Red, White, and Blue–What Else Could a Boy Want?

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vintage gumball machine


Oh, what a week!  TGIF for sure!  Before I start packing for a quick trip to Florida (it’s too darn cold in North Carolina), I felt inspired to do a quick post on my son’s room.

Everything’s clean right now in my house.  My awesome cleaning crew came this morning (I would rather give up running water than my housekeepers!) and it all looks and smells GOOD.  This afternoon, a realtor came over because our gorgeous house is going on the market.  🙁  Let me know if anyone needs a beautiful, historic home in North Carolina, OK?

So, while everything was clean, and my son had all his Lego put away, I thought I’d snap a few pictures, because who knows if when it will ever happen again?

My husband is in the Army, and like most boys my son LOVES all things related to hunting, war, and the like.  So we just went with that theme and covered the room with my husband’s military prints and souvenirs, and made the room into our little boy’s young man’s dream.


Uncle Sam poster in boy's bedroom


Uncle Sam wants you! OLD Pottery Barn Kids helicopter bedding and an Uncle Sam poster set the theme.  Sorry for the glare–there are three windows in this room and it’s always super-bright.


globe, cigar boxes, and vintage binoculars


See the world as an Army Ranger! (Cigar boxes, globe, and binoculars optional)


vintage accents in red white blue boys bedroom

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your room (I’m not), then put a HUGE Army-guy print above it!  (Note a few lingering Legos in the wooden soda boxes and on top of the armoire–like cockroaches in the South, they are impossible to completely eradicate!).

tabletop air hockey table

I have to include a picture of the tabletop air hockey table I found at Goodwill for $12.99.  I giggle every time I see the one in Pottery Barn Kids for $169.00.  SCORE!

vintage Army WWII foot locker

This World War II Navy foot locker belonged to my son’s great-grandfather.  Even though it messes up the Army theme of the room it’s pretty cool, huh?

silk aviator map framed

The crazy quilt has a couple of medals pinned on it (ones that were given to me as an Army wife, so they’re not very important:).  The silk pilot’s map is probably the most valuable thing in the room, but all aviators need one!

vintage gumball machine

The blue table was my great-grandmother’s, but I’ll admit that I spray painted it blue (after I spray painted it white for awhile).  Doesn’t every little boy need a gumball machine in his room?  I scored it at an antique show for $25 and all the kids love it.  Plus, it enforces saving, although right now I have it set at 5 cents, which I consider a bargain!  Oh, and notice the camp seat that my son made at Cub Scout camp last summer (it’s to the left of the bed).  I have it holding a stack of books since we never have enough bookshelf space.  I just wanted to keep it real–I love to decorate, but there’s always room for the homemade, well-loved, and even downright ugly in my house!

Stay warm this week and I’ll be thinking of you this week from sunny Florida.  Oh, and I’ll be thinking of my poor, sweet husband who has to stay to work and take care of the puppy.

1-09-12 096

One gratuitous puppy shot for the road.  15 weeks and 33 pounds–heaven help us!



  1. You have a great sense of style! I love it. My son’s room is Red, White & Blue also. Very patriotic – Love it!!! Sincerely, Sweet Tea w/Cindy

  2. I just LOVE this room! I love that it has a theme, but it’s still playful and fun! And I am MADLY in love with that foot locker. So cool!

  3. Love the room. Would like to do this for my son. Where did you get the curtains from?

  4. Teri, those shades were custom made at a workroom in town. The owner of the home had them made and was kind enough to leave them for us when we lived there. Sorry I can’t be more help!

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