Summer Home Tour at Christy’s MCC House

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Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane

It’s that time again–today I’m sharing my summer home tour! Thank you to Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for organizing this tour (five days, thirty bloggers, and TONS of decorating inspiration).  It’s a lot of work to keep this group on track, but she’s a pro at it!

Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane

If you’re visiting from My Sweet Savannah, welcome! Melaine is one of the bloggers that I’ve been following forever–OK, since before we started blogging, eight years ago–and her home is the perfect blend of rustic/farmhouse/industrial/FUN style.


Speaking of which, I’m still not sure how to define my style.  It’s a mixture of traditional, eclectic, and preppy, with a whole bunch of thrifted and vintage thrown in there. Also,  you can see from the pic below that animals are often used as accessories in my decor, along with their natural companion, pet hair.

Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane

| Blue velvet chair |

I blog with my dear friend, and former college roommate, Amy, and we take turns writing and sharing what’s going on in our lives and around our homes.  You can see all of our previous home tours (there are a lot!) HERE.

The kids and I have been in our current house for just over a year now while my better half is stationed at Ft. Riley, KS (for a little more about our story, visit this post).

Weekend in Savannah | 11 Magnolia Lane

| Weekend in Savannah (we lived here for two fabulous years |

There are plenty of challenges to temporarily living apart, and downsizing from 4000 sf to 1400 sf was one of them, but we love our rental, the quaint little Mint Chocolate Chip (MCC) House. It’s got all the fun quirks typical of hundred-year-old houses, plus we’re within blocks of downtown and all the best restaurants, shops, and entertainment that our little North Carolina town has to offer.

MCC House

Spring Home Tour | Holiday Home Tour Part 1 | Holiday Home Tour Part 1 | Summer Home Tour 2017

Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane

Our front door opens directly into our living room (rescue kitty Brontë is a professional photobomber; it looks like we have a dozen cats but it’s really her in every picture).

Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane

| Squirrel Watching |

We’ve moved a dozen times during my husband’s 25+ years in the military, so nothing in our home is very expensive or fancy.  It’s an unwritten rule of moving that all of the nicest things get broken first, so I’ve learned to love the distressed look!

Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane

If you’re renting, too, then you might enjoy this post I wrote several years ago for about how to decorate a rental to make it feel like home. I won’t say I’m perfect at it, but I have definitely had lots of practice!

| Vintage lamp | Bergere chair |

Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane

| DIY Embellished Lamp Shade |

You’ve probably noticed that there’s blue and white everywhere; I find that it’s easiest to stick with a color scheme that works throughout the house.  The furniture and decorations work differently in every single house we live in, and it’s just flows better when everything mixes and matches.



Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane



The living room and dining room are flow together, and then our little kitchen is at the back of the house.  I love that it’s a really open floor plan compared to other old houses, but I will say that if we leave things out and about, the house looks cluttered FAST, so I try to stay on top of it.

Spring decor in the blue and white living room at the MCC House | 11 Magnolia Lane

Not one to let the cat upstage him, rescue pup Harley has decided to situate himself front and center of this photo.

Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane

We have a front yard full of magnolias and hydrangeas, and while I frequently find myself thinking bad words about the magnolia leaves that never. stop. falling., I always love hydrangeas.  Ours are blooming like crazy this summer, which is one of the reasons that you’re seeing them in every room.

Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane

I painted the dining room when we moved in; it was an apple green originally.  I painted it Oatlands Subtle Taupe by Valspar to match the living room, and that really made a big difference in how open the two rooms seem.

Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane


Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane

| Plates | Napkins | Placemats |



We are getting ready to head to Kansas to spend six weeks with my husband (yay!) and quite frankly, there are entire rooms of our house that are a mess right now, so I didn’t take a bunch of new photos of the kitchen.  You can see more of it in this post, though, and you can also see a few photos of his little bachelor pad here.  It’s kind of like the Island of Misfit Toys, but with furniture, but we still managed to make it pretty cozy.

