“One Smart Cookie” Baking Cabinet Makeover

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I knew that with fall around the corner baking season would soon be here. So I set about on a project that has been on my wish list–organizing a baking pantry in one of my kitchen cabinets.
Moving all my baking supplies out of my pantry {I blogged about that HERE} frees up my valuable but limited pantry ‘real estate’. It also keeps essentials close to the stove and everything together in one place.  I admit, more often than not, when I start to make something I find I am suddenly out of baking soda or another essential ingredient.  So to start, I moved my baking staples into some extra jars I had lying around so now it’s simple to see what I have.  Same with all the other little things–like baking cups, nuts etc. –things that are easy to run out of and forget to replace, now I can glance in and see what we’re running low on.


I made it a priority to use things I already had on hand. What better tools to use than baking supplies to organize baking supplies? So, I used all my small loaf pans {jazzed up with a bit of washi tape} to corral baking cups, food coloring and birthday candles. No more digging for them in the back of the cupboards!  

I also used “chip” clips to hang some recipes on the door, and command hooks to hang some measuring cups/spoons for easy access.
Probably my favorite part, and I already shared this on Instagram so some of you have already seen this, is I moved all our cookie/ice cream sprinkles into some extra spice jars I had.  It’s something fun–and I can see exactly what I have–because the holidays and cookie-baking season is just around the corner {just ask Target, no doubt they’ll have decorations up any day!}.
I also organized some other baking supplies into containers. I have flour, sugar etc. in canisters on my counter so these are just some other essentials that I tend to be out of when the urge to whip up a batch of bar cookies hits, so now I can see exactly what I have.
  Here’s one last look! The holidays can be a pretty busy time, so this project is one thing that will definitely make things easier and smarter come cookie-baking season 🙂
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Love this idea Amy!! Now, if I just had an extra cabinet…hmmmmm.time to rearrange.

  2. Crystal York says

    I love this idea, I tried organizing my baking stuff but none of it fit all together in the same place, I need more cabinet space 🙁 … but one thing that did help me was putting all my cookie cutters in a large glass pickle jar, I had these things scattered everywhere, & I managed to get all my sprinkles in one place too! 🙂

  3. My favorite life hack is I bring a pool noodle when we travel and put it under the fitted sheet of the hotel bed, to keep my daughter from falling out.

  4. Use dryer sheets in your sneakers to make them smell fresh.

  5. tweet–https://twitter.com/mami2jcn/status/504358795011977219

  6. I use baking soda to clean pots, pans, kitchen counters and everything around the house

  7. i make lipstick out of crayons!

  8. I use those old CD Spindles and turn them into toilet paper holders for camping or you can use them to store your bagel sandwich in for lunch.

  9. Looks fabulous! Love the idea of using the mason jars and spice jars as well. Oh my, those creamers make me miss not being able to drink coffee!

  10. My favorite hack to make extra crispy bacon with less fat is to flip over a microwaveable bowl and put it on a plate. Cover the bowl with paper towels and then lay the bacon over the bowl and top with another paper towel. As the bacon cooks the grease falls into the plate!

  11. I tweeted with twitter id @yarbr012: https://twitter.com/yarbr012/status/504427128293982210..

  12. My life hacks are to use baking soda to whiten my teeth also to use dryer sheets in dresser drawers.

  13. CR Williams says
  14. I love this idea! My husband and I are moving into base housing in a few weeks, and I was trying to figure out to do with an ugly hutch that I wasn’t sure I even wanted to keep. I’m going to paint it and turn it into a baking cabinet! Thanks for the idea!

  15. I keep a box of latex gloves in my pantry. They are very reasonably priced for a large box. I grab a pair and wear them whenever I handle raw meat or other messy job.

  16. Sharon Heinzel says

    I Love what you did to your baking cabinet! Your blog gets me so inspired!
    You can also keep track of baking recipes in a binder with clear pages and pockets!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card!

  17. i like to use cucumbers and yogurt on my eyes and face at night instead of fancy expensive moisturizers! it really works just as well if not better

  18. Putting dryer sheets behind the visor to help the car smell better.

  19. Kimmy Ripley says

    I like to make and freeze meals ahead of time so I can just thaw them out and heat them up when I don’t have time to prepare a meal.

