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I mentioned back in this post HERE that I was really working to simplify the more mundane tasks of my life to make more room for things I really want to do. In it, I mentioned I had signed up to try Stitchfix and that I would be back to recap my experience for you all. So, today I am going to share all about it.

If you haven’t heard of Stitchfix, its an online shopping service that sends you 5 articles of clothing each month (or whatever interval you like) picked out by a fashion stylist. They mail them to you, you try them on in the privacy of your own home, then you keep what you want and drop the rest back into a prepaid mailing bag. Sounds easy, huh? Ohmygoodness–YESITIS!

I have to say I LOVE this service. As I disclosed previously, of course being female I like to shop, but I am not as crazy about going to the mall as I was back in my teenage days. We also don’t have a ton of great clothes shopping close by, and sometimes when I shop at the chain stores my girlfriends {who shop in the same place} and I look like twinsies! I had read great things from other bloggers about Stitchfix so thought I would try it, since you can cancel if you don’t like it there wasn’t much to lose.


When you sign up to try it you fill out an extensive style “questionnaire” and they must ask some right-on questions since what they have sent me so far as certainly been right on.

Here are my top two favorite things about Stitchfix, I have received 2 orders now~

1) They have sent me things that I may not have picked out in the store but once I put them on I LOVED them, even if my first out-of-the-box thought was “Hmmm, interesting…”

2) They sent me things that were just a little bit more stylish then I would perhaps pick, so it has effortlessly made my wardrobe feel much more current and up to date.

The quality is top-notch, each item I have received has been well-made–I’d say even better quality than I typically buy. There has not been one item in my “fix” that I wouldn’t have been perfectly happy keeping, though I have sent a few things back. The pricing is reasonable for the quality, so I try to just pick one or two favorites each time. Though, they give you 25% off the entire “fix” so it’s very tempting to keep the whole shipment!

Gah, it’s so not me to post these “selfies” in the clothes but its the only way to show how great they fit and the style\color, so please humor me with the bathroom cell phone pics and know that I am cringing inside. I am still getting the hang of the mirror selfie thing! Anyway, here are a few of my favorite items, I haven’t photographed them all, but these are some of the highlights of my first two “fixes”.

new blue dress stitch fix

This came from my first fix and this dress is just awesome–it looks dark thanks to the picture but it’s made of a navy jersey so I wear it to work, and have already broke it out for a graduation. I think I may have gotten more compliments on it than anything I have ever worn, and its opened the door to millions of “I got it from Stitchfix, Oh what is Stitchfix…Well they send you clothes…” conversations!

stitch fix tulip top

It’s this a cute top? It’s navy with a cream tulip pattern. I loved the style of it and especially the colors, but I didn’t keep it. Hard as it was to return it, I decided it wouldn’t wear it enough for the price. Looking at the picture, I am sad that it is no longer in my life! See that cute red necklace? That is also a StitchFix, as they send jewelry along too. I LOVED it, loved the style, quality– everything but did send it back since I just don’t wear a lot of red with my fair coloring. Boo.


This blue and white chevron summer top was a keeper! It’s SO me it’s not even funny. It’s perfect for summer, its light and gathered so it hides flaws, its a pretty bright turquoise that goes with anything. I loved this and knew I would keep it as soon as I saw it. Isn’t it cute?

black white chevron dress

How darling is this dress? It’s so trendy and it has the best little gold zipper going up the back to make it even more of a winner…

stitch fix dress

I loved it. In the end I returned it only as I felt like I was a bit on the “older” side for it. Again, it was really tempting to keep it, this dress in particular was a fabulous price (in the $60 range).

stitch fix blue shirt necklace

I also wanted to show you this top above and the necklace that came that month. I didn’t keep either of these, the blue in the top was a gorgeous color but the sleeves fluttered a bit too much for my liking. It was a pretty cool top with the black trim and would be a great shirt for spring. The necklace would have gone anywhere, I guess I lean more toward gold these days so I decided not to keep it.

StitchFix sends along with your clothes a “Style Card” –like below– to show you different ways to dress up or down your clothes. It’s a cute way to get new ideas on ways to wear what they have sent. 

stitch fix style card copy

Like I already mentioned the clothes can surprise you. One item in particular, a long-sleeve casual tunic type top, didn’t appeal to me at all when it came out of the box. Then I tried it on and honestly, I don’t think I took it off for 3 straight days. I think that is the advantage of the “professional” stylist picking things. In the same way a “professionally” decorated room looks pulled together and visually appealing, the StitchFix clothes just seem to work.

A note about the pricing, since that really matters. As I mentioned, these clothes are more costly then what you could buy at Target, but it’s great to have a few “investment” pieces in your wardrobe. I tend to get one maybe two seasons most out of less expensive clothes, these I imagine will be around for much longer. And, StitchFix gives you a generous credit for sending your friends to them so be sure to take advantage of their referral program!

That’s my experience! I know some of you have already tried it and like it as well. Some of you mentioned you were disappointed that they don’t have a wider variety of sizes yet (that I know of?) but I heard they are working on that, let’s hope!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. oh how fun, like Christmas every month!!!
    BUT I am so sad you returned the tulip shirt, it looks stunning in you!

    • Thank you so much Heidi–I know, I was seriously second guessing returning that shirt when I was writing the post…hopefully they will send something like it again soon! Have a great day 🙂

    • Happy anniversary Amy. I remember because we share the day. I liked the tulip shirt too! Tina

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