects I was working on organized. Now it’s the perfect spot to keep up with all the coming birthdays and gifts I need to buy.

Armoire repurposed as organized gift wrapping station

Armoire repurposed as organized gift wrapping station

And, it’s so nice that I can just close it up when I don’t need to use any of it.

Armoire repurposed as organized gift wrapping station

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  1. What a clever way to store everything. So organized!

  2. Heidi Gurley says

    Looks awesome! Are you using a chalk pen on your labels? Years ago I found colored chalk pens, but can’t seem to find anymore these days.

    • Heidi,

      Yes– I looked around for a white chalk pen but Michael’s was always sold out. So I ordered one the same place I ordered my chalkboard labels. Its so much easier (and looks better) to use then chalk.


  3. I LOVE this project. I have been wanting to paint my old piece of furniture, very similar to yours, and make it a wrapping station/decor storage piece. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  4. Hi Amy, I tried to email you a question about your armoire, but the email address in the “Contact Us” area says it doesn’t work. Did you do another post about how you painted yours? Do you have before pictures? Here is the piece I have and it’s very similar to yours. You have really inspired me to paint mine now. Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi Jen…I am sorry the email didn’t work. Did you use [email protected]? Please let me know just so I can make sure we fix it.

      As far as painting the Armoire…I did it years ago! So, I didn’t know a thing about painting furniture. I probably sanded it down, then just slapped some white paint on it. I just taped off the inside door and painted that part with chalkboard paint. If I am not answering your question, let me know. This piece was pretty old, and had a flat finish so if yours has some layers of gloss you might need to take some extra steps or at least make sure to do some extra sanding. Good luck! Make sure to let us know how it turns out.

  5. I think you know how I feel about this. AMAZING. I wish it would magically appear in my home. Featuring on Monday

  6. This is such an amazing project ~ both pretty and organized. Love the chalkboard idea.

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