  20. amy pugmire says

    One of my life hacks. rub canola oil on your knife before cutting an onion to prevent your eyes from tearing up. 🙂

  21. amy pugmire says
  22. Rebecca Helene Thomas says

    I save my lemon ends and put into my vinegar to make a cleaning solution 🙂

  23. Rebecca Helene Thomas says
  24. I like to use a tackle box to store my art supplies

  25. My life hack is to use coffee filter as screen cleaner.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  26. -https://twitter.com/tcarolinep/status/506281411796795392

  27. Great ideas! I used to use a wine rack for some of the folded towels in my bathroom because there was no cupboard. It was actually really pretty.

  28. My idea is to pre package snacks at the beginning of the week. I also reorganized my kitchen so that breakfast items are easily accessible to my children first thing in the morning.

  29. I use a vinegar and water solution to clean the countertops and windows in my house

  30. Someone just told me a good way to use up leftover conditioner is to use it as shaving cream!


  31. One food hack would be slicing both ends off a bitter cucumber and rubbing them until foamy to remove the bitterness.

  32. That baking cupboard would inspire anyone to bake! I like using baskets in my kitchen fridge/freezer to keep things separated.

  33. steven weber says

    Put saran wrap at the end of bananas to keep them from turning brown.

  34. I re purpose everything – old chairs, tables, picture frames, etc… there is really no reason not to take the time to fix something up and re use it.

  35. I use tiered stands in my spice cabinet so I can see all the spices in the back and middle as well.

  36. My resourceful ideas are to reuse milk jugs and egg cartons to plant my seeds in when it is too cold to start them outdoors. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  37. Come up with a list of easy family dinner favorites for those nights when you’re stuck for a meal idea!

  38. One of my favorite hacks is using toilet paper tubes to wrap up electrical cords.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  39. tweet–https://twitter.com/WildOrchid985/status/508355837006737409

  40. Susan Smith says

    I use diaper wipes to clean up spills, the floor and counter tops

  41. Susan Smith says
  42. You can remove wood stain from your hands with cheese. Yep, seriously – rub a piece of cheese (I used cheddar) on you hands and that wood stain comes right off!

  43. i use dryer sheets under the mattress and in drawers to keep things smelling fresh.

  44. I Keep bananas fresher by wrapping the stems in plastic wrap.

  45. I put all of my cupcake liners in a small, clear apothecary jar so I can see all of the designs I have. I love it and it takes up very little room on my counter!

  46. Would love to win this. Thanks

  47. I like to eat half an avacado for lunch. I leave the pit in the half I don’t eat, place it in a ziplock sandwich bag and toss in the fridge till the next day. There may a little bit of brown, but it is still good to eat

  48. Cute organization for your baking stuff! I really need to do this!

  49. use a clothes pin to hold nails while hammering it into a wall

  50. My resourceful idea is to use pool noodles from the dollar store as boot forms.

  51. Being well-organized always us to keep a fast-paced schedule! No time is wasted looking for an item! 🙂

  52. i slice grapes or cherry tomatoes by holding a bunch between 2 plates and slicing through them all at once with a long knife

    [email protected]

  53. Rub your hands on a stainless steel sink to remove onion/garlic smell from your hands!

  54. brenley davis says

    My mother-in-law is a professional organizer and she uses labels and clear containers to store any and everything! 🙂

  55. I make homemade chicken stock after roasting chicken.

  56. Tip: I only use/buy square or rectangular containers for storage. They fit well into the corners of my cabinets and fridge to maximize my space.

  57. I keep baking soda on hand to boil after I have burned food in a pan

  58. Barbara Montag says

    A great life hack – I’ll use a paper towel if I run out of coffee filters.
    Of course you shape it to fit.
    thank you

  59. Barbara Montag says
  60. When cooking make extra to freeze for other mealtimes.

  61. Great job! I put dryer sheets in drawers and under the mattress to keep things smelling fresh.

  62. I use a used dryer sheet to wipe the lint from the dryer filter.

  63. use white vinegar and baking soda to clean toilets and unclog drains on the cheap

  64. Tish Sappington says

    I like to use canning jars to store everything staples ,,spices , screws ,nails , buttons. They come in so many sizes . last forever can be labeled easily and looks nice.