My kids’ bedrooms are downstairs and they share a bathroom, which is also our powder room for guests.

Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane

I know you’re surprised to see more blue and white. 😉

Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane


Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane


Summer home tour in a 1400 sf craftsman cottage | 11 Magnolia Lane


My daughter’s room is always one of my favorites; I love the colors she chose.

| Vintage VOGUE Gallery Wall |

| Cat Nap Artwork |

She recently moved her vintage French settee to the window between the bookshelves because “Brontë prefers it.” Clearly.

| See more of Annabelle’s room here | See her bedroom in our previous house here |


My son’s bedroom is currently condemned–he’s off to college in the fall and there are piles everywhere–but you can see how it would look if it was neat in this post. Yes, I realize it’s a Christmas photo, but that’s the last time his room was clean!!

Christy's 2017 Christmas Holiday Home Tour | 11 Magnolia Lane

And now it’s time to head over to Life Love Larson to see Andrea’s summer home tour–I promise you won’t want to miss it and I can virtually guarantee she’s not going to show you photos with Christmas decor in them!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and if you saw something you liked, then we’d love to have you sign up for our email newsletter.  Please visit all the other wonderful stops on this week’s home tours; they’re listed here:

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Summer home tour in a hundred year old 1400 sf craftsman cottage.  Lot of great decorating ideas for small spaces (it's a rental!) using inexpensive vintage, thrifted and repurposed pieces.


  1. http://Marty%20Oravetz says

    I love it all. You still amaze me at how you can take any home and turn it into such a beautiful and chic space effortlessly. You definitely have this moving and decorating thing down perfectly. Thanks so much for joining the tours, your home is always full of tons of inspiration.

    • Thanks for hosting, Marty! It’s such a huge amount of work, but everyone loves the tours! I’m not sure if I have it down pat yet, but I certainly get to practice a lot!

  2. So beautiful! Love all the blues and beautiful pottery. Brontë made my day. Everyone needs cats as accessories 😉 Love her on the fireplace mantel LOL

    • Totally agree with you on cats as accessories and I always look forward to seeing your feline family on your blog. Happy summer, Julia!

  3. HI, Christy, your cottage home looks so cozy, you are making it your own space. You know I love all the blue and white and looks like we both have great hydrangea years to use all those blooms inside. Enjoy your summer and see you at Haven, I hope!

  4. Blue gingham and lemons!!! My heart be still. I LOVE it! That Harley is so cute.

    • Harley fits in best with my decor during autumn, but he’s not letting that stop him! 😉
      Have a wonderful summer, Laura!

  5. You make living in a rental look good! I wouldn’t have guessed! Your home is beautiful, I love all your pieces and all the character!

    • Thanks so much, Alicia! There’s so much more I would do if it wasn’t a rental, but I’m thrilled that you can’t tell. That’s an awesome compliment!
      Have a great summer!

  6. I Just love your summery blues and whites with touches of yellow! So much fun participating in this week’s blog hop…Blessings, Kristy- Starfish Cottage

  7. You have done wonders with your rental. I just love your classic style. I’m sure your son appreciates your sacrifice to allow him to finish school there. My husband always talks about his family moving and having to finish his senior year at a HUGE school in Wilmington and how he hated having to do it. Blessings!

    • Thanks for sharing that with me, Christy. As with any big decision like this, you always second guess yourself a bit. I know he was happy to get to stay put, but it’s definitely been a challenge!

  8. Oh my goodness I am in love with your charming home! You have so many pretty things I would just love to come over and take in all the details! I would love for you To link up this post at Thursday Favorite Things Tomorrow, the party goes live on my blog at 9:00 A.M. EST.

    Have a beautiful summer!

  9. I love your home tour CHristy!! As a military wife I so understand the living apart thing!! Love how you decorated your home with blues and whites – it’s so inviting and gorgeous! I’m So glad you will be with your hubby soon!! xo Heather

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