Welcome Summer–A S’mores and Fire Pit Party

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I mentioned on Sunday that we were hosting our church middle school group this weekend, I am back today to share some of that event with you, though for the children’s privacy I can’t really show much of the actual party, you just get a few shots of my kids 🙂 . We’ve had this in the plans for awhile as for the last two years my husband and I have been teaching the 4th and 5th grade Sunday School class so it is very special to see the older kids (including my son and most of his best buddies) move up from elementary into the very fun, and much anticipated, middle school group.




Despite having the event scheduled for weeks, mid-week last week I started thinking about what we could do to make it fun for the kids and of course, keep them entertained! My son has been anxiously awaiting the day when he was finally old enough to join the teen group {his older brother is always telling him all the fun things they do}, since we have a backyard fire pit and it is summer, the obvious answer was for us to set up a s’mores station–because sugar is pretty much always the answer when it comes to middle schoolers!




Since this was so handy to have on-hand last night to light the fire pit, I wanted to tell you a little about how awesome the HomeRight ElectroLight FireStarter is.  We took extra care to be sure that everything was safe and controlled since we had kids AND fire around, I am the daughter of a fire chief, so fire safety is always top of mind and of course we had a water hose at the ready. Last night we used the ElectroLight Fire Starter to get our fire going quickly, it is so fast and safe to use. It uses super high temperature air to ignite then fan the flames so we didn’t have to use lighter fluid so there were no bursts of flames shooting into the air. {Sidetone: perfect Father’s Day gift ya’ll! My husband loves it!}.

We had all hands on deck getting ready for our event. My younger son helped get the wood ready for the fire–then he promptly headed off to play volleyball for the rest of the night with his friends.




We had everything all set up when the kids arrived.  One of our summer projects is to spiff up this side of our yard, since we do most of our outdoor entertaining down here these days. You can see how we built the fire pit HERE, and I have a fencing project in the works, plus landscaping going on right now. Unfortunately the space wasn’t all prettied up by last night, but it’s not like middle schoolers care, right?




Back to the event–the fire pit lit so fast with the ElectroLight, which was extra helpful since we had several kids literally clamoring for their s’mores! They couldn’t wait, luckily I had the supplies all ready for them 🙂




In no time at all we had this great fire going and ready for roasting marshmallows, the kids immediately set about concocting all sorts of amazing s’mores.




As a mom I’ll also mention how much better I feel serving kids food that isn’t cooked in lighter fluid soaked wood–yuck! Since the kids had their sticks in the fire the second the flames were ready (and it was literally seconds) I was extra glad there were no chemicals lingering.




The favorite creation of the night was two chocolate cookies {I buy the kind with ‘stripes’ on it for those that want a change from graham crackers}, with a peanut butter cup and a roasted marshmallow. That was a huge hit, even some of the adult helpers were raving about it!




It was such a fun night, it is bittersweet in so many ways to have your kids grow up so fast but I am thankful they have such a great group to hang out with. I am always happy to have them all on our turf, doing fun things in a safe environment, these days will be gone before I know it (sniff, sniff).

Be sure to check out more about the ElectroLight FireStarter HERE. It’s a super gift for Father’s Day. If you need a gift and you don’t have a grill, fireplace or fire pit you might want to also check out the AutoRight Auto Care cleaner, you can see that HERE.




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  1. What a fun time for the kids! I’m with you on having them there and entertained safely. I always wanted my kids to feel free to invite their friends over, even though it cost a mint at times for food & beverages. 🙂 The fire pit is awesome and yes, a perfect time for s’mores. Glad a good time was had by all!


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