How To Clean & Sanitize Your Home During Flu Season Without Chemicals

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So, let’s talk about flu season and a bit about karma. Sometimes in life a product comes along that does just what you need it to do and makes your life simpler, easier and better. OK, it doesn’t happen THAT often–but when it does you tell all your friends, and if you’re a blogger like me you write a post with BOLD words and exclamation points!!!!

Seriously. Here is the short version of my story.

A few years ago I started struggling with my health. I had a multitude of strange symptoms {read about it HERE if you want the whole, long story} and I’d notice that after I’d give my bathroom or kitchen a good cleaning, I’d literally become so weak I could do nothing but lie down and wonder what was wrong. Essentially, I now know that my system, which was incapacitated by Lyme Disease, just couldn’t handle the additional toxin load from breathing in the fumes from traditional bathroom and kitchen {mold and germ deterrent} cleaners.  Now, for those of you who are healthy and have functioning immune systems you may not notice any ill effects when you clean–but after my experience, I have my doubts that using them really is the safest and healthiest idea, especially with children around.

Now, to further complicate things, due to my condition I also have an immune system that is currently functioning at the very high rate of well, ZERO. So that means I am extra-high-risk for the flu and other viruses during this winter. So, this has always presented a bit of an dilemma for me…how can I safely clean but still remove all the germs and bacteria that my three children, dog and husband {and various guests} bring into our home?

I hope you haven’t stopped reading because I have bored you with all my dramas, because this is the good part! I have found the wonderful HomeRight Steam Machine Plus and it is the perfect solution. It cleans and sanitizes with no harsh chemicals–just heated steam to 205 degrees which kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It really is just what I need.

As you can see, I have quite a bit of tile and surfaces in my kitchen that need to be cleaned on a regular basis.


Not to mention, it used to take forever to clean my kitchen and sunroom with a traditional mop, much as it needed to be done constantly with everyone coming in and out.



With the SteamMachine Plus, the steam heats up in less than 30 seconds and it’s so lightweight–much lighter than other steam cleaners I have tried. This also matters greatly, it saves my limited energy for more fun things than cleaning!


The SteamMachine Plus comes with a hand-held unit that pops off and has a variety of attachments for just about any cleaning job you need to tackle. So once you are finished with your floors, the hand-held unit can quickly do just about everything else in your kitchen or really your whole home.

sprayer accessories

Once the floors were clean, I moved on to our counters and doors and quickly had them disinfected. And, next that gross build-up of grime that accumulates around the door knobs was gone in a second.

door before after2

Then I cleaned my sink and made it sparkle {have you ever read how much bacteria accumulates in your sink? Trust me, you don’t want to know.}


After that, it was so quick and easy to use we did our baseboards in our kitchen because at this point my kids thought it was fun to use and wanted to help clean {yes, that really happened}. This room is about to be painted so it was nice to know that we wouldn’t be putting paint over grime and instead starting fresh.


Then I cleaned my oven and stove and made it sparkle.


And even used the grout brush on my tile.

grout lines

The uses for this machine are limitless…you can clean your bathroom shower with the squeegee attachment, steam stains out of carpets and wrinkles out of your clothes. When I think about the cost-savings of carpet cleaning, buying traditional cleaners, drycleaning clothes and not to mention my time, energy and overall health this machine just becomes a household essential.

If you want to see more about the multitudes of use for this machine, here are some posts from other HomeRight Ambassadors.

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Cleaning tile & grout

But the best part is not only is it easy to use, but its safer for your whole family, something I find to be a huge WIN.

As promised, because I think you need one too, you can enter to win a HomeRight SteamMachine Plus!  Simply follow the directions on the widget below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you need one of these right away {and I obviously I think you do!} you can purchase one below:

HomeRight is also giving away a free chenille mop pad if you purchase a SteamMachine plus (now through March 31, 2015).  The details and rebate form are {here}.



{Disclaimer: We are privileged to work with HomeRight as a brand ambassador. All opinions in this post are 100% truly and completely my own. Amazon link is an affliate link but your price remains the same.}

Operation: Organization continues tomorrow!

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  1. I would clean this house (as we are getting ready to move) and prepare the new house….spring cleaning x2!

  2. I need this! I don’t have a sidewalk, so I am constantly mopping up mud from the kids and pets.

  3. I think I need one of these!

  4. I would clean my whole bathroom, tiles, shower, sink, floors and grout!

  5. Karey Martin says

    I would definitely use this for my kitchen, bathrooms, and baseboards. Cleaning would be fun with this! Lol 🙂

  6. I would have a cleaning party! So many wonderful uses!

  7. I love the attachment that cleans the baseboards!

  8. Wow! Looks amazing. With lots of tile and a shower I am lousy at cleaning, this looks like the answer!

  9. What would I NOT clean with this?? With two little kids, a large dog, and constant muddy yard, this would be a DREAM to have in our home!

  10. Ooo! That looks very versatile! I would start with my basement bathroom. It keeps getting so moldy quickly. It’s concerning!!

  11. Donna Wisodm says

    Sounds like an awesome machine. woo-hoo!

  12. Alan Saxon says

    I would clean the Kitchen & Bathroom floors.

