Our Favorite Gifts for Women and Girls {Gift Guide}

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This is the final installment in our week of gift guides–are you all finished with your shopping yet?  Yeah, me neither.  But at least I have some great ideas!

If you missed our other posts, check out our gift guides for teachers and neighborsmen and boys, what Amy and I are wishing for, and our shop small gift guide.

Today I’ve going down a quick list for teens and younger girls.  We polled our very own daughters for this post, so clearly our market research is spot on.  And if you have any favorites of your own, please leave them in the comments for everyone to see.


First up, for teens, we picked this dress from one of my daughter’s favorite stores, Altar’d State.

Mesa Dress Altar'd State

Mesa Marina Dress

We often have quite different ideas about what’s fashionable and modest, but Altar’d State is usually a store we can both agree on.  Since it’s nice to have a dressy dress for parties and other events at this time of year, this might make a good early Christmas gift.

We actually bought my daughter this dress there to wear after her Nutcracker performance and for parties.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, but that’s probably why it’s sold out.  I’m linking to it in the hope that they’ll restock.

Volos Dress Altar'd State

Volos Dress (currently out of stock but hopefully they’ll get more)

We paired it with {these} heels and it worked great!

My daughter also picked this sweet lunch bag from Kate Spade; she said she might use it to carry lunch, or she might use it as a travel bag for toiletries and cosmetics.  The lunch bag she carries to school has seen better days so she might get this one under the tree!

Kate Spade Save Room for Dessert Lunch Bag

Save Room for Dessert Lunch Bag

These cell phone rings/stands/holders are all the thing now; you stick them on the back of your phone and they make life easier.  They’re magnetic, too.  They’re four for $8.99 so a great stocking stuffer!



Cell phone rings/stands/holders

My daughters wish list always, but always, is 90% books.  This year, she’s asking for Sylvia Plath and Mary Shelley, and those authors aren’t necessarily to everyone’s taste.  However, she heartily endorses this beautiful set of Jane Austen volumes as she loves books that are pretty (me, too!).



Jane Austen Collection

Surprise!  The ugliest (and most comfortable) shoe in the world is “in” again, so if you held onto your Birkenstocks from college, then you’re a winner.  I donated mine years ago, so guess what’s on my daughter’s wish list.  Yep.  The original Arizona:

Birkenstock Arizona

Next she’ll tell me I should have kept my armful of black gummy bracelets!

Last but not least, if your teen adores makeup, then an Urban Decay Naked palette or a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette will definitely be a hit.  They’re not cheap, but they’re highly pigmented and excellent quality.  They’re also neutral and perfect for daily wear.



Urban Decay Naked Palette (Naked and Naked 3 are my favorites, my daughter says Naked Heat is hers)

The Too Faced palette smells like chocolate, which is also pretty fun!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


My sweet goddaughter, Sloane (aka Amy’s daughter), is about to turn nine, so her wish list looks quite a bit different than Annabelle’s.  But she’s done a great job of picking some sure-to-please gifts!

We’ve mentioned these before, but these pajama pants by iScream are SO soft and comfy.  Sloane gave Annabelle a pair for her birthday, and they were a thumbs-up even from my jaded fourteen year old. 🙂

Pajama pants

Along the same lines as Annabelle’s Jane Austen book collection, the Puffin in Bloom books (with covers designed by Rifle Paper Co.’s Anna Bond, are art as much as they are literature.

Puffin in Bloom Collection

Annabelle has these books, too, and they are just stunning.  We used to read books aloud every night and these are some of our favorites.  There’s a reason that Little Women is a classic!

If you have a girl who loves technology, it’s hard to beat the Kindle for Kids bundle:



Kindle for Kids Bundle

We’ve found so many excellent books available for free, and of course most libraries have an extensive digital collection these days, so this is a great way to integrate technology and reading.



Slime Kit

Slime is right up there with glitter on my most-hated list, but even I can’t deny that it’s hugely popular right now.  Save yourself the trouble of looking up recipes on Pinterest and just buy a kit to hide under the tree.  It’s still going to wind up in your carpet either way (can you tell I’m a party pooper here?!).

Animal Onesie/PJs

This is another one of those ones that my teenager might actually wear, believe it or not.  Apparently, these are all the rage in the elementary school set, and they do look cozy!

Last, but not least, “adult” coloring books are so much fun, but these are specifically designed for the younger set, by artist Lacee Swan.  The books tell a story about four girls and their creative adventures and are definitely worth a spot on your list!



The Color Tribe Series

That’s it for today’s list…tomorrow we transition into our holiday home tour series and we are SO looking forward to it!  First up is Sincerely, Marie Designs and Dixie Delights, so be sure to visit them both tomorrow for lots of inspiration!



Thanks for stopping by!

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