Peach Sweet Iced Tea Recipe

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Peach sweet tea recipe
We’ve had some gorgeous spring weather and it’s encouraged me to start cooking my spring lineup of recipes (am I the only one who has recipes for the seasons?).  Peach sweet tea is always on my family’s list of favorites and it’s beyond simple, but if you don’t know the right ratio of water: sugar: tea, then it’s no fun at all.

Here’s my fool-proof recipe:

Peach sweet tea recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane
I use Lipton Peach Mango white tea bags (you can see them here via our affiliate link, although last I checked the price was crazy-high) and their large (pitcher-sized) tea bags for this recipe, and I usually use closer to 1-1/2 cups of sugar because my family prefers that.

Lipton Peach Mango White Tea Bags

|  Pitcher  |  Peach Mango Tea  |  {Affiliate Links}

To me, the tea looks light in the glass compared to other iced teas, but I think that’s because of the bulk of the tea is a white tea.  You can certainly add more tea bags or let it steep a bit longer, too, if you like a bolder flavor.

Peach sweet tea

| Mason jars  | Paper Straws: HomeGoods  |  Napkins  |

This is a summer staple in my refrigerator, and I brew at least two batches a week during the warmer months.  I store it in the glass pitcher you see in the photos, and also in the capped milk jugs.  Either way, they look pretty when they go straight from the fridge to the table or counter.

Peach sweet tea recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane

|  Milk bottles  |  Metal Tray  |  Silver pitcher: thrifted  |

My husband loves to mix this with a little bourbon and peach schnapps for a cocktail, too, and it pairs perfectly with this chicken salad recipe.  If you throw in a peach slice for garnish, it’s pretty much the perfect drink!


|  Metal bottle caddy:  HomeGoods  |

Where do you fall on the sweet/unsweet tea dilemma?  I grew up drinking unsweet (Maryland) but love both…my kids would definitely say sweet.  How about you?


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  1. I love peach tea! I use the same Lipton flavors you do. 🙂 It’s so nice to have something already brewed and cold in the fridge for the hot days we have in Texas. I love to also have flavored water to drink…with fruit or a combo of cucumber and mint as examples. Adding a bit of vodka to that peach tea works for me too!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Yes, flavored water is the best! My family has me filling those little glass milk bottles with water and putting them in the fridge –they are big fans of glass bottles. I love to throw in a sprig of mint, too.

      Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

  2. P.S. I also have “seasonal” recipes! 🙂

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