One Room Challenge Week 4–Office Makeover Progress!

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ORC Header Desk Pic Marked 

We are in week FOUR already of the One Room Challenge, so there is just next week left, then all the final reveals! I have made quite a bit of progress this week in the space but don’t have much I can actually show off today.

My major accomplishment was in finally making it to IKEA –my husband agreed to make a part of “date night” last weekend– Yes, Saint that he is, he helped me load all the shelves and bookcases. It took him a few Mexican Beers at dinner afterward to help him recover from that outing, it’s not his favorite place. Suffice to say if you were at the DC area IKEA last Sunday night, I was with the bearded man speaking Swedish to you. He thinks he is funny. Bless him.

Anyway… again the weather made it difficult to get some of my “projects” done enough and up to the room so they could be photographed in the space. We’ve had pouring rain and now heavy wind, neither of which are good for spray painting. I have to get the IKEA Vittsjo shelves painted up, then they will go up into the space on either side of the windows. I did get the two wall shelves hung, and they came out great except I inadvertently {the whole my-spouse-speaking-Swedish-thing was a bit distracting apparently!} bought the wrong size wall shelf.


shelf gold

I think a thicker one that completely filled the bracket would look better? I have to go back for some other materials for another project and can replace them, so for now this one will work out fine. Maybe they are supposed to be like this though?


files on shelf

I am finishing up these small chests I have had for quite awhile. They will be our new nightstands once I take on our bedroom makeover in a few months time {for the next ORC maybe!?!} but for now I am using one in the corner to hold my printer.


printer stand


I ordered this hardware from D.Lawless, it hasn’t arrived yet but it will be nice to finally be able to open the drawers again.



The pillow I showed you last week came in already, the fabric is gorgeous! I knew I would love how the blue looks in the room. I made over this chair a few years ago, you can see that post HERE.


chair desk with blue pillow


I am still working on the windows–my plan hasn’t changed to move my Dining Room curtains in here but I do have some other options in my mind. I work best under pressure, so we’ll see what I come up with, I may surprise even myself with the result!  Now that I have cleaned out the space and taken the temporary blinds off the windows the sunlight pours in, I am glad I selected this space to work on for the Challenge so I can start working in here instead of at my kitchen table.


ORC Header Desk Pic


Next week I am hoping to show you how all the shelves turn out, so I will be back next Thursday. Don’t forget to visit Calling It Home to see what all the other participants in the challenge are up to –we are getting close to the end!

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  1. WOW… got a lot of pretty going on already…..I better get busy!

    • Thanks Sherry–that means a TON coming from you! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your ORC– as always! Have a great day 🙂

  2. Love what I am seeing. That pillow against the black and white is fabulous!

    • Thanks Lauren! I was thrilled with how it turned out too. Now, if only I could find the drapes in the pillow fabric I’d be set! Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. I’m sure it’s going to be stunning! I love, love that chair….and the pillow….and the lamp. 🙂


  4. I bribe mine with the promise of food and beer to IKEA too:) Those shelves are so worth the trip. Also loving your brass hardware and the louis chair. Excited to see the drapes moved to their new home!

  5. The brass hardware looks great on the shelf brackets. Looks like a lot of progress to me! Hope the weather holds out so you can finish up some of the spray painting!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! Yes, I am hoping to get a ton of spray painting done this weekend and catch up:) Have a great one!

  6. Love that brass hardware on the shelf! Did it come that way or did you spray paint it?

  7. Hi Amy,
    I came over form Linda’s when I saw you were doing your office, because mine needs some help!
    A new chic office chair and desk are on my list, as well as a slipcover for the loveseat in this room which doubles as a study!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. Wow, bravo on getting so much accomplished by week 4! I absolutely love all the details from the desk, to the lamp to the lattice chair! I almost choose my office for this ORC round, but hoping to do it in the spring, especially with all the inspiration you’ve given me! I even pinned it for later!

  9. Hee hee! I shopped at Ikea too and my husband literally refused to get out of the car – he decided to take a nap while I shopped! I just don’t get it! Poor me, Ikea is 2.5 hours away from my home!
    I love the lamp – this room is really coming together!

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