  13. My floors and love that you can do grout with it.

  14. So many places to clean, but I’d tackle the kitchen first.

  15. What a great giveaway. I would use it on my bathroom floor first!

    Thanks 🙂

  16. Great giveaway! My tile near the back door is a mess with my kids and dog coming and going all day!

  17. Ashleigh Hall says

    I would love to sanitize our tile floors and clean our oven!

  18. kitchen!!!

  19. Kristen L. says

    This would be such a dream in our home! Like you, we have so much tile throughout our kitchen and laundry areas. I never feel like it gets quite clean enough!

  20. This steam mop looks awesome, I love all the attachment options! My house would sparkle.

  21. Our grout was never sealed (which we didn’t know when we moved in) so I would love to use the grout brush to clean it and then seal it!

  22. This would’ve great for someone with allergies of all kinds!

  23. This would be great for cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. THIS…………is amazing! Would love to have one of these heading into Spring cleaning and beyond!!

  25. Great product, great giveaway and I am impressed that it cleans the oven too!!!

  26. Crystal York says

    I would mop my floors, I mop every week, sometimes twice a week, & I use pinesol…lately I’ve noticed it’s been irritating my nose & have been thinking about how much damage to my lungs it could be doing, so a good steam mop would really help.

  27. I would clean all of the hardwoods in our new house!!! I am nervous about how to deal with hardwoods, because we have always had carpet!

  28. I would make a bee line to my kitchen – it’s is the one location that everybody will visit several times a day and with a husband who has outdoor hobbies, children who play sports, and 3 inside pets you can imagine!

  29. I would use this to clean the entire house because we are moving.

  30. This makes my cleaning crazy heart sing with joy!

  31. I would clean my whole house!

  32. I would teach my kids to use it and have them clean the whole house lol.

  33. Bathrooms for sure! 3 boys = stuff every where!

  34. wendy nicholls says

    The first place I would use this is on the grout in the bathrooms, then I would move on to the floor, baseboards.oven, etc etc etc 🙂

  35. Jeannie Garcia-Buechele says

    I think this HomeRight steam machine would really help me with cleaning my house windows that are really dirty.

  36. Travertine floors!!! My current shark steam mop is terrible and needs to be replaced with something that actually does the job right!!!

  37. WOW! This is so versatile and there are so many great uses! Love the sink idea … wouldn’t have thought of that! xx, b

  38. My oven would definitely be first on my list of things to clean.

  39. The HomeRight steam machine looks like it would really clean tile floors and that is exactly what I am looking for.

  40. Sharlene Piscitelli says

    I’ve got quite a bit of tile that could use a really good cleaning.

  41. Wow! I sure need this! 4 cats and kids in and out. I have so many surfaces to use this on Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. I would clean everything with this! I’m constantly cleaning up after the 5 kids in this house!

  43. What wouldn’t I clean with this! Id Start with the baseboards in my kitchen, then the floors and the inside of my cabinets.

  44. Linda Kish says

    I would start with my baseboards!

  45. Angela Cash says

    I would use the HomeRight Steam Machine to clean my tile floors and other hard surfaces in my home. It was also be great for safely cleaning my dog’s crate without the use of toxic chemicals.

  46. risia bradshaw says

    I would sooo clean my entire 13 year old builder grade bathroom!!!!

  47. Megan Nelson says

    What you would clean with the HomeRight Sprayer? More like what wouldn’t I clean.
    I know I’d start with the hotmess that we call a bathroom around these parts because, it is in despoerate need of some help. The kitchen floor always looks like it needs cleaning (because its like a filth magnet) so goodness knows this beauty would make cleaning it constantly go so much quicker (I normally get on my hands and knees to scrub it down. Ick.)

    Plus you know, cleaning up after a terror of a dog, getting those mysteryoius grim marks off my walls, ect. As well as getting my curtains to actually look nice and wrinkle free.

  48. I would clean everything and anything I could with this. Starting with my kitchen floor and bathroom floors.

  49. The question is what wouldn’t I clean? I think the bathroom would be a great place to start.

  50. Virginia Rowell says

    This is an awesome machine. I would clean everything, starting with my floor and bathroom shower!

  51. I would clean everything in the kitchen!

  52. Oh, I would clean my kitchen from top to bottom! We are getting ready to paint and redo the floor (most definitely needed). The HomeRight Steam Machine Plus would be the most fantastic appliance to have for cleaning all those spots that are so difficult to get to and clean. This is the kitchen I’m talking about, with all the grease and gunk that happens in a busy kitchen. Winning this would be like Santa reappearing and bringing the one gift I wanted that he forgot to leave. 🙂

  53. I have two young dogs, so definitely all things pet related-hair & accidents.

  54. Nona Cheryl says

    I do so want one of these machines!

  55. We have lots of grandkids that come to play this would be great to have to clean the house after they left.

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  57. Jaylyn Barlow says

    Great blog! There are greener disinfecting cleaners that you can try as well although the efficacy may be slightly less and you will have to put in a little more scrubbing power. Try spritzing 3% hydrogen peroxide onto hard surfaces {I just add a spray top to the bottle} and spray onto hard surfaces. After allowing it to sit for a couple of minutes, wipe with water and a microfiber cloth. You can also try mixing a 50/50 mixture with water.

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