Painting Furniture so it has a Smooth & Glossy Finish {& A Giveaway!}

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How to paint furniture for a high gloss finish

We are thrilled to partner with HomeRight. While they sponsored this post, all opinions are my own.

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up a dated piece of furniture.  While it looks easy to just slap some paint on, in theory, if you have tried that route you know things don’t always go so smoothly.

The first problem with using regular furniture paint with a brush is the brush marks. Even with foam rollers you may still see streaks around the edges from the pressure. Nowadays it’s trendy {not to mention easy} to paint with special furniture paint {like chalk paint} which is really wonderful for furniture, the only drawback is that those paints can have a dull matte finish.

Since I had recently found a gorgeous mid-century Drexel credenza at an estate sale, I knew I wanted high-gloss white paint on it for a high-end look.  I also knew the only way I would get a perfect finish with high-gloss paint was to spray it on using a high-quality paint sprayer.



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This is my HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer, and it’s amazing. I have already used it to paint my daughter’s entire suite of bedroom furniture bright pink, which it did in a flash. So I figured it would be perfect to use to bring my console up-to-date. (Note: the sprayer in the photo below has been replaced with a better, less expensive version, and that’s the one we’ve linked to!)



Long before I ever used a paint sprayer, I had actually heard rumors that they are hard to use and meant for professionals. I had visions of the paint spraying out like a fire hose and me trying to hang on–but that is definitely not the case! This sprayer is super easy to use, simple to set up, and within minutes of starting it up, I was painting. Both of these projects have taken much less time than traditional painting, and using a sprayer is just so much easier overall.

Here’s a video I made on painting kitchen cabinets; the process is similar for any piece of furniture:

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To use the gloss paint the important part is to water it down. The sprayer comes with detailed instructions on the various ratios to do just that. Once the paint was flowing perfectly through the sprayer, I just went to town giving the console several light but complete coats. I used Behr pure white {off the shelf} in the paint + primer blend in the gloss finish for this project.


console first coat


With a piece like this painting inside of it would have been an arm-cramping, headache-inducing experience {and probably wouldn’t have happened!} but the sprayer made it simple to make the inside just as nice as the outside.

As you can tell, I worked outside {you can see I didn’t even bother keeping the plastic sheeting over the shrubs!} but there is very little overspray. The first time we used a sprayer, Christy and I painted her bed in her garage  {high-five for us bloggers being determined to not let a little lousy weather stop a good DIY project!} but even being inside the paint was easily contained. It was a little easier this time because I was painting outside, but the paint is aimed directly through the nozzle so I didn’t have to worry about airborne paint particles reaching our house siding or our cars. The FinishMax Pro is specially designed with a high-volume, low-pressure spray technology so there is less paint not reaching its intended target.

Since you can adjust the nozzle for either horizontal or vertical spraying, as well as the width of the spray pattern, I had complete control over the results. After several coats, and I did occasionally have to use a paint brush to smooth out a few drips from getting a little too much paint in one spot and gravity doing its thing, it was done.

I finished off the piece by spraying the door and cabinet hardware gold {just with regular spray paint}, and refreshing the brass accents with some gold rub-n-buff. I should mention I just used some painter’s tape to cover the corner hardware up while I sprayed it.

console complete


Overall this console turned out fabulously.  Had I used a paintbrush, not only would it have taken longer, but I’d have been fighting the brush strokes the entire time. This came out with a perfectly smooth and glossy finish. It was the cornerstone of my entire office makeover during the Fall One Room Challenge.


console in office




header console new


See more about this completed piece in my home office HERE and HERE

See my “Kate Spade-Inspired Office Makeover” HERE


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  1. I’d paint a bar cart I bought last month.

  2. I so enjoy your blog, and seeing all the fabulous things you all are up to! If I had the paint sprayer, I would spray my set of 3 unfinished bookcases. They have been waiting in the garage for more than 4 years!

