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the girls-Bowtie Ball

Happy Sunday, everyone!  It’s unseasonably warm and rainy here today, so I’m going to push my to-do list off until tomorrow and curl up on the couch with a good book.  Amy’s post on her Sunday routine inspired me to be more intentional about this day, too.

The pretty photos are from our school’s annual fundraising gala on Friday night.  You might remember that I was up to my eyeballs in designing and decorating for this event during the past two years, but this year I had zero-zip-zilch-nada to do with it and it was heavenly! {see my post on the first year here}

The ladies with me in the photo above are dear friends and also members of the original committee that started this event; it’s been so gratifying to watch it grow together.

VIP table-Bowtie Ball

While I missed my #1 date who is currently freezing out in Kansas, my son was working at the event, and he was allowed a quick minute to pose for a photo with his mama.

Connor and Christy-Bowtie Ball

Do you remember {this} post on where I find my formal gowns?  I’m not sure if I mentioned the dress I wore on Friday in that post, because I’d just purchased it at that point, but I give it two big thumbs up.  It has POCKETS and is machine-washable (it says dry clean only but I machine washed it because the fabrics are all machine-washable, and it washed beautifully).

My exact style is sold out because it’s from last year, but the brand is Eliza J and they do a variation of this dress with the black top, sash, and crepe de chine skirt every year.

Eliza J dress|  Dress (exact style is sold out, sadly) but {this} is this year’s version and {here’s} one on eBay  |

I paired it with my favorite Kate Spade pink bow heels and my pearl choker and Valentine’s Day earrings.

Kate Spade Izzie Heels

The nicest part about not being responsible for the event this year was that I was home and in my jammies by 10pm (don’t judge!) instead of cleaning up until 1am!



In other news, one of my precious children (neither will admit guilt) left the door on the garage freezer open, and every last ounce of pork and grass-fed beef in there is warm and rotting.  We split a pig and a cow with some friends every year and it hasn’t been more than a couple of months since we restocked…so there goes a year’s worth of meat.  I’m usually pretty tough (my husband calls me a Spartan woman if that tells you anything!), but I’ll admit that I shed a few tears over this one. I also picked the wrong month to give up wine!

Enjoy your Sunday, friends, and thanks for stopping by~



Final New Christy headshot 2015
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  1. Oh Christy I feel for you……..take some time to yourself and decompress and you’ll be fine…..would never minimize the food loss, and yet it could have been worse, and that’s how I usually view these kinds of things……….HUGS to you my friend………Julie ps – I’m in a SW suburb of Chicago and we’ve had 13″ of snow this past weekend …………wanna come build a snowman? lol

    • Yes, you are so right, Julie, and thanks for the perspective. Gosh–13′ of snow is NO JOKE! I guess if I was up there my meat would still be frozen!! LOL

  2. God understands… Sit down with a goblet, you poor thing! p.s. You’re so pretty!!!

  3. I had to chuckle. You and Katie would be fast friends. The dress she wore for D’s Platoon’s ball this weekend had POCKETS! She is all about dresses with pockets. LOL
    And, I would have cried and then opened a bottle of vino! So sorry friend.

  4. You look so pretty! And, I’m sorry to hear what happened with your freezer, that’s a lot of dinners and money gone!! BUT….there is never a good enough reason to give up Wine!! Lol! So…..pour you a glass, sit back and Breath…It will all be okay!

    • Oh, Pam, thanks so much for cheering me up! I gave up wine temporarily because I couldn’t get my jeans zipped 🙂 but today had me rethinking it for sure! I did have a beer…

  5. Rita jordan says

    You looked beautiful . So sorry about the food loss. Things happen, but in a few months it won’t seem so bad, That glass of wine will taste real good when you start back.

    • Rita, I’m sorry for the delay getting back to you. Thanks so much for the encouragement. That glass of wine tasted great!! 😉
      Thanks for writing!

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