Traditional Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration

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Traditional farmhouse style bedroom inspiration | 11 Magnolia Lane

Today I thought I’d share a design board I put together recently for a friend. She’s a busy mom and she and her husband recently adopted a child with significant medical needs, so her personal time is limited.

She needed a little advice on how to tweak their master bedroom; it’s one of those huge ones that combines a sleeping area and sitting area, and while that much space is wonderful, it can be hard to decorate cohesively.  Most of us tend to decorate our bedrooms last, too, preferring to concentrate on common spaces and children’s bedrooms.

Based on what they already had and the fact that she and her husband are fearless DIY’ers, I came up with a plan for them to add trim to their windows, build some built-in bookcases, and paint a few pieces of furniture.  That should keep them busy for quite awhile!

Here’s the bedroom area:

Traditional farmhouse style bedroom inspiration | 11 Magnolia Lane

The paint colors are Benjamin Moore’s Pebble Beach and Hale Navy; Pebble Beach is the wall color and Hale Navy (or a similar navy blue) is for a dresser that they’re going to repaint.


The sitting room area is going to a super cozy area for reading or watching TV:

Traditional farmhouse style bedroom inspiration | 11 Magnolia Lane

My eventual goal is that they’ll have built-in bookshelves (like the ones that Amy did in her library here) on either side of their window.


I think it’s going to be a wonderful retreat for them when it’s all finished.


Traditional farmhouse style bedroom inspiration | 11 Magnolia Lane

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  1. LOVE IT! If you can take and share pictures, all the better! Thank you!

  2. I absolutely love it! Would love to see the finished room if possible.

  3. Hello. Do you have the specific link for the rug included in the mood board? I can’t find it. Thx

    • Because the original post was written about a year and a half ago, it looks like that exact rug is now sold out. {This} is a pretty close match, though. Hope that helps!

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