Where to Put the Big Gold Mirror?

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So, a few weeks ago it was my birthday, and I was spoiled rotten by a number of wonderful friends, in addition to my awesome family.   My friend Nicole knew that I had been eyeing this vintage gold mirror in one of our many Savannah antique/flea market (junk?) stores, and she surprised me with it:

Vintage Gold Mirror | 11 Magnolia Lane
Yep, I was so excited that I snapped a picture of it as soon as she pulled it out of her car!  If you follow us on Instagram, then you’ve probably already seen this beauty, because I had to share!

Now, of course, the big question is, where am I going to hang it?

Should I put it over the piano?

Vintage Gold Mirror | 11 Magnolia Lane
The rest of the room is {here} if you want to see what else it would be hanging out with.  And because someone always asks, the tutorial on the table and chairs is {here}.

Or, I could put it on the opposite wall, in what I call my foyer or entry way, although it’s really just the side of my dining room. 🙂

Vintage Gold Mirror | 11 Magnolia Lane
Yes, in the photo above, I would need to remove the kids’ silhouettes; I just propped the mirror there to take a couple of quick pictures.  Like my new dress?  Target.  Of course.

The rest of this area looks like this normally, and I wrote a post about creating an organized and inviting entryway {here}.

Vintage Gold Mirror | 11 Magnolia Lane

The last option is over the fireplace, but I think I’m inclined to leave the stained glass window there because there are so few places that piece will work in this house, and I hate to move it unless I absolutely have to (if you’re a regular, then you know it’s from the church where my parents got married).

Vintage Gold Mirror | 11 Magnolia Lane

The rest of the living room is {here} if you need some perspective.

I think I’m leaning towards hanging it in the foyer, but what do you think?  I know we’ve got some really talented decorators who read our blog, and I’d love to get your $0.02!  Piano, foyer, or fireplace?

Thanks for your input, and you know that I’ll be back soon to show you where I hung it!


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  1. Oh I love that mirror. I would put it ove the fireplace but hang it horizontal not vertical. Gorgeous piece and Happy Birthday!!!

  2. While I think it would look with the gold you’ve added to the living room, I’m sentimental and think the stain glass should stay put. I’d put the mirror in the foyer, it has more bulk than the one that is there and would look more balanced with the chairs/chest. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do.

  3. I love it over the Ikea dresser – looks lovely there!

  4. Crystal York says

    I like the way it looks in the foyer, or above the piano, but horizontal…I’m sure whatever you decide will look awesome!

  5. It looks great over the dresser. Could you hang it sideways over the piano? That may be my favorite! Good luck. Great find!

  6. I would put it in the foyer area for sure! And if you are still not sure I have a couple of spots around my house where it would look just perfect! =-)

  7. I like it over the fireplace. I’d move the stained glass over the piano. My second choice would be over the ikea dresser. It’s a beautiful mirror! Deserves the best spot in the house.

  8. That mirror is gorgeous with so much charm & detail!! I personally LOVE it where the kids silhouettes are ,it looks fab !! Can’t wait to see where it ends up, I’ll be stalking everyday he he



  9. I think I vote for the foyer…and I love the stained glass over the fireplace…such a beautiful and sentimental piece!..
    What a great gift from your friend…it is beautiful !

  10. Stephanie Peterson says

    I like it in the foyer too – the bigness of the mirror makes that whole tableau look bigger (which is always better here in TX)!

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