  65. Angel Jacklyn says
  66. Angel Jacklyn says

    I like grilling hot dogs during the summer on marshmellow sticks and directly over the camp fire. They come out best that way! [email protected]

  67. Rebecca Graham says

    Dryer sheets are used for air fresheners for my car.

  68. I use vinegar, dish soap and water heated in microwave then pored into a spray bottle to clean my bathroom shower. Just spray on and let sit for at least an hour then wash with water. This works wonders.

  69. Ashleigh Hall says

    What a great idea!! So smart!!

  70. I like to toss squeezed lemons in my garbage disposal and turn it on. It cleans the disposal and makes the kitchen smell great!

  71. I’ve been freezing snacks in sandwich bags and it’s been a significant help for me!

  72. My cupboards want to be like your cupboards when they grow up 🙂 SO organized! I feel like life is just a little bit better when your cupboards are organized and pretty 😉

  73. I use a shoe organizer as a car caddy on trips

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  74. tweet https://twitter.com/ChelleB36/status/515181417295126528

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  75. Coconut oil is my favorite life hack right now. I have been using it for so many things! My favorite is just using it to grease my pans instead of using the fake stuff in the can!

  76. shelly peterson says

    I like to use dryer sheets in clothes drawers and linen cupboards to keep things smelling fresh.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  77. shelly peterson says

    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  78. Wow there are some good ones on here! I use undiluted white vinegar to clean anything that gets moldy!

  79. I like to use vinegar as a fabric softener.

  80. You are inspiring me to redo my storage space too. I have some unattractive open shelves and I think I will see about making some doors and getting rid of the things that I’m really not using.
    One of my favorite things to do is make my own simmering potpourri with either eucalyptus leaves or orange peel in my mini slow cooker.

  81. Samantha Daleo says

    I like using empty ketchup and mustard bottles to keep my kids paint in.

  82. Wanda McHenry says

    I add a 1/4 cup of vinegar with my laundry detergent to help disinfect germs in cold water.

  83. Wanda McHenry says
  84. Deb Anderson says

    Save even a tablespoon or two of leftover veggies instead of throwing them out. Freeze and use later in soup.

  85. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I make my lunch in the morning to save time later

  86. Amanda Sakovitz says
  87. We started making our own spices (ie: taco seasonings) from scratch and keep them in large containers. A lot cheaper than buying the little packets

  88. I don’t have many resourceful ideas but I do keep all my spices in labeled refillable containers.

  89. Thomas Murphy says

    Plan out and prepare what you can for your meals for the week ahead on sunday to save time during the busy work week.

  90. Thomas Murphy says
  91. I recycle and have for years. One of the HARDEST things to get clean is the empty PB jars! OMG! Horrid! I have recently found out that if you put a bit of dish soap in the dirty jar, almost fill it with hot water, and then put the lid back on and give it a shake. The PB eventually just dissolved off! I shake it every time I think of it (keep it by the kitchen sink) and when I can tell all the stuck on PB is gone, I dump the water and rinse and its all sparkly and ready to recycle!

  92. When I bake a sheet cake or brownies, I cut them into squares, wrap each one and freeze them. When ready for a treat, thaw, frost and enjoy.

  93. Janice Cooper says

    Using a dryer sheet in books and photo albums to keep them smelling fresh!

  94. Janice Cooper says
  95. when i make biscuits i use the kichen aid to cut the butter into the flour

  96. I use essential oil of lavender on my dryer balls for non-toxic, good smelling laundry.
    Thanks for the contest.

  97. I save the Velveeta cardboard bottom carton and use in drawers for organizing smaller items!

  98. I love to go to DI to search for old things that could be re purposed. It is so fun! I have also used mason jars in the past to store pasta, flour, and many other spices/ingredients. Your idea for the baking cabinet is just amazing! I need to find a spot in my kitchen where I can do that. Thanks for the idea.

  99. Thanks for finally writing about >Organized Baking Cabinet using baking supplies–One
    Smart Cookie | <Loved it!

  100. Love the baking supplies in pantry. Where did you find the canisters with chalkboard?

    • The canisters are from IKEA and the chalkboard I ordered from ETSY, just search by “chalkboard labels”! Thanks so much, AMY

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