Our New Home: My Dream Closet with California Closets

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As we get closer to completing our new home I am working on finalizing some of the details to make the space completely the way we want to live in it. One of the tasks I have been most looking forward to is working on a design plan for my new master closet. When I had the opportunity to partner with California Closets to design my dream closet, well let’s just say it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Our new master bedroom actually has two closets–a his and a hers, which in itself is wonderful. My husband and I don’t really see eye to eye on closet organization, so now he can keep his space however he likes. Which means he can keep literally every piece of clothing he’s ever owned (because he might need it someday…). I, on the other hand, try to keep control over the number of items in my closet to keep it from getting cluttered. After reading Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up I did cull my closet even further to include what I truly wear and love, keeping as she teaches only the items that ‘spark joy’. California Closets shares an appreciation for this organizing principle and incorporates The KonMari Method in their design strategy, you can see Marie and the beautiful closet she helped create in the video below.



Before I tell you about my consultation and the beautiful closet California Closets designed for me, let me first tell you a little about what my new closet will look like.



What is unique about it this closet is that it has two sections, the air conditioning unit runs smack through the middle, as you can see above and as it is drawn on the floorplan below. It’s approximately 10 feet wide, so there is still a ton of space on either side. Working with that limitation, my California Closets consultant, Jacalyn designed my closet creating two sections with shelving, hanging space and drawers.



Before we sat down and designed, I was able to tour the California Closets showroom in Chantilly, Virginia which gave me an idea of all the possibilities they have to offer. From simple wall hung closets like the one below…



To more elaborate, detailed closets such as this one with a beautiful built-in look. They have so many options like moldings, touch sensor lights and the pull-out, tilted shelving for shoes such as the ones below.



They also have many gorgeous finishes to choose from, while I typically always lean toward a basic clean, white, all these beautiful options were definitely hard to select from, like the linen which definitely caught my eye. They have so many pretty options including proprietary textures imported from Italy.



After seeing all the possibilities in the showroom, we then discussed specifically what I hoped for in my closet, and what options California Closets could offer. This pull-out jewelry drawer stole my heart (the velvet trays come in many colors, but of course, I loved the gray), so we made sure to definitely include one in my design plan.



Once Jacalyn had an idea of what I needed in the closet, she sat down at her computer to work up a plan. She configured the closet exactly to the specifications of the space and included thoughtful details like taller shelving to accommodate boots, and adding shallow drawers to store work out clothes. She brilliantly calculated how much long-hang space to leave for dresses, and worked magic to utilize every little bit of space available as storage.



We wound up with two different plans, one that used the back walls of the closet, the other that built shelving on the walls that hold the AC unit, which really gave two separate sections. I am still undecided as to which plan I like better, she sent me animated 3-D renderings via email which showed both in detail to help in making my final selection.



We still have a few months left before the house is ready to move in to so I have some time to decide which closet option to go with. In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming about my (future) gorgeous closet!

If you have a closet (or garage, media center, pantry or other area) in your home you’d like to organize you can contact California Closets for a consultation to enhance your home’s storage potential and maximize the efficiency in your home.




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  1. Oh my heavens it is going to be just amazing! I can not wait to see it installed and your gorgeous home complete!

  2. It’s going to be AMAZING!!!

  3. Oh how very exciting!….To have a closet designed by California closets has always been a dream…..one day……You must be truly excited as the time draws near to you moving into your beautiful new home !

    • I am getting very excited, they are moving so quickly now! Yes, the closet is definitely a dream, I can’t wait! Hope you are doing well… XO, Amy

  4. So happy to have found your fantastic blog! All such great content!!

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