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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of At Home for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


Friends I hate to say it already but the Holidays are literally just around the corner! Let’s be honest, part of the fun of the holiday season is sprucing up your house and making it festive, so I need to tell you about fabulous resource for all your holiday decor needs at low prices, At Home. I wanted to make sure you knew in plenty of time to start your decorating!

I admit that I am not easily impressed by stores these days but I may or may not have pulled out my phone and frantically started texting Christy upon visiting our new At Home store last week. I think it was along the lines of “this place is amazing!!!” with all those exclamation points, and then I made sure to tell her to bring some snacks when she visited it, because she’d probably be there awhile 🙂 I started in the Christmas section and I was the kid in the candy store for quite some time; I left a few hours later with quite a large assortment of new Holiday decor and have been playing with it ever since.

At Home literally has something for almost every room in your house. I wandered the store for quite some time admiring everything, then circled back to focus on their holiday section. I am hosting a holiday party in a few weeks for some girl friends, so I wanted to go ahead and get what I needed to decorate my dining room for the event. The room is gray and white and since the party is for the holidays, but in mid-November, I figured that a gold theme would provide the sparkly, fun atmosphere I wanted for the night.


Below is just one of the 15 sections of holiday ornaments At Home has with pre-selected themes. I decided to mix and match for my room from different sections, but if you want your shopping to be easy, this is a no fail way to create a beautifully-themed tree. They also have an amazing selection of outdoor decor and Christmas Trees, literally it is one-stop shopping. I even bought the cutest cups for Thanksgiving but I digress…


I came home and started completely transforming my dining room including my tree. I wanted to have it done for the party and I couldn’t wait to get everything decorated. I purchased a new flocked Christmas tree last year, but never put it up. I always have one “Christmas Tree” for Me, that I decorate completely as I wish. I knew I needed to load up on new ornaments to fill this new one, so I came home with several bulk ornament collections to style that tree {more on it soon}. I selected a large box of these classic gold ornaments. I used them everywhere– on the tree, the centerpiece and even in the place settings–as well as several other large boxes of new ornaments, I am not sure you can ever have enough.


In addition to the tree, and I’ll be back to show you the entire things soon, I decorated our buffet table with more At Home Christmas Decor. I have been coveting a grecian bust {Christy and some other bloggers style them so perfectly} so I scooped one up as soon as I saw it there.


She may not be “traditional” holiday decor but she adds something extra-fun, and she’ll fit right in at our Girls’ Night Out! She’s already graced our Halloween display, and now she’s jeweled up to hang out with the ladies.


I also grabbed this darling small gold tree, it mixes in with some other decorations I already had and adds a little sparkle without taking up too much room. I filled some glass jars with more of my new ornaments and placed them around the room. I mixed up bulk silver, white and gold, I think this color scheme will work well in here all the way through New Year’s Eve, it is so nice to have it all done already.


I also had to come home with this sparkly deer head, he is perfect adorned with a small boxwood wreath. He’s a little quirky but I think he graces our dining room chalkboard nicely. He comes in several colors, he could just work in so many ways in holiday decor, and he’s just plain fun. I love the mix of items At Home has from traditional essentials, like bulk ornaments, all the way to unique and fun items like the deer and my new “lady”–she needs a name, doesn’t she? Let’s work on that!


I snapped this picture to show you how fun the in-store displays are and how many cute things they have. If you are lucky enough to have a location near you {you can check HERE}, gather up your girlfriends, pack some snacks and head over and check it out. I think you’ll love it!

We’ll be back again with more about At Home and I promise to show you more of my new flocked gold and silver tree now that it is decorated, and Christy is going to visit the new store near her and feature some of her holiday decor too, which I can’t wait to see. Have you started thinking about your holiday decor yet?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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  1. I am no where near ready for this! Everything looks gorgeous ~ I used white, gold and silver last year. No clue if I will this year. I’ve heard so many good things about this store…not sure if we have one nearby or not. Will certainly check it out! Love that Grecian bust too.


  2. ScrappyMama says

    Well, I think you’ve already named her perfectly…Grace!! You mentioned that she’s already “graced” your Halloween decor & now she’s going to “grace” your celebration with the girls…I think you named her without even realizing it!

    • I LOVE IT! I think that’s perfect 🙂 Funny story, my kids went between “Grace” and “Lucy” to name our dog when we got her as a puppy, Lucy won out so now we’ll be able to use “Grace” for another special girl. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Amy, We have the same Lenox Christmas china! At Christmas I mix it with our Lenox Eternal. You’ll probably see it in a post of mine for Christmas but that’s a month a way. Tomorrow I take down Halloween and put up Thanksgiving. I love At Home, so I will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

    • It’s such pretty and classic china, my Mother-In-Law gave me an entire collection. It was so fun to use it in this tablescape and now that it’s out, I’ll be sure to use it again this holiday. I can’t wait to see yours 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. Gorgeous…love the classic pattern of the Lenox china too!….Need to see if there is an At Home near me! And I love how you are incorporating that beautiful bust in your decor!

    • Yes Shirley, there is because Christy is going to be posting about her fun holiday finds there soon. I am sure you’ll love it! Have a great weekend,

  5. I adore At Home! They really do have great stuff at fantastic prices!

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