Summer Salads–Cooking Once & Eating Twice

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Two salads for easy summer meals, cook once and eat twice.


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Today I thought I’d share my favorite healthy eating trick for summer since it is also one that saves us so much time. We eat a ton of salads when the weather is warm, thankfully my husband likes them and even my kids, while they balk at only a “salad” for dinner, will eat the meat separately along with the salad on the side, so it all works.

We like to spend our summer afternoons at the pool whenever we can, so when we get home I am always trying to find something easy for dinner. Our snack bar and the local pizza delivery does gangbuster business at the pool, that’s all part of summer fun, so I feed the kids there one or two times a week. It’s always easier when the kids are already fed, so when I get home my husband grills some meat {or we use leftovers from the night before} and we can have a glass of wine and eat a relaxing dinner.

As much as we can, I try to buy and cook double when we grill. That way, especially in the summer, I have enough meat left for a second dinner. I throw together a salad, add the meat and we are done! I already shared our top summer recipes HERE, but I have two more quick and easy ones for you that have become our go-to dinners for this year. These are really no-cook recipes (outside of grilling) just chop some veggies and you are all set, because who wants to be in the kitchen in the summer?

Also, because my diet is pretty rigorous due to my health, I eat all the buzz-words–gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, “clean” –so I have had to develop some recipes I love so I don’t feel like I am missing out.

The first one I have for you is based on a recipe in my Dashing Dish cookbook–I highly recommend this cookbook! –I have simplified it slightly but we’re eating this about once a week, this is our go-to dinner when we have leftover grilled chicken. If you haven’t tried quinoa, it is so good in this recipe and high in protein, but you can use couscous, rice or orzo too.



Greek Chicken with Quinoa {modified from Dashing Dish}


Grilled Chicken {leftover is fine!}

{If you are starting with raw chicken and you have time, it’s extra delicious if you marinate it first. I blend fresh garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper and lemon juice with fresh mint and oregano in a food processor and pour it over the chicken and let sit for a few hours. If you can’t do that, italian salad dressing works great in a pinch!}.

Fresh Oregano {fresh parsley and mint are also delicious if you have them}


Cherry Tomatoes


Feta Cheese

Salt & Pepper

Olive Oil

Quinoa {cooked per directions, make ahead so it comes to room temperature}.

Mix the cooked quinoa with the chopped cucumber and cherry tomatoes, squeeze fresh lemon juice and EVOO, Salt & Pepper over it and stir well. Top with feta cheese and fresh herbs. Add sliced grilled chicken to top. This can be made ahead and chilled, and is a delicious leftover lunch.


Steak, Corn and Tomato Salad

We occasionally cook a steak on Saturday nights, I don’t eat a ton of red meat {as it causes inflammation} though the men in my house insist on it despite my limitations. I always try to buy a larger steak so we have leftovers and can make this delicious salad the next night. Since we almost always have corn with our steak in the summer so again, a few leftover ears of corn make this a practically effortless meal for the next night.




Leftover Steak

Romaine Lettuce {chopped}

Red Onion {chopped}

Tomatoes {chopped or cherry tomatoes sliced}

Corn {leftover or frozen thawed, blanched and cooled}

Feta or Blue Cheese {crumbled}

I love blue cheese, but it’s not always gluten-free so I lean toward feta, but either is delicious on this salad. This is so simple to throw together. We top it with italian dressing and it’s a perfect, easy summer meal.

Cook once, eat twice! Half as much work 🙂


For a much fancier and delicious steak salad don’t miss this recipe HERE–Christy made it the last time I was in town and I promise you it’s one of those delicious meals you will never forget, yum!


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  1. I love salads and it’s just too hot to eat heavier meals during the summer. Thanks so much for sharing these ~ I love Quinoa as well as blue cheese and feta. I have some fresh tomatoes from a friend’s garden right now ~ delish!


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