Tween/Girl Spring & Summer Fashion Picks {Or Shopping with your Daughter}

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After years of having fun dressing my daughter and buying her clothes, this year she decided she wanted to do things her way. Just like that, the little girl in smocked dresses, hair bows, and cute skirts was gone and suddenly I found I had a pre-teen on my hands.  While I like her spunky, individual style recently we haven’t been finding as many things for her to wear that we both shall we say, agree on?



I cleaned out her closet a few weeks ago and realized between what she’d outgrown or what she will no longer wear because it’s too “babyish”, we needed to replenish her clothing rather quickly. It was actually her idea to turn our shopping into a post, so I thought I’d share some cute girls clothes that we’ve found and both approved of for those of you that also might be shopping with young girls. We also found a very unexpected solution to the “clothes problem” that worked great, so read on down for that.


Cute, affordable tween and pre-teen summer girls fashion ideas


Here are links to the outfit ideas in the graphic above. These are some of the things we’ve tried or cute items I have found for girls that are on sale right now. That cute gingham romper is $22 and 30% off, and a lemon rash guard? Who can say no to that?!?

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So we’ve made a few trips to the mall, and while she’s a great shopping buddy, I usually find myself unable to stand Forever 21 or Justice for very long. Truthfully, we haven’t found many items that are nice enough quality from those stores I’d want to share them.  When a friend at school told my daughter she was getting Stitch Fix boxes of clothes, my daughter asked if she could try that service out too. My first inclination was that it would be too expensive for a girl who is growing quickly as she is, but after looking online I decided it couldn’t hurt to try. This post is not sponsored, just our experience and since it was good (as it has been for my Stitch Fix clothes), I thought I’d share what we found when trying out the kids’ program.



If you aren’t familiar, with Stitch Fix you pay a $20 styling fee and they send you a box of specially selected clothes (or shoes and accessories) and you keep only what you like. I used to get boxes from them pretty regularly, especially when I worked outside the home full time. What I loved was that it pushed my fashion sense a bit out of my comfort zone and I wound up with some really great pieces.  I listened to a podcast by the founder of Stitch Fix and learned that their business model uses data to determine clothing they send. In very simplistic terms, if you like a shirt, they will send you items that other people who like that shirt tend to like too. It isn’t just a human “stylist” having complete control over your selections.  Anyway, my daughter and I worked together to fill out her profile and I was able to select a price range for the items, I found that it was nicely in line with the stores we shopped in at the mall. I just didn’t have to actually go to those stores in the mall! WIN 🙂



She was SO excited to tear into her box when it arrived, but I made her read through the notes they send about the clothes and how to pair them first. I admit when she first went through the items in the box she seemed a little underwhelmed, but I encouraged her to try each piece on knowing from my own experience how your opinion can change when you see items actually on. She agreed and we took a few snaps of her favorite outfits. Not everything made the cut (for instance, the red sequined lion top above is not her taste but she named some friends who she thought would love it). As the mother, I was really happy with the selections and thought they did a great job picking stylish and age-appropriate clothes.




This embroidered top and the blush jeans definitely are a way to a mother’s heart. At first, she wasn’t sure but once they were on she really liked them both. The quality and fit of the jeans is perfect and the top is very nicely made. A similar pair of jeans is here if you are interested.



These jean shorts came in the box but I wasn’t a fan of the embellishments, and they didn’t fit her well so we both agreed they would go back.



This outfit made both of us happy. Leggings are huge with girls her age (and I get it, I mean how comfortable are leggings?) and she loves the fun pattern. These were just $12, can you believe, and just as nice as some of the higher end brands. The top is cute from both the front and the back (I like how it is long enough to wear with leggings), and though her hair is covering it there is some pretty ribbon detail on the shoulders.



This long tunic was darling but not weather appropriate for us here in Virginia in the spring. It was more sweater material (but so soft) so we didn’t keep it but I told the stylist we would be open to something similar in the fall.



I let her win on this outfit of a nylon jacket and track pants. While it isn’t really my taste I see why she thought it was fun and she’s getting tons of compliments on the jacket by her peers, this is where having a stylist who is younger than your mom pays off! It was pretty reasonable for a spring coat (less than $30) and it makes her feel good so I conceded.

All in all, these items were a great addition to her wardrobe and required no mall dressing room drama on either of our parts. She immediately asked if she could do another box (we’ll probably do one with some more summer items in a few weeks), I have to admit the process is so easy and painless. You just mail back anything you don’t want in a prepaid envelope. Stitch Fix also has clothes for women, men and boys too, and you can specify if you have an event (like you need a dress for a wedding etc. ) which is something I plan to try soon.

We’re full in the May activities like dances, graduations, recitals, concerts etc. so having the shopping taken care of has taken a huge load off my plate!

The Stitch Fix links are referral links if you would like to give the service a try. If you click through the link I get a small credit toward a future purchase, but your price does not change. You will have the same benefit and be able to share a personalized link with your friends and family to earn credit as Stitch Fix’s way of thanking you for sharing their service.

Here are some other fun things we’ve found for girls her age~ Did you see Loft launched a “littles” line? We both loved this romper and were sad it only went up to a size 8. It is 40% off right now too.

Also, in case you are curious about her bedroom decor behind her in the pictures, you can read about her room HERE. 



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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Lynne Beattie says

    Love this post! I have a 14 year old granddaughter so I understand what you are saying. It is hard to find clothing that is not too young,or too “old”. Loved all the outfits you and your daughter chose.

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