Our Favorite {Inexpensive} Organizing Tools

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How to organize your home on a budget using inexpensive items you already have on hand or from discount sources to organize your home.


I was hoping to show-off our newly decorated Master Bathroom today, but mother nature has not been cooperative lately. We have had nothing but rain for more than a week {with the exception of last Sunday when unfortunately I wasn’t home all day} so I still don’t have anything that isn’t incredibly grainy to show you. Fingers crossed for some sun! I admit it is getting a bit depressing 🙂

So instead today I thought I’d wrap up some of our very favorite organizing tools for you–especially those that won’t break the bank. We love The Container Store as much as anyone else but fancy organization supplies can add up in cost quickly. Here are some of our favorite sources we’ve used to create organization in our homes that don’t cost and arm and a leg, you may even already have some of these items already on hand. {You also may be interested in our favorite sources for Affordable Home Decor}





IKEA is always a go-to for inexpensive furniture, but they also have great organizing supplies. A few years ago I picked up these plain white storage boxes and magazine holders while there. I keep files, labels, and some extra paper in the large box in my office. The inexpensive magazine files on the upper shelf holds paint samples, envelopes and other supplies–not magazines 🙂 These are available in several colors, and if you can’t get to an IKEA, you can order a similar set via an Amazon reseller HERE–I admit I actually like the ones they are offering better then mine!





This organization trick is practically free–recycle old phone and tablet boxes into drawer organizers by adding some decorative scrapbook paper. You can see the super easy how-to for this HERE.




I started a new system last year and now clipboards are my go-to to handle schedules, paperwork, calendars and all those other papers that get lost in my home office. These gold clipboards look pretty {these are from HomeGoods but similar ones are available HERE} enough to hang them on the wall. This not only frees up my desk space and they are less likely to get buried under the paperwork that accumulates on my desk.



How to add touches of coastal and beach decor to your home | 11 Magnolia Lane

Baskets can hold all sorts of things but they also do double-duty as decor. Christy and I both keep baskets in our living spaces to hold warm throws in the winter. You will also find them stuffed with throw pillows in our homes because pillows seem to multiply overnight, and can be hard to store neatly. They look pretty in a basket and are less likely to be thrown on the floor when your kids flop on the couch!


French Numbered DIY Basket



Bathroom organization is always a struggle. This one system has worked for us for years, I keep all my kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste in these inexpensive IKEA hanging buckets. With one for each kid, it keeps everything separated nicely. Less fighting, less mess!


kids bathroom buckets 2

Here is another version in Christy’s bathroom but in white.

Ikea Fintorp cutlery caddy white buckets





Inexpensive plastic shoes boxes serve a multitude of organizing purposes. Christy uses them in her closet to hold shoes, then she labels them with chalkboard labels {available HERE}. You can also find these at discount or the Dollar Store for a dollar or sometimes even less.



Black and white pantry redo at 11 Magnolia Lane


Mason jars–how we love them! Large mason jars work great to keep non-perishables in the kitchen fresh longer. The added benefit is that since they are glass you can see how much you have left, and they are super inexpensive if you buy them in bulk. I keep my baking supplies in them in our baking pantry.






An organized pantry may seem just like a Pinterest ‘thing’ but a few inexpensive upgrades can make a big difference. If you are lucky enough to have a spacious corner pantry like Christy had you’ll likely have some hard to reach spaces. A lazy susan can store oils and condiments that otherwise would get lost in the depths, you can find these inexpensively HERE.



You can get so much more out of your pantry or cabinet space with a few simple organizers.  I use a gravity can rack in my pantry which saves room by using vertical space. I also use risers to stack baskets filled with small items and mount wire racks on the door. These are all inexpensive and available from both Amazon or Target.


full view pantry after

Another space saving trick is under my sink I use a two-tiered stand which doubles the space–it’s also hugely helpful as you don’t have to bend down as far to grab the dish soap!



Finally, another great item that you probably already have on hand are pretty small bowls, the uses are endless.  They are perfect to hold jewelry in your bedroom, or even small cards in your office. See how we made these jewelry holders HERE.

DIY Gold Monogrammed Jewelry Bowl | 11 Magnolia Lane


We completely understand that all the endless Pinterest inspiration can make you feel like you must spend a ton to get a  pretty, organized space but that really isn’t the case.  You might even find some of these around your home already!


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