  3. I love your blog! If I got the paint sprayer, I would paint a bed and dresser…really don’t want those brush strokes. After being a camp follower to a soldier for 30 years, I’m sure I could find many other “lovelies” I picked up at military surplus sales that could use a fine, smooth coat of paint! LOL

  4. I have a chest and dresser I’d love to repaint. Not having to use a paint brush would be fabulous!

  5. Robin Bonvino says

    I would paint all the 6 panel wooden doors in my home that are now stained. I dread the brush strokes! A Finish Max sprayer would be a dream come true.

  6. I love your blog. If I won the paint sprayer, I would paint a bed and dresser. Being a military wife for the last 30 years has given me the gift of several pieces of military surplus that could also use a smooth, fine coat of paint! I promise I would put it to good use! LOL

  7. I would paint an old antique chair first. What a great blog!

  8. I have about a ka-zillion things that need to be spruced up with paint. This would be such a time and labor saver! I would probably start with a dresser… thanks for the chance to win!

  9. If I won the sprayer, I would paint my hutch & then my kitchen cabinets.

  10. I would paint my hallway first, its so daunting.

  11. So much to spray, so little time! I would start with my Jenny Lind bed.

  12. I would paint my bedroom furniture. My husband inherited a dresser from his dad and I found one off craigslist. I would love to have them match!

  13. I’d spray several pieces of furniture that I’ve been putting off because I don’t want to brush the paint on. 🙂

  14. My son’s loft bed I’m building.

  15. Wow, love the color. It’s a beautiful and modern piece now….Love it!

  16. Your console looks incredible! I’m DYING to paint my kitchen table and chairs, and I can’t imagine doing it with a paintbrush…

  17. I have a 50’s buffet that I bought at an estate sale with some veneer that I’m still debating what color to paint! It has the ugly blonde oak finish.

  18. I LOVE, Love, love this piece of furniture!! (I am in love with the bench from the Pinterest photo in the Rafflecopter too, though!) The brass hardware on this Drexel piece with those little keyholes is fabulous!! I have been trying and trying to win one of these Homeright sprayers that some ofl my favorite bloggers use – and I have a garage full of furniture that needs some paint spray LOVE!!! So that’s what I would be using it for, and I would be using alot of your decor that I have pinned as inspiration,LOL!! I really admire your decor style – especially the glam pieces along side pops of bright colors, and your generous usage of metallic gold, LOVE IT!!
    p.s. that would keep my busy and out of trouble for a very looooong time!!!

  19. I am so in love with this Drexel Credenza!!! that brass hardware with the little keyholes is fabulous and amazing!! (I have to say that I love the caned bench in the rafflecopter Pinterest photo too, though) Have to admit, I have been dying to get my hands on one of these Homeright Sprayers that several of my favorite bloggers use… I have a whole garage of furniture that needs some paint love, and that is exactly what I would use this for first, but that’s going to keep me pleasantly busy for a good long while….lol! I also just wanted to say how much I admire your decor style, and your DIY projects are always top-notch, I have many of them pinned for inspiration! so, thanks for sharing all of your hard work, and your amazing style!!!

  20. If I won it, I’d probably start with my daughter’s bedside table. I’ve be dying to paint it a fun color. I’ve also got a headboard I’ve been toying with painting.

  21. I have a bedroom suite that needs a new look! The paint sprayer will be just what I need.

  22. I love this console! If I had this sprayer I’d spruce up our kitchen cabinets that need some tlc.

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  24. staci torgerson says

    I’ve been wanting to paint my cabinets since we moved in 2 yrs ago. All my cabinets, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room. This would make very quick time of a huge and potentially exhausting project.

  25. wowsers! That white high gloss credenza is beautiful! I love painting with my HomeRight sprayers, but haven never used a high gloss…. now I’m wondering why. 🙂

    super paint job!


  26. Your credenza looks lovely! The first thing I’d paint if I won the sprayer is a chest from my grandmother’s house.

  27. I would paint my kitchen cabinets blue like the HGTV dream house. I had the idea before them but have been waiting to figure out how to spray them.

