2016 Year in Review

    It is hard to believe 2016 has come and gone...but suddenly it has! Today we're looking back at all our projects and top posts from last year at 11 Magnolia Lane.   JANUARY We kicked off last January with Operation: Organization {which is coming up again January … [Read more...]

11 Magnolia Lane Year in Review {2014}

Before we get fully into the swing of the New Year we thought we'd take one last look back at what we did in 2014. Looking back over our posts last year, I admit it was gratifying to see all that we've accomplished. It helps motivate me heading into 2015  to make plans and set new goals for this … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!!!

Looking back on 2012, what a year it was here at 11 Magnolia Lane! We just wanted to take a moment and share some of our highlights, thank a few friends, and pass on a few things. Early in the year, Terry and Christy and I got together for a much needed Girls'/Blog Pow-Pow weekend. Thanks to … [Read more...]

Our Top Posts of 2012

Happy New Year everyone! This year just FLEW  by, didn't it? We thought we'd do a quick recap of our top {the 'most read' according to google analytics} posts this year, just in case you missed anything :) Christy's North Carolina Pantry lives on...and on...and on, thanks to Pinterest {oh, how we … [Read more...]

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