The Bedrooms of 11 Magnolia Lane

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Our favorite bedrooms | 11 Magnolia Lane

We just got a new mattress (finally!) and that got me thinking about making a few updates in my bedroom.  When my husband moved out to Kansas, I generously let him take our marriage-saving sleep number bed out there with him, because he’s the one with the bad back.  I started using our guest room mattress, which is probably about twenty years past its prime, but every time he came home to visit, he was miserable.

A week into sleeping on our new mattress, I’m pretty darn thrilled (it’s here if you’re interested and you can use MAGNOLIA100 for $100 off! Full review to come after I’ve slept on it a few more weeks).

Amy recently did a mini-makeover on her bedroom, and I’m thinking it’s time for me to do the same.  Even though they just moved a few weeks ago, here’s what her bedroom looked like before they packed up:

| Visit this post for more photos and a full source list |


Headboard |  Rug  |  Bench  |  Chair  | Lamps

My little upstairs hideaway definitely has a more vintage vibe, though Amy’s soothing neutrals always relax me.  I’m considering repainting or replacing my pink sewing table (see that project here) with something white or natural wood, and it’s time for some new bedding, too.

I love my IKEA bedding (the gray toile–it’s available here), but I’ve had it and the throw pillows for almost eight years now, so it’s time to mix it up a bit.

See more photos of my current bedroom {here}.

Back to Amy’s house, this was her guest room (aka my room).  Since it was in their basement, it was always quiet and cozy–I got some of my best sleep in this room!

See more on her guest room {here} and guest bathroom {here}.

Before Amy got her beautiful new headboard, she DIY’ed this monogrammed one:

See her headboard project {here}

The master in our old house was one of my favorites; painted in Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray and with lots of grays and neutrals, it was so soothing.

Amy and I have the same bench; you might have noticed!

See more of this bedroom {here} and {here}.

Master bedroom painted with HomeRight PaintStick EZTwist | 11 Magnolia Lane


Master bedroom painted with HomeRight PaintStick EZTwist | 11 Magnolia Lane

| Inexpensive DIY botanical wall |

Reading area in master bedroom | 11 Magnolia Lane

|Reading nook in master bedroom |

Stepping back a few more years, you can see lots of the same pieces in our bedroom in Savannah:

How to be a good guest: 101 | 11 Magnolia Lane

I told you I’ve had that bedding awhile!

dog gate out of plantation shutters

| Savannah bedroom |

Amy never wrote a post that showed off her entire Virginia Beach bedroom, and I know she never considered it “finished,” but it was still a restful and lovely space.


Our Nashville house had a combined bedroom and office space, which I loved, and yes, that’s where I purchased the bedding.  It’s had a good run, hasn’t it?

| Nashville bedroom |

Last but not least, here’s the bedroom of the original 11 Magnolia Lane house (tour it here).  THAT was a long time ago!

It’s fun to take a look back and see how our tastes have changed (or not!) over the years.  Stand by for my bedroom refresh in the near future, too.

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  1. Always fun to look back at previous decor choices, sometimes laughable. Love AMy’s new bed. I can’t believe the price! WE are considering an upholstered headboard, but the prices on some are outrageous. Hubby is a little concerned about purchasing things sight unseen.

    • I totally understand, and you want it to a company that does free returns, because who wants to pay return shipping for a headboard?! I ordered an upholstered headboard from Annabelle from Amazon and it worked out great (and only $100!).

      Happy hunting!

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