The Kitchens of 11 Magnolia Lane

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Our favorite kitchens | 11 Magnolia Lane
That almost sounds like a book title, but there’s no literary symbolism here–I’m just going to show you the kitchens Amy and I have designed and lived in at our various (many!) houses.  Seeing this builder image of her soon-to-be new house’s kitchen got me thinking that we really have cooked in a bunch of lovely kitchens!

Her space has colors similar to the kitchen at our last house, although both of us freely admit that we are huge fans of white kitchens and would never choose another cabinet color.  It’s been that way for about twenty years, so I think our tastes are pretty settled.  Obviously, to each his or her own, but this is our jam.

Here’s my last kitchen:

French country kitchen with off-white cabinets and copper accents | 11 Magnolia Lane

The cabinets were ivory and hand glazed (all done by the homeowners; this was a rental for us).

French country kitchen with off-white cabinets and copper accents | 11 Magnolia Lane

I miss all the cabinet space now that we’re in the MCC House (see my current petite kitchen {here} –with dark cabinets!), and the gas range, but my cleaning time is virtually nothing!

French country kitchen with off-white cabinets and copper accents | 11 Magnolia Lane

See more of this kitchen {here}, and the separate pantry {here}.

I know Amy already misses her old kitchen; she painted ALL of those cabinets white and they turned out beautifully.  They also added a marble backsplash {see the project here} and built-in shelving under the counter {see the project here}.

We even DIY’ed some open shelving for one bare wall in her kitchen {see that project here}.

Amy’s written so many helpful posts on how they planned the makeover, plus tips for painting the cabinets and how they’ve stood up over time.

Check them out (plus many more beautiful photos) here:

| breakfast room | the other side of the kitchen | cabinet painting tips | selecting a cabinet color  |  cabinet painting – 2 years later |

Our kitchen in Savannah was in military quarters and I wasn’t allowed to do anything with it.  It was pretty dismal, so there aren’t many photos of it on the blog, but you can see the home tour {here} if you’re interested.

Before that, we lived in Nashville, and I did a pretty big makeover on that kitchen; painting the walls, backsplash and cabinets; changing the lighting and appliances, and building solid shelving in the pantry.


No-Sew DIY canvas painter's drop cloth window valance | 11 Magnolia Lane

That kitchen wound up in a magazine, and we got to experience our very first photoshoot:

|kitchen redo: part 1 | kitchen redo: part 2 | painted tile backsplash | drop cloth valance tutorial | solid shelving in the pantry | things i would do if i could do it all over again  | magazine feature  | full home tour  |

Before Amy’s family moved home to Northern Virginia, they lived in Virginia Beach for a few years (really close to where we lived when we were there, but sadly a few years later!).  That gorgeous lake home (full tour here) had a bright white kitchen (white cabinets and walls) and marble countertops.  Read more about this space {here}.



| tips on marble counters | spring kitchen | butler’s pantry | open shelving |

And last, but not least, the historic home we lived in when we began this blog was probably my favorite kitchen ever:

white kitchen historic home

Wow, these pictures are old, and we’ve learned a lot about photography since!


| full home tour | pantry redo  |  chalkboard wall calendar  |

So, those are our favorite kitchens…there have a been quite a few between us during our seven years of blogging.

Creative kitchen ideas--storage and organization | 11 Magnolia Lane

Want more inspiration?  Check out our favorite kitchen organization ideas {here}, or our best pantry {here} and laundry room {here} ideas.

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  1. One of the top realtors in our area recently said white kitchens are back. We never strayed from that. Timeless, classic. Those with dark grainte, ubba tuba, and tumbled marble backsplashes are regretting their decisions already. Ouch…$$$ Buyers want light, bright and clean lines.

    • Yes, same with us (obviously!). I always try to please my own design taste rather than decorate with an eye towards resale, but our homes have always sold lightning-fast with white kitchens. I’m glad to have more validation–thank you!

  2. Can you give me your source for the parson chair covers in that kitchen? Thank you!

    • Teri–
      No problem! Amy bought them from Ballard Designs. It’s been a few years, but I believe they still carry them.
      Hope that helps–

  3. Ready Assembled Dressing Table says

    Wow… I just love all of them. These pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. Great work. You can never go wrong with white cabinets and shelves. I especially love some of those counters. Were any of them quartz countertops?

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