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First of all, thank you for all the kind comments on my Fall Home Tour, that was such a fun collaboration with a great group of bloggers! Now that my home is all fall-like, I can move on to the holidays, right? I am just kidding, but see more below 🙂

Today is Monday so there is a new week ahead full of possibilities, right? I thought this was a great time to let you all know about a few organizational product announcements.


First of all, the Calendar Pad has been restocked in our Organizing Store. I held off reprinting these all summer, I am contemplating creating a smaller 8×10 version of this planning pad {comment or email me if you prefer a smaller size} but I went ahead and did a small run of the 11×14 size and they are in stock. If you aren’t familiar with this product, you can see the video I created about it below:



If you aren’t into videos, here is the quick rundown: This is a great weekly planning tool, you can map out your week including multiple activities for different family members, plan ahead, menu/meal plan, list house projects and bills that need to be paid. You can see the whole format below:


This is a 50-page pad, printed on a smooth high-quality paper (because I am a total paper snob) but here is the BEST PART–once you plan your week, you can snap a pic on your phone! Like I say in the video–how often do you leave the house and forget your grocery list but for the most part, we always have our phone with us in this day and age! So no more arriving at the store, wondering what were all those things you needed to buy, or forgetting that one thing and having to go back out. I find it so much easier to jot down a list on paper then key it in my phone, so if you also prefer pen and paper, and the visual of having your whole week in front of you, this is a great tool to keep your organized and free up more time.





There has always been the printable option, which is the smaller 8×10 size and obviously provides unlimited copies for personal use {you can order that HERE} or you can order the printed, 50-page oversized planning pad and I’ll ship it right out to you. Quantities of the printed pads are limited.

I don’t use my Calendar Pad as much during the summer since we try to be less scheduled, but with school and activities it has been a total lifesaver this Fall. My husband can glance at it and know what is going on that day, my kids can see what’s for dinner and just last week we had a major house project we were working on and I was able to break it down into smaller steps to tackle each day–that made getting it all done so much more manageable, and yes, we finished it all! 🙂 } so I was again, marveling at how useful I find this little planning system. There is more info about the Calendar Pad in this post HERE.




And, in other organizational news–it is almost that time of year! Last year I launched the Holiday Planner in both a printed and a printable version and both of those will be offered again this year. You can see the post all about it HERE. I am targeting October 1st to release these products, they will go to sale to our VIP interest list FIRST {sign up is below} as this year I am planning a pre-sale period with a special discount 🙂 and a special holiday organization course {more info to follow}.


Last year the Planner launched in November, but I had some feedback that some of you wanted to get going for the holidays in October {I so get you!} or give them to girlfriends as gifts, etc. so this year I am targeting getting them out a month earlier.



I was so thrilled by how much positive feedback the Holiday Planner got last year, I definitely found that so many of you wanted a tool to manage all that “stuff” that goes on.  I’ll be making a few tweaks to make it even better this year {including a pretty new cover, extra planning sheets etc.} but if you get overwhelmed at the thought of all that has to happen between October and New Years, this is a great way to break everything down into manageable steps.



The Holiday Planner includes gift lists, calendars for all 3 months (adding October this year!), menu plans, party planner, decorations planner, budget, card list, things to do list, trip planner, baking list, freezer cooking…and SO much more. The goal of this is to help you break all the holiday prep down into manageable steps, and get it all done ahead so YOU ACTUALLY CAN RELAX AND ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS–now that is a crazy thought, isn’t it? 🙂


Be sure to sign up for our VIP list for that product launch in the box below so you can take advantage of the pre-sale discount!

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Our organizing store, visit it HERE, has a collection of organizational tools like the Student Planner, Home Binder Printables collection and our Whole House Home Decor Organizer.

Here’s to getting organized and having a great week!




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