What’s On Our Reading List (& Other Amazon Fall Favorites)

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What We're Reading at 11 Magnolia Lane (books, audiobooks, fiction and non-fiction)

Another monthly post we’re trying to add in regularly is sharing the books we are currently reading. I love to find posts on this topic on other blogs–I am always looking for something new to read! I used to read more than I do now, and these days most of what I pick is within a fun, lighthearted genre. At the end of the day, I just want something mindless and happy.

I order most of my books on Kindle, that way I can read them on my phone or I keep an inexpensive Kindle Fire by my bed to read on so I don’t ruin my eyes reading on my phone (it may be too late!). I still love a real book, but it is so convenient to download a book as soon as you are ready for a new one that these days I gravitate toward a kindle version. My son and I also share a Kindle Unlimited subscription, they don’t have all the latest books but I can always find something new to read when searching their inventory.

Here is what I have read that is worth sharing recently.


The first one was my favorite, it was by Elin Hilderbrand and called Summer of 1969 and I loved it! I highly recommend it, I have read several of her books and while they are all good this was one that I really hated to see end. I find that era of history fascinating, and I loved how she incorporated true events into the storyline. I felt it has a bit more substance to it than her other books that I have read, which was a bonus. I have read some of her other books–Here’s To Us and A Summer Affair which are both interesting beach reads but that’s as much weight as I give them. If nothing else the settings in Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard in Hildebrand’s books are almost characters in her books so that part is always interesting to me.


The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams. She is one of my favorite authors and this one of her newest novels did not disappoint. Again, it’s set in the 1950’s and 60’s and has a bit of intrigue and a captivating storyline. I have enjoyed every book she’s written.



I mentioned this series earlier this summer but I think it is worth a repeat, there is nothing like reading a great series of books that build on each other and Slightly South of Simple, The Secret to Southern Charm and The Southern Side of Paradise were fun reads. I really enjoyed the characters in this story about a mother and her three daughters. If you missed enjoying them by the pool it isn’t too late, cozy up with this series this fall.


This book is exquisite, if you like flowers and have your favorites (like peonies, lilies, roses, hydrangea) Martha breaks down each flower by care, needs and uses but the photography is so beautiful you forget it is essentially a resource guide to growing flowers.  This book makes a perfect gift for any gardener in your life, I know I will enjoy having it around to page through during the dark days of winter.


This is a magazine, and a bit of a $$$ one at that, but I thumbed through this Entertain & Celebrate Fall Magazine at the store yesterday and I have to say it was full of gorgeous decorating ideas and great recipes. This is the kind of magazine you keep for years and break out each fall for inspiration, just like you would with a book, so in that way it is worth the money. It would be gorgeous on a coffee table too!

If you aren’t a book reader here are a few other fun finds worth passing along.


It’s fall and that means one thing–SCARF WEATHER! I ordered this inexpensive scarf from Amazon this week and it is so soft, they have other patterns too. I paid more than they have it listed for, but I double-checked and it’s the same one. It is worth sharing 🙂

This OO ring belt is literally everywhere, so I had to grab one for myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find out for the price you get both colors. These aren’t the best quality but serve their purpose in looking cute and sometimes that’s enough.


I tried this Puracy Natural Body Wash at the recommendation of another blogger and have to say it’s a good buy. It’s made of natural ingredients, and it has a nice generic smell (like if my husband used it it would be fine) and is reasonably affordable for such a large amount. The bottle stays cleaner than soap and it seems to be lasting forever so I thought I’d pass this find along for you too.

That’s all I have for today! I hope you all have a great weekend!



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  1. I just finished “Queen Bee” by Dorothy Benton Frank. Perfect summer read.
    I’d like to remind you that your public library usually has free copies of Bookpage magazine which has reviews about new and upcoming titles. Lol sorry, it’s the librarian in me, what can I say.

  2. Thank you for your book recommendations. I love to read and am always looking for a new good book. Also. I use the Puracy natural stain remover and just love it, so will have to give the body wash a try. I see they have shampoo and conditioner, as well.

  3. I love book posts too!!! Have you read Daisy Jones and The Six?!?! Right up your alley if you like those era-type books. My two favorite EH books (haven’t read the latest – it’s been on hold at the library all summer) are beautiful day and the matchmaker. Really liked them both. I put a few of your other recs on my library list – thank you!

    • Thanks for your recommendations, yes I started Daisy Jones and think I’ll read it. The format took some getting used to, but I am sure I will like it. Take care, Amy

  4. Thanks for all the great recommendations! I’m about to get my fall book on and this post was perfect!

    you are amazing friend!

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