Planning a Dinner Party {& Printable}

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The Party Dress

I love to plan parties. Anyone who knows me knows that. In fact, I enjoy the planning, staging and getting ready for the party as much as actually being at one. { So, its probably no surprise that a portion of my business revolves around event design?}

So, my parties have fallen off a bit in recent years…with children, work and other issues I haven’t done nearly the entertaining I used to. I decided this week I was going to change that. And, so I am planning a “Dinner Party” this weekend with some of our closest friends.

While our time with our friends here in this area is short (as we are moving, I may have mentioned it about 100 times?) and so I want to savor what time we have left here with them. And, OK, my two boys are going on a trip with their Grandparents this weekend so with only one child to worry about (how easy is that?) its the perfect time to have some “quality” adult time. I also admit to being  inspired by this post at  At The Picket Fence that Heather wrote about the TV show Thirty Something.

In describing the premise of the “30-Somethings” on the show she wrote..

“You know cool people.
Hip people.
Grown ups with complex lives and secret relationships.
People who have cocktail parties and couple’s dinners where they all sit around for hours and laugh and talk over their wine glasses.”

Photo AMC

So right then and there, I decided it was time to get us all together and have a dinner where we could all sit around for hours and laugh and talk over {our} wineglasses.
So, the party is about 48 hours away, and I have yet to figure out much of what I am doing. I typically plan everything I can out ahead of time. I am too busy to make multiple trips to the store, and I have learned that if I organize I can enjoy the event more. I also promised myself my husband I was going to keep it as simple as possible and not get stressed out.
Since I still need to plan, I made up a little printable to help organize this party, and really any party. I usually jot everything down in a journal type notebook but this sheet will keep everything on one page, including a shopping list. Feel free to download it to use {PLEASE become a follower if you do, we like to know who is enjoying our stuff! } Also, feel free to leave in the comments section any suggestions that would be helpful and I can modify this form.

{Click Below to Download this Printable}

Party Plan Printable

So, I am off to work on my “spring” tablescape and double check my recipes so I can finish my shopping list. But, check back Monday– I will be sure to post about the night. I am sure it will be a fun evening!

{Note: just in case a “dinner party” sounds really boring to everyone who is not yet “30-something” I  am very lucky that my husband did some bartending in his past and therefore things don’t usually stay boring at our parties for long!}

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  1. How fun! I hope your party goes beautifully! And I think that a dinner party sounds like so much fun; the words themselves make me think of an elegant “grown up” meal with wonderful conversations and delicious food. 🙂 Be sure to tell us how it goes! 🙂

    I want to also say thank you also for stopping by Beautiful Nest! I hope you have a really fun weekend!


  2. I hope your party went very well!! I wanted to stop in again and let you know I Featured this post today. 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

  3. Can we come too? I’m told my husband I are fairly hip and cool…ok so maybe our friends just tell us that to make us feel better about ourselves. ;). Alas, I don’t have any secret relationships but I do love a good glass of wine and I promise I can talk for hours. So what are the chances of getting an invite to your awesome grown up dinner party?? In all seriousness thank you for your sweet reference to my post! It made my day. I know your party will be fabulous!! I’ll be back to read all of the details.


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