Weekend Free for All– Organizing and Staying Warm!

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Hi everyone! I wasn’t actually planning on posting today. We got up super early for my son’s first basketball game, but with the snow {we aren’t supposed to get much here in Virginia} the game was cancelled at the last minute. I’m trying not to be frustrated that I could have slept in, but at least I’ll be more productive today! I am not upset to have a day inside to knock out more decluttering and to finish up the project I’ll be sharing next week when we have our annual Operation: Organization series.

I thought I’d share some organization ideas for you if you’ve been bitten by the “de-clutter” bug that seems to overtake {most} of us in January. I have been feeling overwhelmed for quite a while at the amount of “stuff” we seem to have. I tell my husband sometimes I feel like one of my primary jobs is just “managing” the amount of stuff we accumulate with 3 kids and that doesn’t seem right to me. I don’t know that we need this much–I’d really like to simplify this year as much as possible so my goal is to offload {donate} as much “unnecessary” stuff as I can over the next few weeks, so that is what I am tackling today.

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I shared this picture (above) on Instagram last week. I splurged on this pretty Kate Spade notebook  to keep a bullet journal with my goals, plans and aspirations for 2017. You all know I am the queen of making lists–I truly believe that getting all the stuff rattling around my head out and written down frees your brain up for being creative and feeling less stress–I wanted to make sure I wrote down my goals for this year to help keep myself on track. I have some things I am hoping to accomplish–professionally, health wise and personally so this pretty book will help me stay accountable. I’ll do a post soon on “bullet” journaling but it just means you take a nice clean notebook and use the first page as the table of contents. Each time you start a new list, you log the title on the first page–it helps  you easily refer back to the lists you made. I’d been using notebooks to keep lists for years, but adding the table of contents takes the system to a new level 🙂




Yesterday I had to make a run to Target to pick up some under the bed organizers {the only solution I can think of to deal with the ever-growing the Barbie collection in my daughter’s room, ahhh….} and it reminded me of this post where we put together some of our favorite organizing ideas that don’t cost very much. If your budget is still totally tapped from the holidays, this drawer organizer post is pretty much free if you have some boxes and some scrapbook paper on hand!




If you are on a decluttering binge–don’t forget you can print off our donation tracker in this post HERE. Don’t let those tax deductions go to waste–they do add up at tax time!




Moving on to my other favorite topic for January–staying warm 🙂 For Christmas this year I wanted ONE thing more than anything, a new warm coat. My qualifications for the coat were that it had to have fur around the hood {for coziness} and be long enough to cover a longer sweater or tunic without a tail hanging out, I think I looked at every coat possible over the holiday break.

After a few misses that were returned, I now own this one {below} and I LOVE it! It’s the perfect fit and warmth, and the fur is cozy without being too much in my face, you can’t tell in the picture but the zipper is very gold so it’s a little dressy, this one is similar but priced higher. I wear it with a CC beanie and I am not hating winter as much as I normally do!  A less expensive version is here which I also considered, along with this one which was a strong contender, if you don’t like the fur it would be a great choice.




If you don’t happen to live where it’s freezing in the winter, I just saw this coat which is such a steal–you can’t go wrong with a classic camel coat.


I am still looking to add a few more sweaters to my winter wardrobe, the post-holiday sales are tempting me to pick up a few more basics. Here are some of my favorites {click image for more info}.


I heading off to find another cup of coffee and then start organizing my home office today, hope you have a fabulous weekend! We’ll be back Monday to kick off Operation: Organization so be sure to stop by then.



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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.


  1. Love the coat you picked. it’s hard to find one that covers longer sweaters and such without being too bulky.

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