Operation: Organization–Organized Pantry from Lauren at Bless’er House

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Organized pantry on a budget | Bless'er House

Operation Organization Back to School Edition Series at 11 Magnolia Lane

Welcome to Operation: Organization {Back to School Edition}.  Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Lauren from Bless’er House–she is so talented!  Be sure to follow her so you can keep track of all of her neat projects:

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Hi y’all! I’m Lauren from Bless’er House, and I’m so thrilled to be stopping by to share one of my organizing adventures for this handy series. If you’ve never visited my blog, I make budget home improvement my business. I’m talkin’ super budget. As in, “I’d rather buy shoes so let’s pull out every cheap trick in the book” kind of budget.

One thing I hate spending a ton of money on is organization. The problem was I really had to do something with our disaster area of a pantry, and it’s hard to find a pretty pantry that costs less than $500 for a storage system.


It was out of control. We’d just moved into our new builder grade house the year before, and this space had never really been dealt with. That wire shelving that makes boxes fall over wasn’t helping the situation.


So I pulled everything out and started sorting.


In the process, I figured out three cheaper options for storage. I found a way to make our space orderly, functional, and pretty all for around $50! That’s unheard of, y’all! But I did it!

After doing my homework and finding that even the cheapest pantry storage options in Walmart were at least $5 per container, I resolved to finding something more budget-friendly. (Yep, we’re cheaper than Walmart around here.)

So here ya go- 3 cheap pantry storage options:

1. Wrap cardboard boxes in pretty paper or fabric with labels. I collected diaper boxes for a few months with this plan in mind, and they worked perfectly! The only cost was the $8 roll of paper I used. You can see my DIY pantry crates from this post. If you’re not in the diaper stage of life, you can ask most local daycares in your area or a neighbor/friend with little ones.

Mine have held up perfectly since making them 8 months ago.

pantry-organization (14 of 14)

2. Use Dollar Store Containers. Those handy clear containers below did not cost me $5-$10 a pop. I found them at the dollar store! (Dollar Tree to be exact if you live in the U.S.)

I bought 8 tubs and 10 containers with pourable spouts for $1 each. I cut out labels with black cardstock I had lying around, labeled them with a white chalk marker, and taped them on. I could have gotten fancy with printed labels, but I kept it simple.

The containers are mostly air tight too! I’ve had brown sugar sitting in one of them for months, and it hasn’t hardened at all.



3. Shop your home for baskets and bins. I sort of have a basket addiction. They come in handy a lot around our house, so when I needed a little more food storage, I put a couple of baskets from our living room to good use. They were only holding clutter anyway, which forced me to organize that little bit too. Win-win!

While searching our house for other baskets, I found a couple of wire ones to hold my cook books and our dog’s pet supplies. I repurposed a galvanized bucket sitting on a bookshelf that served a better purpose as a potato bin.



I created a pantry inventory list to hang on the wall in here too. I usually had a running list in my head of things I needed to buy when we ran out, but I used to forget at least one item every week. Now, as we run out of items, I just jot them down on our clipboard hanging on the wall and use that when I make my grocery list. It saves time and a lot of headache.
You can get your own printable here: Pantry Inventory Printable



I happened to already have the set of glass containers from Walmart earlier last year when I first attempted the pantry organization process and sort of lost my steam. They’re great in here too though.


In the end, here’s how much our entire pantry makeover cost:
Paper Wrapped Diaper Boxes $8.00
Dollar Store Plastic Containers $18.00
Can Dispenser Containers $18.00 ($6 each from Walmart)
Repurposed Baskets and Jars $0.00
Total cost: $44.00
Surprisingly, 8 months later, it’s still mostly this organized. I’m probably as shocked as anyone.


Are you feeling inspired to start organizing your own pantry on a major budget now? You can check out more inspiration here in my project gallery.


Thank you so much, Amy and Christy, for inviting me along for all of the organizing fun!




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  1. Thanks for sharing your AMAZiING Pantry! It is so nice to find a well done pantry that cost less than $50 to put together. What a wonderful inspiration!

  2. Love everything about this! Diaper boxes!!? SO smart!

  3. Love this Lauren! It looks amazing!!

  4. Can you come do mine, please? I’ll send you a pic….not pretty. Or, if you can’t ORGANIZE mine, can you send me some diaper boxes?? I thought I was happy mine were potty trained, but seeing this gives me a little huggies nostalgia!

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