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  31. I was given an old dresser that belong to my grandmother that I have been wanting to repurpose into a tv console for our living room. It’s a big old piece in need of a face lift in the worst way. Love the look of your office makeover – so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Carol W. workmanscraps at gmail dot com

  32. I have a bookcase to paint and a rug to purchase then my daughters room will be done! Then there’s the dresser that I bought to use as a tv stand, and the list goes on.

  33. Hello, I love what you’ve done to your console. It came out beautiful. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do. I have a hand me down, dark stained, pine, large dining table from the 70’s that is ugly. I would love to paint it and make it something fabulous. That is the first thing I would tackle with the HomeRight FinishMax Sprayer. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  34. I would paint dressers and night stands! My husband doesn’t want me to touch our furniture we bought 32 years ago, but momma thinks they need an update!

  35. I would paint our computer desk first and then a bookshelf for my son’s bedroom


  36. I just made a bench from an old headboard, and I am lagging on painting it. The HomeRight paint sprayer looks awesome!

  37. Tish Sappington says

    I would paint my laundry room cabinets that I recycled from kitchen remodel .

  38. I have my eye set on painting our kitchen island. But, I would have to paint and old, inexpensive baker’s rake first in order to convince my husband I wouldn’t ruin the island 🙂

  39. Candice Moran says

    I would paint my dining table and chairs…and the crib/drawers for our nursery

  40. Sherry Wendelburg says

    I would finally paint my 20 yr old kitchen table and CHAIRS-the chairs are so not fun to paint with a brush!

  41. so glamorous! thanks for the tips and for the giveaway! I really need one of those to spray paint like most of my home furniture! I hope I win!

  42. Louise Marie says

    There are so many things i want to spray paint. However, the first thing i would paint is a child’s wicker rocker for my granddaughter. i have had this chair since before she was born.She is now a year and a half old! i really want to win so that i can get started immediately. Thank you for the opportunity.

  43. I’ve got a bookcase that would be so easy to paint if I had a sprayer like this!

  44. I would LOVE to paint our 1980’s dresser and nightstands. My love bought them before we were married and they are looking tired and dated. I have just recently managed to talk him into getting rid of the giant mirror / shelves that sat on dresser and the giant mirrored headboard . That lovely was “converted” to a regular headboard from a waterbed headboard. Yep, we are fancy.

    Thanks for the great instructions!


  45. Oh my gosh, what wouldn’t I paint? I’ve got projects and rooms up the wazhoo that need a makeover!!

  46. Dameon Schirer says

    If I won, I would finish painting my front fence that I stared 6 months ago and stopped after doing it for 2 hours straight. Please help, I haven’t been good enough for Santa to bring me one even though it’s on my list.

  47. Terri Hughes says

    I would paint an old cabinet that I have in the kitchen!

  48. Thanks for offering this great giveaway! I hand paint furniture for a living and have heard so many good things about this paint sprayer. I own a professional sprayer but the sprayer and hose is so bulky and heavy that I never end up using it. Finding the right sprayer could make a world of difference in my line of work. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  49. I would paint an older end table

  50. Did you sand the credenza first?

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  54. Amy, hopefully you’re still checking this blog! I happen to have the exact paint sprayer you linked here. I recently used it with semi-gloss Dutch Boy paint + Primer to spray my dark wood trim. It came out looking almost matte and slightly bumpy. Any ideas on this? I used the same paint with a brush elsewhere, and it looks glossy there, so I know its no’t the paint.

    • Hi Andrea–I checked with HomeRight just to be sure you got the best advice and here is what they recommended…

      Even though she said it wasn’t the paint, we would recommend that she tries straining the paint for any possible clumps. Another thing she can do is thoroughly clean the sprayer so that there isn’t any dried paint in the unit. Finally, make sure that the materials is thinned to the correct viscosity and she should also utilize the flow control knob to find the right paint flow.

      If she needs additional guidance, please give her our customer service number: 800-264-5442…

      I hope that helps! I am sorry you are having trouble, definitely call the number above I am sure they can help!

  55. did you sand the piece before you sprayed it with the paint? Thanks! It came out so nice!

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