The Foyer in Our New Home (New Artwork from Minted)

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We’re slowly but surely getting settled in our new home. Summer is a great time to move because of the relaxed schedule, but I have also been trying to make sure we make time to have fun and aren’t just spending the entire season unpacking boxes. That means we’re still not 100% settled (far from it!) but we’ll get there– eventually!



I showed off our Master Bedroom last week, and this week I wanted to show you our foyer/entrance area. I prioritized this part of the home because well, first impressions and all, but also because this is as far in our home as many of our guests get so I wanted it to look nice, especially while the rest of the house was still in chaos.



When we selected our floorplan I focused on what was important to us–the living room/kitchen combination and the large upstairs bedrooms. I loved the arched door openings in the hallway, but it didn’t really register just how loooonnggg this front hall is! It passes by my office and the entire length of our dining room until it reaches the living room/kitchen area in the back of our home. Here is a shot I took during construction which gives you an idea of the length of the hallway leading to the front door.



I picked out decor ahead of our move for the entry area so I could quickly pull it together, and I am glad I did since it’s been one less space to figure out. I do plan to add a gallery wall to the wall across from the dining room next. I had to think a bit about balancing the two areas, two console tables would compete with each other design-wise so I decided to offset a wall of pictures in one part of the hallway with the front area where I used a bench and hung one very dramatic piece of art above it.



The showstopper of the space is this artwork from Minted, it is called Lakeview II and is available HERE.  I  loved this print the minute I saw it and knew that it would be the perfect large piece to fill the wall. Everyone who sees it remarks on how pretty it is, and members of my family know that it looks like it was painted of our family property on a lake in Maine, which makes it that much more special to us.  I had it framed in the large 30×40 size with no bleed, in a matte brass frame.  Minted is always my go-to for art, my other favorite piece is this one in our former library {that room is here}, you’ll see that piece again soon in our dining room.  Minted is our go-to for art, invitations, holiday cards and back to school, even home decor–I love their products!



The rug is from Boutique Rugs and it is available here. This simple bench sort of called out to me, and at less than $150 it was such a steal {it is available here and is 20% right now}. I may eventually move it, but I love all the cool, neutral colors in this area right now. It looks perfect with the tones of the painting.



I had expected to have a light hanging in here by now, I actually have ordered two lights for this hallway. The first one is now hanging in our breakfast room, and the second one I decided I’d like it better in my office (and I do!), it’s been musical lights around here! That means I am still on the hunt for the perfect lights for the hall, but I am working on it.  Lighting has been my biggest challenge so far in this house, but I am getting there, stay tuned for my office reveal–hopefully I’ll have that ready to share next week!

Have a great day everyone!

PS–I show daily snippets and decor finds on Instagram of our new home, so follow us there if you want to see the day to day updates. I also just created a new Pinterest board exclusively about this new “Virginia Craftsman” home (so it will only have new content), you can follow it HERE if you are interested.


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  1. Marty Oravetz says

    So pretty. I love the bench, art and rug, they are gorgeous. Your new home is coming together beautifully

  2. Rebecca Purdie says

    I like it.

  3. Love the colors in the foyer and the art and rug work well together. Can you describe the rug colors? In your photos, it seems very blue green/aqua, but the website shows it being more blue. I’m looking for the greenish/sea glass hue and wonder if your rug is in that color family? Thanks!

  4. This house looks like the houses we owned in Dallas, Texas. The particular builder we went with did arches all the time in his homes. We always loved the architectural details. Do you live in Texas?

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